SAP Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC) Tables

CEZPReporting Points Line ItemsCO-PC
CHZPReporting Points - Change HistoryCO-PC
CKBSBase Planning Object - Unit CostingCO-PC
CKCMCosting ModelCO-PC
CKHSHeader: Unit Costing (Control + Totals)CO-PC
CKIPUnit Costing: Period Costs Line ItemCO-PC
CKISItems Unit Costing/Itemization Product CostingCO-PC
CKKSHeader: Unit Costing (Control + Totals)CO-PC
CKPECO-PC Cost Object Hierarchy: Individual ObjectsCO-PC
CKPHMaster Record: Cost Object ID NumberCO-PC
CKPPPeriodic Values for Unit Costing ItemCO-PC
CKPSUnit Costing ItemsCO-PC
CMFKStorage Structure for the Error Log HeaderCO-PC
CMFPStorage Structure for Errors CollectedCO-PC
COSBCO Object: Total Variances/Results AnalysesCO-PC
CPZPReporting Points - Periodic Totals ValuesCO-PC
FVMKMarking File for Release of Std Cost Est in Company CodeCO-PC
KALACosting Run: General Data/ParametersCO-PC
KALDCosting Run: Low-Level CodesCO-PC
KALFCosting Run: Error Log HeaderCO-PC
KALMCosting Run: Costing ObjectsCO-PC
KALOCosting Run: Costing Objects (KVMK)CO-PC
KALSCosting Run: Costing LevelsCO-PC
KALVCosting Run: Costing VariantsCO-PC
KANZAssignment of Sales Order Items - Costing ObjectsCO-PC
KEKOProduct Costing - Header DataCO-PC
KEPHProduct Costing: Cost Components for Cost of Goods MfdCO-PC
KINXMarking Table for Completed ActionsCO-PC
KNKOAssignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. ObjectCO-PC
KNOBAssignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. ObjectCO-PC
KUSEProd.Cstg: User-Specific Settings (Depends on Cstg Variant)CO-PC
KWBSAssignment of WBS No. - Costing ObjectsCO-PC
MAKABuffer Table for MiniApps of the CostingCO-PC
MLBEMaterial Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transactionCO-PC
MLCDMaterial Ledger: Summarization Record (from Documents)CO-PC
MLCOMaterial valuation document account assignment informationCO-PC
MLCRMaterial Ledger Document: Currencies and ValuesCO-PC
MLFGMaterial Ledger Document: Field GroupsCO-PC
MLHDMaterial Ledger Document: HeaderCO-PC
MLITMaterial Ledger Document: ItemsCO-PC
MLPPMaterial Ledger Document: Posting Periods and QuantitiesCO-PC
PZPELine Items for Measuring Point UpdateCO-PC
PZPPProduction Measuring Points: Period ValuesCO-PC
PZPSProduction Measuring Point for Totals RecordCO-PC
CATDECATT Test Data Memory, AttributesCO-PC
CATDHCATT Test Data Memory, HistoryCO-PC
CATDOCATT Test Data Memory, Test ObjectsCO-PC
CKCMCCharacteristics of a Costing ModelCO-PC
CKCMTName for the Costing ModelCO-PC
CKCMVCosting Model: Model ValuationCO-PC
CKMI1Index for Accounting Documents for MaterialCO-PC
CKML1Material Ledger Period Totals Records (Release 3.xx)CO-PC
CKML2Material Ledger Header Record (Release 3.xx)CO-PC
CKMLOMaterial Ledger: Organizational JobsCO-PC
CKMLVMaterial Ledger Control RecordsCO-PC
CKMLWMaterial Ledger Currencies in Valuation AreaCO-PC
CKPHSControl for Cost Object CategoryCO-PC
CKPSTTexts for Cost Object Category (CKPHS)CO-PC
COEPBCO Object: Line Items Variance/Period-Based Results AnalysisCO-PC
COKAACO Object: Control Data for Variances and Results AnalysisCO-PC
COVABCO-PC Responsibility Area CharacteristicsCO-PC
MLAUFMaterial Ledger Item Table for Order HistoryCO-PC
MLBEHMaterial Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transactionCO-PC
MLCRFMaterial Ledger Document: Field Groups (Currencies)CO-PC
MLCRPMaterial Ledger Document: Price Changes (Currencies, Prices)CO-PC
MLMSTMaterial Ledger Document: Costing Run Header DataCO-PC
MLPPFMaterial Ledger Document: Field Groups (Posting Periods)CO-PC
T003LTransaction Type for Material LedgerCO-PC
TCK01Costing TypesCO-PC
TCK02Costing Types - TextsCO-PC
TCK03Costing VariantsCO-PC
TCK04Costing Variants - TextsCO-PC
TCK05Valuation Variants in CostingCO-PC
TCK06Valuation Variants in Costing - TextsCO-PC
TCK07Costing Variants for Organizational UnitsCO-PC
TCK08Indicator for Relevancy to CostingCO-PC
TCK09Text Table for Relevancy to CostingCO-PC
TCK10Price Factors for Relevancy to CostingCO-PC
TCK12Product Costing: Object for Number AssignmentCO-PC
TCK13Product Costing: Texts for Number Assignment ObjectCO-PC
TCK14Overhead GroupsCO-PC
TCK15Descriptions for Overhead GroupsCO-PC
TCK16Date ControlCO-PC
TCK17Date Control - DescriptionsCO-PC
TCK18Deactivating Functions in Screen Sequence ControlCO-PC
TCK19Quantity Structure Control (Single-Plant)CO-PC
TCK20Quantity Structure Control for CostingCO-PC
TCK21CO Object FunctionsCO-PC
TCK22Reference Objects for CostingCO-PC
TCK23Product Costing: Texts for Number Assignment ObjectCO-PC
TCK24Transfer Control Table from CustomizingCO-PC
TCK25Text Table for Transfer Control in CustomizingCO-PC
TCK26Text Table for Quantity Structure ControlCO-PC
TCK27Cost Component Split in Different CurrencyCO-PC
TCK28CO Area Based CostingCO-PC
TCK29Partner Versions for Group CostingCO-PC
TCK30Cost Component TransferCO-PC
TCK31Reference Cost EstimateCO-PC
TCK32Costing VersionsCO-PC
TCK33Assignment of Condition Types to Origin GroupCO-PC
TCK35Valuation Variants in CostingCO-PC
TCK36Valuation Variants in Costing - TextsCO-PC
TCK37Assignment of Costing Variants with Multiple ValuationCO-PC
TCK38Costing Variants for Costing with Multiple ValuationCO-PC
TCK39Costing Variants for Costing with Multiple ValuationCO-PC
TCK40Base Planning Object GroupCO-PC
TCKH1Cost Components - TextsCO-PC
TCKH2Assignment: Cost Element Interval - Cost Component StructureCO-PC
TCKH3Cost ComponentsCO-PC
TCKH4Cost Component Structure for Cost of Goods ManufacturedCO-PC
TCKH5Cost Component Structure - TextsCO-PC
TCKH6Cost Component Groups - TextsCO-PC
TCKH7Cost Component GroupsCO-PC
TCKH8Cost Component Views in DisplayCO-PC
TCKH9Texts for Cost Component Views in DisplayCO-PC
TCKHACost Element/Origin Assignment with Additive CostsCO-PC
TCKM1Material Ledger TableCO-PC
TCKM2Valuation Area Control TableCO-PC
TCKMTMaterial Ledger Type (Text Table)CO-PC
TCMF1Assignment: Area of Responsibility <-> MessageCO-PC
TCMF3Areas of ResponsibilityCO-PC
