SAP Capital Investments (IM-FA) Tables

ANIADepr. simulation for invest. projectsIM-FA
ANIBInvestment projects depr. simulation depr. areasIM-FA
ANLEAsset Origin by Line ItemIM-FA
ANLILink table for investment measure -> AuCIM-FA
ANLKAsset Origin by Cost ElementIM-FA
IMAKAppropriation requests - general dataIM-FA
IMAVAppropriation request variantIM-FA
IMCCIM Summarization: Characteristics that are master dataIM-FA
IMCHIM Summarization: HeaderIM-FA
IMPRInvestment Program PositionsIM-FA
IMPSAssignable Operative Objs for Capital Investment PositionsIM-FA
IMPUTexts for cap. inv. program positionsIM-FA
IMPZInvestment Program PositionsIM-FA
IMTPInvestment programsIM-FA
IMTTCapital Investment Program TextsIM-FA
IMZOAssignment Table: CO Object - Capital Investment Prog.Pos.IM-FA
IMZRAssignment Table: CO Object - Cap.Inv.Prog.Pos. (Reports)IM-FA
TAIFIM Drilldown: Characteristic CatalogIM-FA
COEPDCO Object: Line Item Settlement, Not Valuated, With StatusIM-FA
IMAKAApprop. request for assets or equipment to be replacedIM-FA
IMAKTAppropriation request textIM-FA
IMAKZAssignment of measure to order or WBS element ...IM-FA
IMAVCCalculations Copied from Variants to WBS ElementsIM-FA
IMAVTTexts for appropriation request variantIM-FA
IMAVZAssignment of approp. request variants to plan versionsIM-FA
IMCEMIM Summarization: MeasuresIM-FA
IMCEPIM Summarization: PlantsIM-FA
IMCERIM Summarization: Appropriation requestsIM-FA
IMCKFIM Summarization: Key figuresIM-FA
TAI01CI Program Position Editing Mask: ControlIM-FA
TAI02Editing Masks for CI Program PositionsIM-FA
TAI03Texts for CI Program Position Editing MasksIM-FA
TAI05CI Program TypesIM-FA
TAI06CI Program Type TextsIM-FA
TAI07Operative objects for inv. programs that can be allocatedIM-FA
TAI08Budget categories for capital investment programsIM-FA
TAI09Texts for IM budget categoriesIM-FA
TAI10Use of capital investment program budget categoriesIM-FA
TAI11Group shares in Inv. Program Info SystemIM-FA
TAI12Type of organizational unitIM-FA
TAI13Allowed values of user-defined organizational unitsIM-FA
TAI14Levels in investment program for automatic creationIM-FA
TAI15Select-options for org. unitsIM-FA
TAIC0IM Summarization: Characteristics that can be summarizedIM-FA
TAIC1IM Summarization: Characteristics w/ detail display indic.IM-FA
TAIC2IM Summarization: Summarization versionIM-FA
TAIC3IM Summarization: Conversion of Investment Program NameIM-FA
TAIF1Appropriation request typesIM-FA
TAIF2Plan versions per approval year and program typeIM-FA
TAIF3System control for appropriation requestsIM-FA
TAIF4Approp. requests - alternative maintenance languagesIM-FA
TAIF5Scale of investment objectsIM-FA
TAIF6Scores for variantsIM-FA
TAIF7Approval levels for plan versionsIM-FA
TAIF9Value table for user fieldsIM-FA
TAIFDIM Drilldown: Characteristic DependenciesIM-FA
TAIGDScale of investment objectsIM-FA
TAIGKKey figure key for scaleIM-FA
TAIGMPossible key figures keys for scaleIM-FA
TAIGSKey figure key for scale (language-dependent)IM-FA
TAIGWDefinition of the scale of investment measuresIM-FA
TAPRFCap. inv. measure profile for AuC and dep. simulationIM-FA
TAPRGCap.Inv.Measure Profile - Source assgnmt per source struct.IM-FA
COEPBRCO Object: Valuated Line Item SettlementIM-FA
IMAKPAApprop.req.-cost ctr, bus.area, prof.ctr, w/ perc.distrib.IM-FA
IMAKPIApprop. Request- Percentage Dist. by Invest.ReasonIM-FA
IMAKPPApprop. request - distribution by requesting cost ctrIM-FA
IMAKPSApprop. request - distribution by requesting divisionIM-FA
IMAKPUApprop. request - environmental inv. reason w/ perc.distrib.IM-FA
IMAKPWApprop. request - distribution by requesting material groupIM-FA
IMAKZSApprop. request assignment table- alternate requests...IM-FA
IMCECCIM Summarization: Cost centersIM-FA
IMCEFLIM Summarization: Functional locationsIM-FA
IMCEMTIM Summarization: Texts for measuresIM-FA
IMCEPCIM Summarization: Profit centersIM-FA
IMCEPTIM Summarization: Texts for plantsIM-FA
IMCERTIM Summarization: Texts for appropriation requestsIM-FA
IMCHIEIM Summarization: Buffer for investment program hierarchyIM-FA
TAI12TDescription: Type of organizational unitIM-FA
TAI13TTexts for allowed values of user-defined org. unitsIM-FA
TAIC2TIM Summarization: Text for summarization versionIM-FA
TAIF10Dropdown Box Tool: Assignment of Applkey/Subscrno <--> TransIM-FA
TAIF11Default Settings for the Selection ToolIM-FA
TAIF1CCoding Masks for Appropriation Requests and for ProjectsIM-FA
TAIF1LLong text control for approp. request type for req. headerIM-FA
TAIF1TText table for appropriation request typesIM-FA
TAIF1VLong text control for approp. request type for variantsIM-FA
TAIF1WPartn. functions for approval workflowIM-FA
TAIF51Scale of Investment Objects (Value Limits)IM-FA
TAIF5TScale of investment objectsIM-FA
TAIF6TScores for variantsIM-FA
TAIF7TApproval levels for plan versionsIM-FA
TAIF9TValue table for user fieldsIM-FA
TAPRFTText tab. for investment profileIM-FA
BIWTAI1IM - > BW: Conversion of Program NameIM-FA
IMCECCTIM Summarization: Texts for cost centersIM-FA
IMCEFLTIM Summarization: Texts for functional locationsIM-FA
IMCEPCTIM Summarization: Texts for profit centersIM-FA
IMCEPPTIM Summarization: Texts for program positionsIM-FA
IMA_SELOPTSpecifies Assignment of Subscreen->FieldIM-FA
TRANSGROUP0Definition Table for Transaction GroupIM-FA
TRANSGROUP1Assignment of Transactions to Transaction GroupsIM-FA
TAPPLIC_CUSTAssignment of Customizing Transaction to Application KeyIM-FA
TRANSGROUP0TDescription of Transaction GroupsIM-FA
IMA_APPLKEYNOList Box Tool: Application Group/Context ---> Number ListboxIM-FA
ARC_IDX_APPREQIM: Index Table for Archiving Appropriation RequestsIM-FA
IMA_APPLINTERVALSelection Tool: Number Intervals for ApplicationsIM-FA
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