SAP Table - TSP3T

DescriptionSpool: Command to prepare the printer for the paper family
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryUse Subcomponents

SAP Use Subcomponents Tables

TCPLANGDON'T CHANGE - Languages and their classificationBC-CCM
ALPERFDBAlert: Performance databaseBC-CCM
SLGSTSystem Log Statistics by TransactionBC-CCM
ARCH_IDXIndex table for data object selectionBC-CCM
TSP09ASpool: ABAP based printer driversBC-CCM
TSP8DGraphical objectBC-CCM
ARDB_STA3TNTable Analysis: Analysis Variant - Description (with TADIR)BC-CCM
TNETMACMaintenance of mac addresses in SAP network monitorBC-CCM
FILEALIASAliases for Validation of Logical File NamesBC-CCM
ORA_ISQ_DETAILIndex Storage Quality - Objects of a WorkingsetBC-CCM

Full List of SAP Use Subcomponents Tables