TCMF4Names of Responsibility AreasCO-PC
TCMF5Object IDs (SAP) for error managementCO-PC
TCMF6Error Management IDs (SAP)CO-PC
TCMF8Name of Error Management IDs (SAP)CO-PC
TCMF9Minimum Message Type (SAP)CO-PC
TCMFAUser-Defined MessagesCO-PC
TK180Default Values per Transaction (Screen Sequence Control)CO-PC
TKKA1Check Table of RA Key for Credit/Debit Results AnalysisCO-PC
TKKA2Control/Assignment Table for Credit/Debit Results AnalysisCO-PC
TKKA3Text Table for RA Key for Credit/Debit Results AnalysisCO-PC
TKKAACheck Table for Results Analysis Key of RA for OrdersCO-PC
TKKABPosting Rules for Results Analysis DataCO-PC
TKKADText Table for Results Analysis Keys of Order Results AnalysCO-PC
TKKAETable of Supported Results Analysis MethodsCO-PC
TKKAFText Table for Results Analysis MethodsCO-PC
TKKAJText Table for Results Analysis VersionsCO-PC
TKKAKCalculate Capitalization Value of Capital Investment MeasureCO-PC
TKKALEntity Table for RA Versions for Assets Under ConstructionCO-PC
TKKAPResults Analysis Versions for Results AnalysisCO-PC
TKKARRule Table for Results Analysis UpdateCO-PC
TKKASControl Table for Results AnalysisCO-PC
TKKATText Table for Results Analysis VersionsCO-PC
TKKAUResults Analysis Methods - Default Values in TKKASCO-PC
TKKAXLine IDs for Results Analysis for OrdersCO-PC
TKKAYText Table Line IDs for Results Analysis for OrdersCO-PC
TKKAZAssignment Table for Results AnalysisCO-PC
TKKEAUnit Costing TypesCO-PC
TKKEPUnit Costing Price ElementsCO-PC
TKKH1Origin in CO ObjectCO-PC
TKKH2Text Table for Origin in CO ObjectCO-PC
TKKP1Cost Object ID Control: General Default ValuesCO-PC
TKKP2Control for Cost Object ID: Short Text for Default ValuesCO-PC
TKV01Variance Keys: Cost Centers/CostingCO-PC
TKV02Variance Key NameCO-PC
TKV03Variance VersionsCO-PC
TKV04Variance Version NameCO-PC
TKV05Variance VariantsCO-PC
TKV06Variance Variant NameCO-PC
TKV07Target Cost VersionsCO-PC
TKV08Target Cost Version NameCO-PC
TKV09Target Cost VersionsCO-PC
TKV10Texts for Target Cost VersionsCO-PC
TKV11Target Cost Versions: Cost Element Group AssignmentCO-PC
TKV13Valuation Variants for WIP and ScrapCO-PC
TKV14Designation of Valuation Variant for Scrap and WIPCO-PC
CKCMCTCharacteristics of a Costing Model - TextsCO-PC
CKMLCRMaterial Ledger: Period Totals Records ValuesCO-PC
CKMLCTCurrency Types and Valuation Types in a Valuation AreaCO-PC
CKMLHDMaterial Ledger: Header RecordCO-PC
CKMLPPMaterial Ledger Period Totals Records QuantityCO-PC
CKMLPRMaterial Ledger: PricesCO-PC
CMFPARError Management: Additional Parameters for MessageCO-PC
MLAUFHHistory table for summarized MLAUF dataCO-PC
MLBECRMaterial Ledger Currency Table for GR/IR relevant transact.CO-PC
MLITMBMaterial valuation document row informationCO-PC
MLKEPHML Document: Cost Component Split (Elements) for ValuesCO-PC
MLWEREConversion Table between Purchasing and Material LedgerCO-PC
TCK19AQuantity Structure Control (Cross-Plant)CO-PC
TCK19TText Table Quantity Structure Control (Single-Plant)CO-PC
