SAP Table - UMB_SA201

SAP TableUMB_SA201
DescriptionStrategic Advice for an Initiative: Report
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryFinancials
Sub CategoryStrategic Enterprise Management

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables

USCMLORIPRUSC Mails:: Inbound Relationship Attributes of LOIOsFIN-SEM
BDSPHNM13BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsFIN-SEM
UMB_SC171Scorecard: BW Web Report (Obsolete)FIN-SEM
USC_TEMPLATEForms / SmartForms by Communication TypeFIN-SEM
UMB_RB100Report Builder: Header TableFIN-SEM
UCFTL10Data Collection: Overview ScreenFIN-SEM
UMM_BU103Obsolete: Selections for Buffer of Transaction DataFIN-SEM
UCML00TMonitor Layouts: NameFIN-SEM
UCUM010Assignment of Cutoff Tasks to UserFIN-SEM
BDSCHKO15BDS: Checkout Data for Physical Information ObjectFIN-SEM

Full List of SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables