SAP Table - TSP03

SAP TableTSP03
DescriptionSpool: Printer declaration
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryUse Subcomponents

SAP Use Subcomponents Tables

FSYSTXTName of File Description SyntaxBC-CCM
DBSNPDatabase snapshotsBC-CCM
PATHDefinition of Physical File Paths for Each SyntaxBC-CCM
TSP04Spool: Access to paper typesBC-CCM
ALSYSGRPSAlerts: Definition of R/3 System GroupsBC-CCM
BTCOPTIONSTable with options for batch controlBC-CCM
TSPOPIMANPrinter manufacturersBC-CCM
TSL7TSyslog new assessment for monitoringBC-CCM
ALGRPCUSMCAlert: Message container Customizing for Cust. groupsBC-CCM
ALVFOBTYAlerts: List of Supported Object TypesBC-CCM

Full List of SAP Use Subcomponents Tables