SAP Table - UCFE060

SAP TableUCFE060
DescriptionSAP Cons: Combined Structure
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancials
Sub CategoryStrategic Enterprise Management

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables

UMK_MB400Benchmark SelectionsFIN-SEM
UCMA10CType of Assets/LiabilitiesFIN-SEM
UCFE05TSAP Cons: Text Table for GridFIN-SEM
BDSPHPR13BDS: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsFIN-SEM
UMV_TR100Value Driver Tree: Header TableFIN-SEM
UMV_TR127Value Driver Tree: Graphic - Settings in XML FormatFIN-SEM
UCS0103Tasks: Elimination of IU P/L in InventoryFIN-SEM
USSFLOREPRUSS Folder:: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships of LOIOsFIN-SEM
UCFV300Validation Tasks: Save ResultsFIN-SEM

Full List of SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables