SAP Table - LRM_T_OC

DescriptionObject Categories
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryInformation Lifecycle Management

SAP Information Lifecycle Management Tables

ARC_DESTR_DBRUNDestruction Run for Data on the DatabaseBC-ILM
LRM_T_OT_PTAvailable Policy Types (Available Audit Areas)BC-ILM
IWP_AREA_SAudit Area TablesBC-ILM
IWP_AREA_FAudit Area FieldsBC-ILM
LRM_T_CON_TConstants - DescriptionsBC-ILM
LRM_T_BS_ARC_OBJMapping the ILM Object to an Archiving ObjectBC-ILM
SLCM_HIS_AL_DELILM: Legal Case Management - History Deleted AL DocsBC-ILM
LRM_T_PCPolicy CategoriesBC-ILM
LHM_PROPAGATEStores Legal Holds for Archive FilesBC-ILM
CSUM_CV_TEXTCheck Sum Variant - Field DescriptionBC-ILM

Full List of SAP Information Lifecycle Management Tables