SAP Customer Interaction (CS-CI) Tables

CCMACLoggable activity codesCS-CI
CIMAPInput Sequence for BDC SessionsCS-CI
COMAPOnline BDC output mapping from message table to containerCS-CI
CACCELOnline BDC transaction accelerator definitionCS-CI
EWFCONFront Office ConfigurationCS-CI
EWFCALFront Office CallCS-CI
EWFGRUFront Office Call GroupCS-CI
EEFO01Settings for Account Balance in CICCS-CI
EWFPARFront Office Configuration: Call ParameterCS-CI
EWFFNDFront Office Configuation DeterminationCS-CI
EWVIEWCIC View: View of Object Data EnvironmentCS-CI
CCMLOGActivity logCS-CI
EWFTRAFront Office Call: Data FlowCS-CI
CICCONFCCM framework screen configurationCS-CI
EBAPRESObject Presentation: SAP StandardCS-CI
HRP1260DB Table for Infotype 1260CS-CI
EWFCALTFront Office Call: TextCS-CI
CCMLOGDActivity log detailsCS-CI
EWFCONTFront Office Configuration: TextCS-CI
CCMDNISInbound DNIS display textCS-CI
CCMCLBSCall center callback - WholeCS-CI
EWFGRUTFront Office Call Group: TextCS-CI
CCMAC_TCall center management activity code descriptionCS-CI
EWFPARTFront Office Configuration: Call Parameter: TextCS-CI
CCMCLBDCall center callback user optionsCS-CI
CCMCLBCCallback ConfigurationCS-CI
EBAPRESCObject Presentation: Customer DefinitionsCS-CI
CCMADKEYActivity detail logging keyCS-CI
CICCCONFCall center framework componentsCS-CI
CCMCCONTComponent container configurationCS-CI
EWBPROCXFront Office ProcessCS-CI
CDESTPIDOnline BDC parameter-id preset destinationCS-CI
CSRCFCALLOnline BDC function call value source mapCS-CI
CCMIFIMPLClasses that implement different modules of the CICCS-CI
CCMOBJLSTList of information objects in a containerCS-CI
CCMSCRVARScript variable nameCS-CI
CCMCSCONFContact search/display configurationCS-CI
ECICWFINBProfile for CIC workflow inboxCS-CI
CCMCBQUESCall center callback - Callback queue definitionCS-CI
CCMCCPROFCall center profileCS-CI
EWBPROCTXFront Off. Process: TextCS-CI
CCMCLBC_TCall center callback - Configuration table labelCS-CI
EWCUSTENVGCustomer Information Cluster Builder: Generic Profile DataCS-CI
CICCCONF_TCustomer interaction component textCS-CI
EWVIEWATTRCIC View: Attribute ControlCS-CI
ECICWFINBTProfil for CIC workflow inbox (text)CS-CI
CICFHCASSNCall center framework hidden component modulesCS-CI
CICFSCASSNCall Center Framework Screen Component ModuleCS-CI
CICTOOLBARCCM Application Toolbar ProfileCS-CI
EBACONTXTTCall Context - Text TableCS-CI
CICPROFILECustomer interaction center profileCS-CI
CCMSESSIONCall management sessionsCS-CI
CCMOBJKEYSInformation object instanceCS-CI
CCMSCRPROFScript activity profileCS-CI
CCMCCONT_TCCM Component Container TextCS-CI
CCMHTMLPARCIC HTML configuration: external parametersCS-CI
CCMCMPCALLAction Box Component CallsCS-CI
CCMCTIBKEYCall center telephony control button keysCS-CI
CICCFGTIMEConfiguration change timeCS-CI
CCMCBQPROFCall center callback - Callback queue profileCS-CI
CCMCTIPROFCIC Front office function key profileCS-CI
CCMACTPROFLoggable activity code group membershipCS-CI
CCMCSEARCHSearch type to matchcode mapping for CCM contact searchCS-CI
CCMADKEY_TCall center detail key logging tableCS-CI
CCMAUTHPINCall center authentication pin attempts tableCS-CI
ECCPRECEIVEConfiguration of office-recipient for workflow startCS-CI
CCMCTIADMINCTI Administration/PolicyCS-CI
CCMHTMLPARICIC HTML configuration: parameter for internal callsCS-CI
EECICLAYOUTControl of CIC Framework Layout SwitchCS-CI
CICPROFILESCustomer interaction center profilesCS-CI
CCMCTIQUEUECall center queuesCS-CI
CCMHTMLPARTCIC HTML configuration: text for external parametersCS-CI
CCMCBQUES_TCall center callback - Callback queue descriptionCS-CI
