SAP Table - USH10

SAP TableUSH10
DescriptionChange history for authorization profiles
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategorySecurity

SAP Security Tables

SRAL_CONFIG_RFCRAL: Configuration for Remote Function CallsBC-SEC
AGR_ATTSRole attributesBC-SEC
USOB_AUTHVALTRCAuthorization Trace Result: Objects and ValuesBC-SEC
OA2_SD_CLOAuth2 Client (Server Implementation, Designtime)BC-SEC
TCDCOUPLES_SCheck at Call Transaction (Modification Memory)BC-SEC
AGR_BUFFI2Internet links table - Customer version of SAP rolesBC-SEC
OA2_SD_CL_SCSETOAuth2 Client-ScopeSet-Assignment (Server Impl., Designtime)BC-SEC
AAA_VALUESSAP Authorization Assistant - ValuesBC-SEC
USARC_CDNot Required: Archived User Data -> Change DocumentsBC-SEC
TOBJAuthorization ObjectsBC-SEC

Full List of SAP Security Tables