SAP Table - TVTG

DescriptionReasons for Date Deviation
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryShipping

SAP Shipping Tables

TAETSWarehouse Sub-Process (Procedure for Warehouse Processes)LE-SHP
T30CTDescription for Materials Staging ZonesLE-SHP
T318TTexts for Picking Waves ProfilesLE-SHP
DVM01R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data for Material MasterLE-SHP
T30CWM Materials Staging ZonesLE-SHP
TVLSTDeliveries: Blocking Reasons/Scope: TextsLE-SHP
TVPODaily Period TypesLE-SHP
TVLGTRoutes: Weight Groups for Deliveries: TextsLE-SHP
T313KAllocation of Layout and Bar Code Profile to Output TypeLE-SHP
TVLKTDelivery: Types: TextsLE-SHP

Full List of SAP Shipping Tables