SAP Table - TVAT001

SAP TableTVAT001
DescriptionCustomizing of Tax on Sales/Purchases - Control of Screen
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryGeneral Ledger Accounting

SAP General Ledger Accounting Tables

T044IFI Valuation: Determine Base ValueFI-GL
FAGL_R_OI_TRACK1Reorganization: Included Documents for Open ItemsFI-GL
GLFLEXPFlexible G/L: Plan line itemsFI-GL
TCJ_NUMB_GROUPTNumbering Group for Cash Documents (Text)FI-GL
FAGL_011FC_XBRLFin. Statement Version: Assignment of FS Items to FunctAreasFI-GL
TACE_VSR_001Assignment of ValidationsFI-GL
ACEDSOI_ACCOUNTSAccounts for Accrual Postings per Accrual ItemFI-GL
FAGL_LEDGER_INFONew General Ledger: Configuration Information (Ledger)FI-GL
FAGL_APPLTOwner applicationFI-GL
FAGL_RMIGR_LOG3Report Migration: Log DetailFI-GL

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