SAP Table - UPB_CMI_104

SAP TableUPB_CMI_104
DescriptionCMI: Assignment Function Modules
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancials
Sub CategoryStrategic Enterprise Management

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables

UCFP010Period Initialization: Posting Item for Adj. of Def. TaxesFIN-SEM
UMK_MB010TText Table of Measure NodeFIN-SEM
UCL205CLog: Object NumberFIN-SEM
UCMT00CPeriod Category GroupFIN-SEM
USCNLORIUSC Profile Documents:: Inbound Relationships of logical IOsFIN-SEM
USCTLORIUSC Document Templates:: Inbound Relationships of Logical IOFIN-SEM
UMR_RI125OBSOLETE RMS: Probability and Risk Intensity VersionsFIN-SEM
UIDCCHKOUI Documents: Check Out Data on a Physical Information ObjecFIN-SEM
USS_NOT_ASSIGNEDStakeholder that have no group and/or no influenceFIN-SEM
UMM_BU106Selections for Buffer of Transaction DataFIN-SEM

Full List of SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables