SAP Table - UGX005T

SAP TableUGX005T
DescriptionDimension Mapping Text Table
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancials
Sub CategoryFinancials Basis

SAP Financials Basis Tables

FINB_TACSYST_MFNObsolete !!! Valuation Systm: Meta Description - Field NamesFIN-FB
UATSPRIMTable Search: Fields for Access to Primary TableFIN-FB
FINB_FIELDSFields on the Data BasisFIN-FB
UGMD2257FIN Master Data: Default Heading Texts of Remote FieldsFIN-FB
UASE16N_CD_DATATable Display: Change Documents - DataFIN-FB
UGXV00TVariant Text TableFIN-FB
UGXV108Variant: BW Variables, Hierarchy Name Parent F.FIN-FB
FINB_CONTENT_HISHistory of Content CatalogFIN-FB
UGMDL1035FIN Master Data: Local External Roles in HierarchiesFIN-FB
UGMD0021FIN Master Data: RFC Ping SettingsFIN-FB

Full List of SAP Financials Basis Tables