CCM_NAVVIEWCCM Navigation Area ProfileCS-CI
EWCUSTENVGTCustomer Information Cluster Builder Profile: TextCS-CI
CCM_NAVAREACCM Navigation Area ProfileCS-CI
CCMCMPCALLTAction Box Component Workspace TextCS-CI
CCMAUTHPROFCall center authentication attributesCS-CI
CCMACTIONOBJAssign transactions to object types - usage restrictionCS-CI
CSRCCONSTANTOnline BDC constant value source mapCS-CI
EWOPSLDCONSTOPS: Language-Dependent ConstantsCS-CI
CCMCTIBKEY_TCCM telephony control button key translationCS-CI
ECCPRECEIVETConfiguration of office-recipient for workflow start (texts)CS-CI
ECICCONTHISTCIC Profile: Contact HistoryCS-CI
ECICWFINBFLTTask Filter for Profile- for CIC Workflow InboxCS-CI
EWCUSTENVCLSCustomer Information Cluster BuilderCS-CI
EWBWEBGUIITSITS Basic Address for Method Inplace-Calls in the CICCS-CI
CCM_NAVVIEWTCCM Navigation Area ProfileCS-CI
CCMIFIMPLNEWImplementaion of Interfaces in CIC environmentCS-CI
CCM_NAVAREATCCM Navigation Area ProfileCS-CI
CCMHTMLPARITCIC HTML configuration: Text for internal parametersCS-CI
CCMSCRPROFILECall center management scripting profileCS-CI
CCMCSEARCHMAPMatchcode mapping for CCM contact searchCS-CI
ECICCONTHISTTCustomizing Table for Contact HistoryCS-CI
CICPROFMASTERCustomer interaction center profile masterCS-CI
CRM_CIC_DEFWSDefault Workspace ProfileCS-CI
CCMCTIQUEUE_TCall center queue textsCS-CI
CDESTBDCFIELDOnline BDC value destination mapCS-CI
CICCCONFVARIDCustomer Interaction Center Component VariantsCS-CI
EWCUSTENVCLSTCustomer Information Cluster Builder (Text)CS-CI
CSRCCONTAINEROnline BDC container value source mapCS-CI
CCM_OPFACTORYObject Provider Service: Class DefinitionCS-CI
CICCCONFVARIDCAllowed component container variants for component variantCS-CI
CCMCMPCALLPAREAction Box Component Call: External ParametersCS-CI
CCMCBQPROFASSNCall center callback - Assignment of profile to queuesCS-CI
CICCCONFVARIDAAllowed slots for component variantCS-CI
CCMCMPCALLPARIAction Box Component Call: Parameters for Internal CallsCS-CI
CICTOOLBAREXCLCIC Application Toolbar ExclusionsCS-CI
ECCPCALLBACKRVReasons for callbackCS-CI
CRMC_CIC_ASP_AIC WinClient: ASP, applicationCS-CI
CRMC_CIC_ASP_CIC WinClient: ASP, configurationCS-CI
CRM_CIC_DEFWSTDefault Workspace Profile TextCS-CI
CRM_CIC_OPFACTObject Provider Service: class definitionCS-CI
CRM_CIC_OPDELSObject Provider Service: class delegation - deliveryCS-CI
CRM_CIC_OPDELCObject Provider Service: class delegation - customerCS-CI
CRM_CIC_OPFACTTObject Provider Service: class definitionCS-CI
CRMC_CIC_ASP_CTIC WinClient: ASP, configuration (text)CS-CI
CICPROFMASTER_TCustomer Interaction Profile Master TextCS-CI
CCM_OPCLASSTYPEObject Provider Service: Class Type DefinitionCS-CI
CCM_NAVAR_VIEWTCCM Navigation Area Tab TextCS-CI
CRM_CIC_DEFWSSLDefault Workspace Profile SlotCS-CI
CCMCMPCALLPARETAction Box Component Calls: Text for External ParametersCS-CI
ECCPCALLBACKRVTReasons for callback (texts)CS-CI
CRMC_CIC_ASP_ATIC WinClient: ASP, application (text)CS-CI
CRMC_CIC_ASP_DAIC WinClient: ASP, applications related to DNISCS-CI
CRMC_CIC_ASP_CAIC WinClient: ASP, applications assigned to configurationCS-CI
CICCCONFVARID_TCustomer Interaction Center Component Variant TextCS-CI
CRMC_CIC_ASP_TPIC WinClient: ASP, application typeCS-CI
CCMCMPCALLPARITAction Box Component Calls: Text for Internal ParametersCS-CI
EECICTOOLBAR_PRGCIC Function Bar Profile: Main Program for StatusCS-CI
CRM_CIC_DEFWSSLTDefault Workspace Profile Slot TextCS-CI
CCM_OPCLASSTYPETObject Provider Service: Class Type DefinitionCS-CI
CRMC_CIC_ASP_TPTIC WinClient: ASP, application type (text)CS-CI
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