SAP Table - UGMD1035

SAP TableUGMD1035
DescriptionFIN Master Data: External Roles in Hierarchies
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryFinancials
Sub CategoryFinancials Basis

SAP Financials Basis Tables

UGMD9100FIN Master Data: Local Tables (Storage Only)FIN-FB
UGX003SReport Category - SIDsFIN-FB
UGX004TValue Selection Text TableFIN-FB
FINB_T_CXT_DEMOPersistent Storage of a Simple MSG ContextFIN-FB
FINB_TMSGAPPL02Messages are collected from messaty type per appl. contextFIN-FB
UGMDL1008FIN Master Data: Local: Attributes Required for CreationFIN-FB
UGMD2054FIN Master Data: Texts of BW InfoObjectsFIN-FB
FINB_TR_TCATAFINB TR: Transport Properties of the Customizing ObjectsFIN-FB
ACCSYS09Cust. of fiscal year variant per legal entity and acc systemFIN-FB

Full List of SAP Financials Basis Tables