SAP Table - TRM080

SAP TableTRM080
DescriptionStorage for Proposal Pool Texts <= 80 characters
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryDocumentation and Translation Tools

SAP Documentation and Translation Tools Tables

HLPRESOLEnhancement Sequence - Help ProcessorBC-DOC
INDTEX2Short Text Conversion: Industry Sector TextsBC-DOC
TMAS_D_RHDAnalysis result header dataBC-DOC
LXE_LOGSE63 - Recording of Processed ObjectsBC-DOC
LXE_PC_TTX_RBinary Data for ObjectsBC-DOC
THLPFAssignment: Field - Field-specific SupplementBC-DOC
TRNL_DC_2Package ListsBC-DOC
TMAS_D_TMMEMTM Memory ID to Memory Name MappingBC-DOC
LXE_WRKOB1Objects in WorklistsBC-DOC
DITAT_D_CCNAMEContent container namesBC-DOC

Full List of SAP Documentation and Translation Tools Tables