SAP Financial Services (CA-FS) Tables

TP01Business Partner: Form of AddressCA-FS
TP16Business Partner: DepartmentCA-FS
TPU1Conversion: Conversion ProjectsCA-FS
TPZ8BP: Business Partner - Differentiation CategoryCA-FS
TPU2Conversion: Assignment of Modules to Time PeriodsCA-FS
TPU4Conversion: ControlCA-FS
TPU5Conversion: Define Subprojects and SequenceCA-FS
TPZ9BP: Business Partner - ScreenCA-FS
TPU6Conversion: Define Fields to be ConvertedCA-FS
TPZ2Business Partner: Customizing BP GroupingCA-FS
TPZ7BP: Business Partner - Relationship CategoryCA-FS
TP15Business Partner: FunctionCA-FS
TP08Business Partner: Legal FormCA-FS
TPZ4BP: Business Partner - ViewsCA-FS
TP09Business Partner: Legal EntityCA-FS
TPZ5BP: Business Partner - Role category-View - AssignmentCA-FS
TPZ6BP: Business Partner - Role TypeCA-FS
TPZ3BP: Business Partner - Role CategoryCA-FS
TPZ3RBP Fields -> BP Field group AssignmentCA-FS
TPZ2TBusiness Partner: Name of GroupingCA-FS
TPZ3SBP View -> BP Field Group AssignmentCA-FS
TPZ3TBP: Business Partner - Name of Role CategoryCA-FS
TPZ14Business Partner: Role Category Text ID - AssignmentCA-FS
TPZ13Business Partner: Application Role Category - AssignmentCA-FS
TPZ11BP: Business Partner - Relationship TypeCA-FS
TP01TBusiness Partner: Form of Address TextCA-FS
TP03TBusiness Partner: Description of Marital StatusCA-FS
TP08TBusiness Partner: Description of Legal FormCA-FS
TP105BP: Field Modification via Activity CategoryCA-FS
TP09TBusiness Partner: Name of Legal EntityCA-FS
TP103BP: Field Modification via BP Role CategoryCA-FS
TP14TBusiness Partner: Name of Address IDCA-FS
TP15TBusiness partner: Name of FunctionCA-FS
TP16TBusiness Partner: Name of DepartmentCA-FS
TPU1TConversion: Conversion Project TextsCA-FS
TPU5TConversion: Subprojects (Texts)CA-FS
TPZ10BP: Business Partner - Screen View - AssignmentCA-FS
TPZ3WBP Field GroupsCA-FS
TPZ3XBP Field Groups: TextsCA-FS
TZDGBAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 2: Text TableCA-FS
TZDGCAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 3: Text TableCA-FS
TZDGDAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 4: Text TableCA-FS
TZDGEAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 5: Text TableCA-FS
TZDGFAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 6: Text TableCA-FS
TZDGGAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 7: Text TableCA-FS
TZDGHAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 8: Text TableCA-FS
TZDGIAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 9: Text TableCA-FS
TZEG1Value Table 10: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (nat. pers.)CA-FS
TZEG2Value Table 11: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (nat. pers.)CA-FS
TZEGAAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 10: Text TableCA-FS
TZEGBAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 11: Text TableCA-FS
BP030BP: Business partner - addressCA-FS
BP002Treasury attributes natural personCA-FS
BP000Business Partner Master (General Data)CA-FS
TZDGAAdditional User-Specific Partner Data 1: Text TableCA-FS
TZDG9Value Table 9: Addit. User-Specific Partn. Data (nat. pers.)CA-FS
TPZ3YLink Rules for Field Control - BP Role CategoryCA-FS
TPZ3ZBP: Link Rules Activity Category: Field ControlCA-FS
TPZ4TBP: Business Partner - Description of ViewCA-FS
TPZ6TBP: Business Partner - Name of Role TypeCA-FS
TPZ7TBP: Business Partner - Name of Relationship CategoryCA-FS
TPZ9TBP: Business Partner - Name of ScreenCA-FS
TZDG1Value Table 1: Additional User-Specific Partner Data (gen.)CA-FS
TZDG2Value Table 2: Additional User-Specific Partner Data (gen.)CA-FS
TZDG3Value Table 3: Additional User-Specific Partner Data (gen.)CA-FS
TZDG4Value Table 4: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (legal pers.)CA-FS
TZDG5Value Table 5: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (legal pers.)CA-FS
TZDG6Value Table 6: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (legal pers.)CA-FS
TZDG7Value Table 7: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (legal pers.)CA-FS
TZDG8Value Table 8: Addit. User-Specific Partn. Data (nat. pers.)CA-FS
TPZ11TBP: Business Partner - Name of Relationship TypeCA-FS
TBC002Business Partner Role: Additional Role DefinitionCA-FS
BP1060OBSOLETE: Business Partner: Company Code Control DataCA-FS
BP2000BP: Business Partner - Business Partner - RelationshipCA-FS
TBD001Business Partner: Assignment of Account Groups and GroupingCA-FS
BP1050Business Partner: General Control DataCA-FS
BP1040Business partner: Reporting data in company codeCA-FS
BP1020BP: Business Partner - Fiscal DataCA-FS
TBD002Business Partner: Additional Role DefinitionCA-FS
BP1000BP: Business Partner - RoleCA-FS
BPISISBP: Assign Treasury Partner to IS-IS-PartnerCA-FS
TBC001Business Partner: Assignment of Account Groups and GroupingCA-FS
BP3000BP: Additional Data (from Darwin-BP)CA-FS
TBDC001BP: Field Grouping Customer/Vendor/Company Code (Obsolete)CA-FS
TBDC002BP: Field Grouping Customer/VendorCA-FS
UBBP000TR-EDT: Transfer Business PartnersCA-FS
MAHNS_DIAccounts blocked by dunning selectionCA-FS
TXVOBTYPType for Objects to Which Addresses are Assigned (Texts)CA-FS
TZVOBTYPType for Objects to Which Addresses are AssignedCA-FS
BPUM_CTLBusiness partner: Conversion controlCA-FS
VZOBJECTObject Data (Virtual Object)CA-FS
THDS_NODENodes of a Derivation TreeCA-FS
THDS_TREEHeader of a Derivation TreeCA-FS
TARCHBOOKArchiving Example: Flight BookingsCA-FS
TARESTAT04Archiving Monitor: InfoCube PackagesCA-FS
TARESTAT03Archiving Monitor: InfoCube Dimension Rejection ReasonsCA-FS
TARESTAT02Archiving Monitor: InfoCube Dimension TimeCA-FS
TARESTAT01Archiving Monitor: EventsCA-FS
TARESTAT05Archiving Monitor: InfoCube Packages of Archive FilesCA-FS
ECHC_ADDOBJAdditional Objects for Editing PayloadsCA-FS
TARCHFLIGHTArchiving Example: FlightsCA-FS
THDS_NODE_ANodes of a Derivation TreeCA-FS
THDS_TREE_SHeader of a Derivation TreeCA-FS
TARPACKAGESArchiving Engine: PackagesCA-FS
THDS_NODE_SNodes of a Derivation TreeCA-FS
FEHT_ACTIVETable That Shows in Which Clients FEH is to be ActivatedCA-FS
THDS_TREE_AHeader of a Derivation TreeCA-FS
FEH_MESS_REFReferences Between XI Message and FEH OrderCA-FS
THDS_GENCATLCatalog for GenerationCA-FS
TARCHENGINE02Archiving Engine: Read Plug-InsCA-FS
TARCHENGINE03Archiving Engine: Read ModuleCA-FS
TARCHENGINE01Archiving Engine: ScenariosCA-FS
TCUSTENGIEN01Archiving Engine: ConfigurationCA-FS
TARCHENGINE04Archiving Engine: Database TablesCA-FS
FEH_MESS_PERSPersistence of the Payload and other Data Relevant to FEHCA-FS
TARCHENGINE05Archiving Engine: Archiving ClassesCA-FS
FEHT_MESS_REFReferences Between XI Message and FEH OrderCA-FS
TARCHENGINE08Archiving Engine: Business Check Plug-InsCA-FS
TARCHENGINE09Archiving Engine: Business CheckCA-FS
TARCHENGINE10Archiving Engine: CacheCA-FS
TARCHENGINE06Archiving Engine: Conditional DeletionCA-FS
THDS_GENCATLFCatalog for GenerationCA-FS
FEHT_MESS_PERSPersistence of the Payload and other Data Relevant to FEHCA-FS
THDS_GENCATL_ACatalog for GenerationCA-FS
THDS_GENCATL_SCatalog for GenerationCA-FS
ECHS_PROCESSESSAP Business Process and Assgmt of Action Persistence Notif.CA-FS
ECHC_PROCESSESFEH: Action, Persistence, and Notif. Class for FEH ComponentCA-FS
THDS_TREE_HISTHistory Table - HDS TreesCA-FS
ECH_PLA_VALUESExtracted Values of Attributes for Payload AnalysisCA-FS
TARPACKAGESADKArchiving Engine: ADK PackagesCA-FS
TARCHENGINE01TArchiving Engine: Scenario DescriptionCA-FS
ECHC_PP_PROCESSFEH: Mapping FEH Component to PPO Software ComponentCA-FS
TARCHENGINEINTFInterfaces for AE to Client ApplicationsCA-FS
THDS_TREE_ACT_SComprises Active Versions of TreesCA-FS
ECHC_PLA_ATTRIBDefinition of Attributes for Payload AnalysisCA-FS
ECHC_ENCRYPTIONFEH: Encryption of the FEH ComponentCA-FS
TARCHFLIGHTCONNArchiving Example: Flight ConnectionsCA-FS
FEHT_PROXY2CMPRMapping from API and API Mehtod to Business ProcessCA-FS
THDS_TEST_QDEMOTable for PrototypeCA-FS
ECHS_DEFLTRESOLSAP Default Resolution StrategyCA-FS
HIERARCHY_ENTRYEntries for Hierarchical CustomizingCA-FS
FEHC_PROXY2CMPRMapping from API and API Mehtod to Business ProcessCA-FS
THDS_GENCATLF_SCatalog for GenerationCA-FS
THDS_GENCATLF_ACatalog for GenerationCA-FS
ECHS_PP_PROCESSSAP Postprocessing (Bijection ECH <-> PPO)CA-FS
THDS_TREE_ACT_AComprises Active Versions of TreesCA-FS
TARCHUSERSETTINGArchiving Factory: User SettingsCA-FS
THDS_TREE_HIST_SHistory Table - HDS TreesCA-FS
THDS_TREE_HIST_AHistory Table - HDS TreesCA-FS
TARCHENGINEVRS01Archiving Factory: VersionsCA-FS
TARCHENGINETASKSArchiving Engine: Available TasksCA-FS
ECHC_PLA_ATTRIBTDefinition of Attributes for Payload AnalysisCA-FS
TARCHENGINEDEFLTArchiving Engine: DefaultsCA-FS
ECHC_PROCESSES_TText: Action, Persistence, Notific. Class for FEH Comp.CA-FS
ECHS_PROCESSES_TText - SAP Business ProcessCA-FS
THDS_TREE_ACTIVEComprises Active Versions of TreesCA-FS
FEHC_PE_INTF_AUTFEH: Interface-Specific AuthorizationsCA-FS
ECHC_PLA_EXTRACTExtraction Paths of Attributes for Payload AnalysisCA-FS
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