SAP Table - UGWB2001

SAP TableUGWB2001
DescriptionFIN Workbench: Frozen Configuration Set
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryFinancials
Sub CategoryFinancials Basis

SAP Financials Basis Tables

FINB_TR_TXT_KFINB TR: Key Table for Generic TextsFIN-FB
ACCCFG02Role Fixing in Accounting ConfigurationFIN-FB
UBC_TB_STRATStrategies for WF (Sequence of Processors)FIN-FB
ACCQNTTYPE0CData Elements of Quantity TypeFIN-FB
UGMD2145FIN Master Data: Field Prop.: Non-SAP Chars in HierarchiesFIN-FB
UGX0051Dimension Mapping: Value Mapping Parent FieldsFIN-FB
UGMD200SFIN Master Data: Characteristics (Surrogate ID)FIN-FB
FINB_TMSGAPPL0SMessage Type (Minimum Message Weight) per ApplicationFIN-FB
UGCMBACKData Model Synchronization: Backup for ConversionFIN-FB
UGWBGN00Programs Generated Per Field NameFIN-FB

Full List of SAP Financials Basis Tables