TCK29TTexts for Partner VersionCO-PC
TCK31TReference Cost Estimate TextsCO-PC
TCK32TCosting Version TextsCO-PC
TCK40TTexts for Base Planning Object GroupCO-PC
TCKMHDDescription of Material Ledger TypeCO-PC
TCKMITCurrency Types and Valuation Categories for Mat. Ledger TypeCO-PC
TEE000Easy Execution ProfileCO-PC
TEE001Purchase Requisition from Easy ExecutionCO-PC
TEE002Reservation from Easy ExecutionCO-PC
TEE003Customizing Purchase Order from Easy ExecutionCO-PC
WSUSERUser-Dependent WorkspacesCO-PC
CKCM_TRCosting Model (Transportable)CO-PC
CKIS_CCItemization: Additional Data - Concurrent CostingCO-PC
CKMLCURText for currency type and valuation typeCO-PC
CKMLDUVDistribution of Usage Diff.(Status for each ISEG entry)CO-PC
CKMLKEVMaterial Ledger: Cost Component Split (Control Record)CO-PC
CKMLKONAssignment of Modification Constants to Acct Assignmt ReasonCO-PC
KALSTATCosting Run: Statistical Info for Separate StepsCO-PC
KEKO_CCAdditional Data for Concurrent CostingCO-PC
MLAUFCRMaterial Ledger Currency Table for Order HistoryCO-PC
MLBECRHMaterial Ledger Currency Table for GR/IR relevant transact.CO-PC
MLWIPHDWIP Document in Material Ledger - HeaderCO-PC
MLWIPITWIP Document in Material Ledger - LinesCO-PC
TCK19ATText Table Quantity Structure Control (Cross-Plant)CO-PC
TDUV156Movement Types That Play a Role in DistributionCO-PC
TEE000PExecution ServicesCO-PC
TEE000TText Table Easy ExecutionCO-PC
TEE000ZAssignment of Execution Profile and Permitted ServicesCO-PC
TKKAS_LControl Table for Results AnalysisCO-PC
CKCMC_TRCharacteristics of a Costing Model (Transportable)CO-PC
CKCMT_TRName of the Costing Model (Transportable)CO-PC
CKLAYOUTUser Settings for Layout of Cost EstimateCO-PC
CKMLAB01Material Update StructureCO-PC
CKMLAB02Material Update Structure (Assignment to Valuation Area)CO-PC
CKMLCOPAAssign Costing Key to Costing RunCO-PC
CKMLKEKOMaterial Ledger: Cost Component Split (Header)CO-PC
CKMLKEPHMaterial Ledger: Cost Component Split (Elements)CO-PC
CKMLKONTDescription for Account Assignment ReasonsCO-PC
CKMLLACRML Activity Type: Period Record/Currency RecordCO-PC
CKMLLAHDML Activity Types: Header RecordCO-PC
CKMLLAPPML Activity Types: Period RecordsCO-PC
CKMLMYMPPeriodic Receipt Values for Consumption Sequence ProcedureCO-PC
FCML_MATML Characteristics for Material (Selection Criteria)CO-PC
FCML_REPML Reporting StructureCO-PC
KALAUSERUser-Dependent Settings for Costing RunCO-PC
MLAUFCRHHistory table for summerized MLAUFCR dataCO-PC
MLBEKEPHML: Cost Comp. Split (Elements) for Purchase Order HistoryCO-PC
MLPRKEKOML Document: Cost Component Split (Header)for PricesCO-PC
MLPRKEPHML Document: Cost Component Split (Components)for PricesCO-PC
TEE000PTText Table Execution ServicesCO-PC
TMLCCSCRAct.Cost Comp. Split: Data Range in Valuation Area (Curr)CO-PC
TMLCCSHDAct.Cost Comp. Split: Data Range in Valuation Area (General)CO-PC
CKCMCT_TRCharacteristics of a Costing Model - TextsCO-PC
CKMLAB01TMaterial Update Structure (Description)CO-PC
CKMLAB01ZMaterial Update Structure (Line Assignment)CO-PC
CKMLCRWIPMaterial Ledger: WIP Period Records (Values)CO-PC
CKMLDUVCOUsage Differences for Each Account Assignment ObjectCO-PC
CKMLKALNRMaterial Ledger: Cost Estimate Number ControlCO-PC
CKMLMV001Procurement alternativesCO-PC
CKMLMV002Assignments material / procurement alternativesCO-PC
CKMLMV003Process model: Receipts / mixing strategiesCO-PC
CKMLMV004Process model: WithdrawalsCO-PC
CKMLMV005Consumption alternativesCO-PC
CKMLMV006Control data for the quantity structure typesCO-PC
CKMLMV007Name formation (structure table)CO-PC
CKMLMV009Process CatagoryCO-PC
CKMLMV010Movement type group for ML updateCO-PC
CKMLMV011Costing run: Object listCO-PC
CKMLMV012Costing run: Predecessor/successor modelCO-PC
CKMLMV013Assignment table: Process for production orderCO-PC
CKMLMV014Assignment table: Procurement alternative for orderCO-PC
CKMLMV015Naming rule assignment for materials (header)CO-PC
CKMLMV016Quantity structure tool: Naming ruleCO-PC
CKMLPPWIPMaterial-Ledger: Period Records WIP (Quantities)CO-PC
CKMLPR_EBPrices for Ending Inventory/Balance Sheet ValuationCO-PC
CKTC_CBEWCosting Master Data - AttributesCO-PC
CKTC_GUIDCosting Master Data - ReferenceCO-PC
FCML_MLCOControl Table Transfer of ML Postings to COCO-PC
FCML_PROCBusiness ProcessesCO-PC
KOSA_BALTProcurement Alternative for Prod Cost Coll. in Make-to-OrderCO-PC
MLARC_IDXIndex for ML DocumentCO-PC
MLAUFKEPHML: Cost Component Split (Components) for Order HistoryCO-PC
SMCOPCPCPCO-PC-PCP Data in Monitor (see Schedman_specific_copc_pcp)CO-PC
TCKMLBNKSAssignment of Other Account Key if Not to ActivateCO-PC
TOOL_COSTCosts for Prod.Resource/ToolCO-PC
WSCONTENTWorkspace Content (Unit Costing)CO-PC
WSFOLDERSWorkspace Folders - Unit CostingCO-PC
CKMCSO_LOGMass Costing of Sales Orders: Log TextsCO-PC
CKMLCUMDOCClosing Document for CumulationCO-PC
CKMLMV001TTexts for procurement alternativesCO-PC
CKMLMV005TTexts for consumption alternativesCO-PC
CKMLMV006TName for quantity structure typesCO-PC
CKMLMV007AName formation (algorithms)CO-PC
CKMLMV007RName formation (naming rules)CO-PC
CKMLMV007TName formation (name of structure)CO-PC
CKMLMV009TProcess Catagory (description)CO-PC
CKMLMV010TText for movement type groups for ML updateCO-PC
CKMLMV011FCosting Run: Filter Table for Object ListCO-PC
CKMLMV011TFilter hierarchiesCO-PC
CKMLMV015ZNaming rule assignment for materials for each procure. cat.CO-PC
CKMLMV016TQuantity structure tool: Texts for naming rulesCO-PC
CKMLPRKEKOMaterial Ledger: Cost Component Split (Header) for PricesCO-PC
CKMLPRKEPHMaterial Ledger: Cost Component Split (Elements) for PricesCO-PC
CKMLSCHEMADefinition of Key Figure Scheme in Material-LedgerCO-PC
CKML_SM_ACActual Costing Data for Schedule ManagerCO-PC
CKMVFM_OUTOutput for the Value_Flow_Monitor, see SAP Note 912984CO-PC
CKTC_KALNRDatabase Table for Costing NumbersCO-PC
FCO_ACTIVEActivation of Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC
MLAUFKEPHHHistory table for summarized MLAUFKEPH dataCO-PC
