SAP Information Lifecycle Management (BC-ILM) Tables

IWP_WPAudit PackagesBC-ILM
IWP_WPTWork Package TextsBC-ILM
IWP_WPPAudit Package TemplateBC-ILM
LRM_T_PTPolicy Types (Audit Areas)BC-ILM
IWP_PARAApplication ParametersBC-ILM
LRM_T_OCObject CategoriesBC-ILM
LRM_T_PCPolicy CategoriesBC-ILM
IWP_WPPTAudit Package TemplateBC-ILM
IWP_WPP_FFields of an Audit Package TemplateBC-ILM
LRM_RE_NRIRM: Number Assignment for RulesBC-ILM
SILM_VIEWView Definition: HeaderBC-ILM
IWP_WPP_RRelations of an Audit Package TemplateBC-ILM
IWP_WPP_VViews of an Audit Package TemplateBC-ILM
IWP_WPP_SStructures of an Audit Package TemplateBC-ILM
IWP_AREA_SAudit Area TablesBC-ILM
IWP_AREA_V(obsolete) Views of an Audit AreaBC-ILM
IWP_AREA_R(obsolete) Relations of an Audit AreaBC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_TILM Objects - DescriptionsBC-ILM
IWP_AREA_FAudit Area FieldsBC-ILM
LRM_T_PT_TPolicy Types - DescriptionsBC-ILM
LRM_T_OC_TDescriptions of Object CategoriesBC-ILM
LRM_T_PC_TPolicy Categories - DescriptionsBC-ILM
DAS_STORESILM SRS: Store AdministrationBC-ILM
IWP_DB_SETSet of tablesBC-ILM
IWP_SNMETAMetadata from Archive Object SN_METABC-ILM
SLCM_LH_ALILM: Legal Case Management - Legal Hold Table for AL Doc.BC-ILM
IWP_TABTYPTable attributesBC-ILM
IWP_KEYMODAdoption of the key field orderBC-ILM
IWP_WP_JOBJobs for the BackgroundprocessingBC-ILM
IWP_WP_LOGLog for BackgroundprocessingBC-ILM
SILM_VIEWTView Definition: Header: DescriptionBC-ILM
IWP_IOBJASSDefinition of Audit Area specific InfoobjectsBC-ILM
IWP_VP_CUSTField mapping for Virtual ProvidersBC-ILM
IWP_TEXTTABAssignment of Texttables to DefinitiontablesBC-ILM
IWP_WP_VIEWViews of an Audit PackageBC-ILM
LRM_T_OC_SFStandard Condition Fields for PoliciesBC-ILM
IWP_REPOS_SRetention Warehouse: Repository StructuresBC-ILM
IWP_REPOS_FRetention Warehouse: Repository FieldsBC-ILM
LRM_T_OC_PCPolicy Category for Result Fields of Object CategoryBC-ILM
LRM_T_OC_MFMandatory Condition Fields for PoliciesBC-ILM
IWP_WP_AREAAreas Assigned to Audit PackagesBC-ILM
LRM_T_CON_TConstants - DescriptionsBC-ILM
IWP_WP_IPRVInfoProviders of an Audit PackageBC-ILM
LHM_METHODSRegistration:Object Types and Corresponding FunctionsBC-ILM
IWP_DB_SETTSet descriptionBC-ILM
IWP_WP_RELARelations and Domain Values of an Audit PackageBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_TOValue Determination for Time OffsetBC-ILM
IWP_WP_PATHPaths of an Audit PackageBC-ILM
LRM_T_OC_RFResult Fields of PoliciesBC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_PCPolicy Categories Available for Object TypesBC-ILM
ICP_REPCUSTICP Reporting CustomizationBC-ILM
SLCM_LH_BORILM: Legal Case Management - Legal Hold Table for BOR Obj.BC-ILM
ILM_INDX_AOINDX-like Table for a List of Archiving ObjectsBC-ILM
SLCM_RW_DOCLegal Case Management: Attachments in Retention WarehouseBC-ILM
IRM_T_CON_TIRM: Descriptions for ConstantsBC-ILM
ICP_DBSTATSSAP Table's Sizes Over The Period of TimeBC-ILM
IWP_WP_IOBJInfoObjects of an Audit PackageBC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_SFAvailable Standard Condition Fields for Object CategoriesBC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_PTAvailable Policy Types (Available Audit Areas)BC-ILM
CSUM_EV_FLDSExecuted Analyses - FieldsBC-ILM
CSUM_EV_HEADExecuted Analyses - Header DataBC-ILM
IWP_REPOS_STRetention Warehouse: Repository Structure DescriptionBC-ILM
IWP_DB_REPOSRetention Warehouse: RepositoryBC-ILM
CSUM_EV_RUNSExecuted Analyses - RunsBC-ILM
IWP_WP_IOBJTInfoObjects of an Audit PackageBC-ILM
IWP_DB_AREATDescription of audit areasBC-ILM
CSUM_EV_DATAExecuted Analyses - DataBC-ILM
IWP_IOBJA_PTDefinition of Audit Area specific InfoobjectsBC-ILM
IWP_WP_IPRVTText Table: InfoProviders of an Audit PackageBC-ILM
