SAP Table - USR08

SAP TableUSR08
DescriptionTable for user menu entries
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategorySecurity

SAP Security Tables

BBPORGUSRAssignment Users / Organizational Units for BBPBC-SEC
AGR_INFOFilter Values from Generation RunBC-SEC
USOBAUTHINACTIVEStart authorization check inactive ('X') or active (SPACE)BC-SEC
USOB_FLAGSIndicators for SU22, SU24, SU25BC-SEC
USRSYSACTCUA: Roles in Distributed SystemsBC-SEC
SPERS_GMASGeneric Personalization for MiniApps for Access by ITSBC-SEC
VSCAN_PROF_PARGLConfig. Parameters for Virus Scan Profile (group independ.)BC-SEC
USREFUSVARAssignment of Reference User Variabe to Reference UserBC-SEC
WP3ROLEUSRHLONGLong Portal Role Names for Role AssignmentBC-SEC

Full List of SAP Security Tables