SAP Table - UGMDL1201

SAP TableUGMDL1201
DescriptionFIN Master Data: Local Roles, Subobjects
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancials
Sub CategoryFinancials Basis

SAP Financials Basis Tables

UGMD2150FIN Master Data: Active (Role-Indep.) Definition of FieldsFIN-FB
FINB_TACSYST_DCRObsolete !!! Valuation System: Description in Form of CharsFIN-FB
FINB_RT_TKEY_FLDKey of Runtime TablesFIN-FB
UGXV110Variant: Time ContextsFIN-FB
ACCCLSSTEP_RULPeriod Rules for the Closing PhasesFIN-FB
UGMD1009FIN Master Data: Roles Allocated AutomaticallyFIN-FB
UGWB3000FIN Workbench: Columns in Detail NavigationFIN-FB
UGMD9100FIN Master Data: Local Tables (Storage Only)FIN-FB
FINB_T_CXT_DEMOPersistent Storage of a Simple MSG ContextFIN-FB
UBC_TB_CECommunication Data for Transfer to Service BillingFIN-FB

Full List of SAP Financials Basis Tables