CSUM_CV_FLDSCheck Sum Variant - FieldsBC-ILM
IWP_WP_STRUCTables of an Audit PackageBC-ILM
IWP_DB_SET_SStructures of a setBC-ILM
IWP_DB_SET_FFields of the setBC-ILM
CSUM_CV_TEXTCheck Sum Variant - Field DescriptionBC-ILM
IWP_NAV_ATTRDefinition of Navigational Attributes for Master DataBC-ILM
CSUM_EV_SELEExecuted Analyses - Selection FieldsBC-ILM
SLCM_GETS_RWDocument Link: Determine Neighbors (Retention Warehouse)BC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_FLDAvailable Condition Fields for PoliciesBC-ILM
ICP_REPPARAMParameter for multiple purposeBC-ILM
IRM_BS_DECOMIRM Replacement Switch for DecommissioningBC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_ALAL Attachments: Candidates for DestructionBC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_STTAvailable Reference Times for Start Time DeterminationBC-ILM
LRM_T_RE_CONSwitch for Rule EngineBC-ILM
SLCM_OBJ_CATILM: Legal Case Management - Supported Object CategoriesBC-ILM
IWP_REPOS_FTRetention Warehouse: Repository Field DescriptionBC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_DLAL Print Lists: Candidates for DestructionBC-ILM
IWP_REPOS_BWAvailable Tables for BWBC-ILM
CSUM_CV_HEADCheck Sum Variant - Header DataBC-ILM
IWP_IOBJ_CUSTDefinition of Customer specific InfoobjectsBC-ILM
SILM_VIEW_TABView Definition: Tables (Data Source)BC-ILM
SLCM_EDIS_RUNILM: Legal Case Management- Executed E-Discovery ReportsBC-ILM
IWP_HIER_PROPProperties of a hierarchyBC-ILM
ARCHLNK_TOAARCopied TOAAR from Legacy Systems to be DecommissionedBC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_RUNData Destruc. SessionBC-ILM
ARCHLNK_TOAXYLink Table for ArchiveLink Stores from EOL SystemsBC-ILM
SLCM_REP_INFOILM: Legal Case Management - Linked E-Disc. Report/LH GUIDBC-ILM
IWP_TABLE_DIRDirectory of generated tables for data transferBC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_RESList of Resources to be Destroyed (ADK Files)BC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_OBJDefinition of a Destruction ObjectBC-ILM
SLCM_COMMENTSILM: Legal Case Management - CommentsBC-ILM
LRM_T_OC_SF_TStandard Condition Fields of Policies - DescriptionsBC-ILM
LRM_T_RM_MODEOverwrites an Identified RW Mode as an RM ModeBC-ILM
DAS_COL_INDEXILM SRS: Relationship Between Indices and CollectionsBC-ILM
DAS_COL_STOREILM SRS: Relationship Between Collection and StoreBC-ILM
IRM_T_POL_CATIRM: Policy CategoriesBC-ILM
ICP_EXCLTABLEExclusion Tables : ILM cockpit Table AnalyzerBC-ILM
LRM_T_OC_MF_TMandatory Condition Fields of Policies - DescriptionBC-ILM
LRM_T_OC_RF_TResult Fields of Policies - DescriptionBC-ILM
IRM_T_OBJ_CATIRM: Object CategoriesBC-ILM
IWP_AUTH_IOBJDefinition of Infoobjects to be used for authorizationBC-ILM
LHM_PROPAGATEStores Legal Holds for Archive FilesBC-ILM
IWP_WP_STRUCTDescribtion: Tables of an Audit PackageBC-ILM
SILM_VIEW_KEYView Definition: Unique Key for Result StructureBC-ILM
IWP_DB_REPOSTRetention Warehouse: Repository DescriptionBC-ILM
IWP_IOBJA_APTDefinition of Audit Area Template specific InfoobjectsBC-ILM
LHM_CASE_ATTRTable with Additional Attributes for Legal Hold CasesBC-ILM
SLHM_CASE_HEADLegal Hold Management - Cases (Header Data)BC-ILM
SILM_VIEW_JOINView Definition: Join ConditionsBC-ILM
SILM_VIEW_EXITView Definition: Exit (Specific View Building)BC-ILM
LRM_T_EXIT_POLDummy Table for Jump to Policy MaintenanceBC-ILM
LRM_ADK_SWITCHUse S_IRM Instead of S_LRM for Users EnteredBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_JOINSJoin DefinitionsBC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_FLD_TAvailable Condition Fields of Policies - DescriptionBC-ILM
SLCM_LOGSYS_RWMapping of Logical System to Original System/ClientBC-ILM
IWP_WP_IOBJ_STDefinition structures of an InfoobjectBC-ILM
