SAP Table - TVLR

DescriptionCheck Table - Sequence of Activities in the Delivery
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryShipping

SAP Shipping Tables

DVM01R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data for Material MasterLE-SHP
VBLKSD Document: Delivery Note HeaderLE-SHP
SHPSOCLLog for Service Output ControlLE-SHP
TCRBFDetermination of Staging Area via Customer/Storage ConditionLE-SHP
TVLKAIPDetermine Delivery Type for Delivery Creation Using BAPILE-SHP
LECI_EVENTActivities Within the Check-in/Check-out ProcessLE-SHP
VARKDelivery Plan: Customer-Specific ItineraryLE-SHP
TVLKNDeliveries: Number Range per Warehouse Number and Dlv. TypeLE-SHP
LECI_EVENT_DATAActivity Data Within the Check-in/Check-out ProcessLE-SHP
TVLPDeliveries: Item CategoriesLE-SHP

Full List of SAP Shipping Tables