SAP Table - UCSSCR25

DescriptionAssignment of Data Stream to Generated Screens (Source DBs)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryFinancials
Sub CategoryStrategic Enterprise Management

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables

UIPRIO_TText Priority of Research Request (SEM-BIC)FIN-SEM
UMV_TR125TObsolete:Val. Driver Tree:Texts Assign. Web Reports to ValueFIN-SEM
UCF0000Appl.: Tech. Fields, Determine Field Category/Method KeyFIN-SEM
UMK_BU102Buffer UserFIN-SEM
BDSCHKO17BDS: Checkout Data for Physical Information ObjectFIN-SEM
UMB_SC163Scorecard: Assignment of Formula Argument to Value FieldsFIN-SEM
UMV_TR211Value Driver Tree: Measure DependenciesFIN-SEM
USCDLOIOUSC Documents: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsFIN-SEM
UPB_CMI_100_TCapital Market Interpreter: TextsFIN-SEM
UMB_SC174Scorecard: URLFIN-SEM

Full List of SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables