SAP Table - TP16

SAP TableTP16
DescriptionBusiness Partner: Department
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryCross-Application Components
Sub CategoryFinancial Services

SAP Financial Services Tables

TPZ11BP: Business Partner - Relationship TypeCA-FS
TZDG1Value Table 1: Additional User-Specific Partner Data (gen.)CA-FS
ECHS_PP_PROCESSSAP Postprocessing (Bijection ECH <-> PPO)CA-FS
TPZ7BP: Business Partner - Relationship CategoryCA-FS
TPU2Conversion: Assignment of Modules to Time PeriodsCA-FS
TARCHENGINE03Archiving Engine: Read ModuleCA-FS
TZDG5Value Table 5: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (legal pers.)CA-FS
TARESTAT03Archiving Monitor: InfoCube Dimension Rejection ReasonsCA-FS
TARESTAT01Archiving Monitor: EventsCA-FS
TPZ3BP: Business Partner - Role CategoryCA-FS

Full List of SAP Financial Services Tables