LHMATTR_LHTYPELegal Hold Case: Legal Hold TypeBC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_VETOResources (ADK Files) with Vetoes Against DestructionBC-ILM
ICP_SAVINGCUSTICP Management Report : Saving cust per sizeBC-ILM
DAS_INV_REASONILM SRS: Reason for Setting a Resource to InvalidBC-ILM
DAS_INDEX_DICTILM SRS: Directory of Indices and Their DefinitionsBC-ILM
IWP_GEN_CONFIGConfiguration of BI extractionBC-ILM
IWP_DB_REPOS_SRetention Warehouse: Repository structuresBC-ILM
IWP_DB_AREA_NDHierachy of the audit areaBC-ILM
ARC_TRANS_RUNSTransfer Archive Administration: Archiving Session DataBC-ILM
ARC_TRANS_CUSTCustomizing: Transfer of Archived Data from Legacy SystemsBC-ILM
ARC_TRANS_CONNTransfer Administration Data: Connections to Legacy SystemsBC-ILM
ARC_TRANS_COMPCompare Units of Measurement and CurrenciesBC-ILM
IWP_IOBJASS_CPDefinition of Audit Area specific Infoobjects (copies)BC-ILM
IWP_REPOS_BW_CAvailable Tables for BW - Customer adoptionsBC-ILM
IWP_REPOS_BW_VAvailable Views for BWBC-ILM
IRM_T_EXIT_POLIRM: Dummy Table for Branching to Policy MaintenanceBC-ILM
ARCHLNK_DL_INDILM: Attributes for Finding ArchiveLink Print Lists in RWBC-ILM
ARC_CHGR_STRUNFile Conversion: Archive Files for Archiving SessionsBC-ILM
IWP_DB_REPOS_FRetention Warehouse: Repository FieldsBC-ILM
IWP_REPOS_OT_SRetention Warehouse Repository: Structures ILM ObjectsBC-ILM
ARC_TRANS_TCURXDecimal points for currencies in legacy systemBC-ILM
IRM_T_OBJ_CAT_TIRM: Descriptions of Object CategoriesBC-ILM
SILM_SK_BG_P_HDTransfer of Parameters for Background Job - Header TableBC-ILM
ILM_T_SPOOL_PARSpool Parameter for ArchivingBC-ILM
ARC_TRANS_VARIATransfer Archive Administration: Standard VariantBC-ILM
TXX_C_RELA_GCDERelationships Between SegmentsBC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_STT_TOAvailable Time Offsets for Start Time DeterminationBC-ILM
LRM_T_EXIT_CUSTDummy Table for Jump to Object Category Spec. CustomizingBC-ILM
IRM_T_POL_CAT_TIRM: Descriptions for Policy CategoriesBC-ILM
IRM_T_EXIT_CUSTIRM: Specific CustomizingBC-ILM
SILM_SK_BG_P_DTTransfer of Parameters for Background Job - Detail TableBC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_STRUCStructure Definition of a Data Destruction ObjectBC-ILM
IWP_DB_REPOS_STRetention Warehouse: Repository structure descriptionBC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_LISTSILM Data Destruction: Destruction WorklistBC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_DBRUNDestruction Run for Data on the DatabaseBC-ILM
IWP_WP_PTH_STRCStructures of the Pathes of an Audit PackageBC-ILM
IWP_IOBJA_PT_CPDefinition of Audit Area specific Infoobjects (copies)BC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_ALRESList of Resources to Be Destroyed (Attachments)BC-ILM
IWP_NAV_ATTR_VPDefinition of Navigational Attributes for Virtual ProvidersBC-ILM
IWP_WP_FILELISTFile List to create a work packageBC-ILM
IWP_DB_REPOS_FTRetention Warehouse: Repository field descriptionBC-ILM
IWP_DB_AREA_NDTDescription of a folder in the hierachyBC-ILM
LHMATTR_LHTYPETLegal Hold Case: Legal Hold TypeBC-ILM
LHM_LH_PGATE_DLLegal Hold Cases for Print ListsBC-ILM
LHM_PGATE_AL_RWLegal Hold Cases for ArchiveLink Attachments in RWBC-ILM
SLCM_HIS_AL_DELILM: Legal Case Management - History Deleted AL DocsBC-ILM
LHM_LH_PGATE_ALLegal Hold Cases for ArchiveLink AttachmentsBC-ILM
LHM_LH_ARCHIVEDLegal Holds in Archive FilesBC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_OBJTXTDescription of a Destruction ObjectBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_FLD_DVDFields with Direct Value DeterminationBC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_POL_FLDSelected Fields in PolicyBC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_PC_STATAvailable Policy Categories for Object Type - StatusBC-ILM
ARCHLNK_AUDITINGLicense Audit for ARCHLNK Proxies from AL and DLBC-ILM
IRM_T_BS_FLD_DVDIRM: Fields with Direct Value DeterminationBC-ILM
IRM_T_BS_FLD_BVDIRM: Fields with Value Determination with CallbackBC-ILM
IRM_T_BS_BOR_OBJIRM: Mapping of the Object Type to a BOR Object TypeBC-ILM
IRM_T_BS_ARC_OBJIRM: Mapping of the Object Type to an Archive ObjectBC-ILM
ARC_DESTR_DBJOBSData Destruction Jobs from the DatabaseBC-ILM
ARC_TRANS_ALDOCSTransfer AttachmentsBC-ILM
SLCM_HIS_BOR_DELILM: Legal Case Management - History Deleted BOR ObjectsBC-ILM
IRM_T_BS_KFD_BVDIRM: Explicit Inheritance - Inst. Determination in CallbackBC-ILM
IRM_T_BS_KOW_BVDIRM: Determination of Own Instance Key with CallbackBC-ILM
IRM_T_BS_STT_BVDIRM: Start Times with Value Determination in CallbackBC-ILM
LRM_PD_RTP_CONDSIRM: Conditions for Retention Rules for Paper DocumentsBC-ILM
LRM_BS_RTP_RULESIRM: Rules for Business Suite and Retention PeriodsBC-ILM
LRM_BS_RTP_CONDSIRM: Conditions for Business Suite and Retention PeriodsBC-ILM
LRM_BS_RST_RULESIRM: Rules for Business Suite and Residence TimesBC-ILM
LRM_BS_RST_CONDSIRM: Conditions for Business Suite and Residence TimesBC-ILM
IWP_BI_OBJECTNUMNumbers of Objects to be created in BIBC-ILM
IWP_CONF_MESSAGEAdopt Messages in Message LogBC-ILM
IWP_DATA_DELIVERMetadata from Archive Object SN_METABC-ILM
IWP_TRANS_ATTRIBTransferattributes of a tableBC-ILM
LHM_EDIS_REPORTSE-Discovery Reports (Control Table for F4 Help)BC-ILM
IWP_GEN_SETTINGSDefine Settings for ParallelizationBC-ILM
IWP_WP_QUERY_MAPQuery name mapping for generating/copying queriesBC-ILM
IWP_IOBJA_APT_CPDefinition of Audit Area Template specific Infoobj. (copies)BC-ILM
IWP_IOBJ_CUST_CPDefinition of Customer specific Infoobjects (copies)BC-ILM
IWP_LR_OP_FIELDSOutput fields selected during Local ReportingBC-ILM
IWP_LR_SEL_FIELDLocal Reporting Selection Criteria fieldsBC-ILM
IWP_PERIOD_TABLETable where keyfigures are period based (example 'GLT0')BC-ILM
LRM_PD_RTP_RULESIRM: Rules for Retention of Paper DocumentsBC-ILM
LRM_RE_RES_STRUCRegistration of Rule Structure for OC and PCBC-ILM
IRM_T_BS_STT_DVDIRM: Start Times with Direct Value DeterminationBC-ILM
ARCHLNK_AL_INDEXAssignment of BOR Key to ArchiveLink Attachment Doc_IDBC-ILM
IRM_T_OBJ_CAT_MFIRM: Object Categories - Mandatory Fields for PoliciesBC-ILM
IRM_T_OBJ_TYPE_TIRM: Descriptions for Object TypesBC-ILM
IRM_T_OT_POL_CATIRM: Obj. Types - References (Policy-Spec. Specifications)BC-ILM
IRM_T_OT_POL_FLDIRM: Allowed Fields for Policies of an Object TypeBC-ILM
IRM_T_OT_POL_STTIRM: permitted Start Times for Policies of an Object TypeBC-ILM
IWP_APT_IPRV_MAPMapping between Audit Package template and Source InfoprovBC-ILM
IRM_T_POL_TYPE_TIRM: Description for Rule TypesBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_STT_DVDStart Times with Direct Value DeterminationBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_STT_BVDStart Times with Value Determination in CallbackBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_KOW_BVDDetermination of BOR Key with CallbackBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_KFD_BVDDetermine Inheriting Instances via CallbackBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_FLD_BVDFields with Value Determination with CallbackBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_DES_OBJMapping the ILM Object to a Data Destruction ObjectBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_BOR_OBJMapping the ILM Object to a BOR Object TypeBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_ARC_OBJMapping the ILM Object to an Archiving ObjectBC-ILM
IWP_REPOS_BW_V_CAvailable Views for BW - Customer adoptionBC-ILM
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