MLWIPCOREFWIP Document in Material Ledger - Reference to CO DocumentsCO-PC
TCKMLBNKSZAssignment of Delivery Costs StructureCO-PC
CKMLHD_AGGRMaterial Ledger: Header RecordCO-PC
CKMLLACRWIPML Activity Types: Period/ Currency Records WIP (Values)CO-PC
CKMLLAPPWIPMl Activity Types: Period Records WIP (Quantities)CO-PC
CKMLMV007RTName formation: Text for naming ruleCO-PC
CKMLMVADMINGeneral Control Parameters for Actual CostingCO-PC
CKMLRSCHEMAKey Figure Scheme in Material LedgerCO-PC
CKMLRUNTYPEObsolete From Release 4.6ACO-PC
CKMLSCHEMATDescription of Key Figure Scheme in Material LedgerCO-PC
CKMLWIPCUSTCustomizing: WIP To ActualCO-PC
CKQS_MAP_IDMapping of Costing Run ID + Data Basis to VariantCO-PC
FCML_ACCMAPAlternative Accounts for Material Ledger PostingsCO-PC
FCML_ACCONFConfiguration of HDB AcceleratorCO-PC
FCML_FIAACOControl Table Transfer of Depreciation to COCO-PC
FCML_SEARCHSaved search criteriaCO-PC
FCO_DOC_POSFailure Cost Document ItemCO-PC
KALAMATCON1Selection List for Costing RunCO-PC
KALAMATCON2Selection List for Costing Run: Material ListCO-PC
MLORDERHISTConversion Table for Order HistoryCO-PC
TJP_ECP_KPIECP: Pricing Key DefinitionCO-PC
TMLCCSSCOPEActual Cost Component Split: Structure of Data RangeCO-PC
AD01WIP_RCATRevenue categories for WIP reportingCO-PC
CKMLMV004WIPProcess Model: Deductions WIPCO-PC
CKMLRUNPLANTOrganizational units in a material ledger costing runCO-PC
CKMLRUNTYPETObsolete From Release 4.6ACO-PC
CKMLVARIANTTDescription of FIFO Costing VariantCO-PC
CKSBX_SERVERApplication Server for Shared BufferCO-PC
FCML_CCS_REPHDB Reporting Structure for MLCO-PC
FCO_DOC_HEADFailure Cost Document HeaderCO-PC
FCO_SETTINGSSettings for Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC
CKMLDELTAPOSTTemporary Storage for Delta Postings for CumulationCO-PC
CKMLRUNPERIODMaterial ledger costing run for one monthCO-PC
AD01WIP_RCAT_TRevenue category texts for WIP reportingCO-PC
CKECPWORKSPACEHierarchical Worklists and Assignments in ECPCO-PC
CKMVFM_EXTRACTTransaction CKMVFM, Extracts, see SAP Note 912984CO-PC
FCML_T_SETTINGsettings for RIA graphicsCO-PC
TMLCCSSCOPETXTActual Cost Component Split: Split for Data Range (Texts)CO-PC
CKECPWORKSPACETTexts for Hierarchical Worklists in ECPCO-PC
CKML_PRICE_SENDCustomizing Material Price DispatchCO-PC
CKMVFM_BSEG_OUTDisplay of FI Documents, Transaction CKMVFM, SAP Note 912984CO-PC
FCML_ACCMAP_ACPAlternative Accounts for Each Accounting PrincipleCO-PC
FCML_COREVSETTLCO Revaluation on Orders and ProjectsCO-PC
FCML_NWG_CUST_MFCML NWG user customizing setting, master data tableCO-PC
AD01WIP_MAT_RCATWIP revenue category determination by MaterialCO-PC
CKMLCOCKPITSTATEUser Data for Actual Costing Costing RunCO-PC
CKMLMV_AUX_KALNRCost Estimate Numbers for Valuated Objects in QSTCO-PC
FCML_NWG_USER_VAUser's variants data table for NWG customizing master dataCO-PC
TJP_ECP_KPI_BASEECP: Formula Element DefinitionCO-PC
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