SAP Table - UCML040

SAP TableUCML040
DescriptionMonitor Layouts: Task Sequence
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryFinancials
Sub CategoryStrategic Enterprise Management

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables

UPE_MODELPlanning Modeler: Table ModelsFIN-SEM
UMV_VD100Obsolete: Value Drivers: Header TableFIN-SEM
BDSCHKO17BDS: Checkout Data for Physical Information ObjectFIN-SEM
UMB_CI101General Initiatives: TextsFIN-SEM
UPBXPlanning Applications: Generic Data ContainerFIN-SEM
UCSSCR25Assignment of Data Stream to Generated Screens (Source DBs)FIN-SEM
UMV_TR127Value Driver Tree: Graphic - Settings in XML FormatFIN-SEM
UMB_SC115Scorecard: View AssignmentFIN-SEM
UMB_HI100Scorecard Hierarchy: Header TableFIN-SEM
UCFE01CSAP Cons: Data Entry GroupFIN-SEM

Full List of SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables