SAP Table - UGMD2010

SAP TableUGMD2010
DescriptionFIN Master Data: Generated DDIC Structures
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryFinancials
Sub CategoryFinancials Basis

SAP Financials Basis Tables

FINB_VIEWData for a ViewFIN-FB
UGCM0501FIN Change Management: Texts for Registered PropertiesFIN-FB
UGMD1200FIN Master Data: Role Sub-objectsFIN-FB
ACC_JOURNAL0CJournals in the Acc DocumentFIN-FB
UGX200GTaxonomy Elements: GUIDsFIN-FB
UATSAPPLTable Search: Entity Table of ApplicationsFIN-FB
FINB_TR_CCHHeader Table: Tables Generated for Client CopyFIN-FB
UGMD2140FIN Master Data: (Role-independent) Definition of FieldsFIN-FB
UGMDL1210Local Role-Specific Special LogicsFIN-FB

Full List of SAP Financials Basis Tables