SAP Table - ANLI

DescriptionLink table for investment measure -> AuC
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryInvestment Management
Sub CategoryCapital Investments

SAP Capital Investments Tables

ARC_IDX_APPREQIM: Index Table for Archiving Appropriation RequestsIM-FA
TAIGWDefinition of the scale of investment measuresIM-FA
TAIF1WPartn. functions for approval workflowIM-FA
IMAKZAssignment of measure to order or WBS element ...IM-FA
ANLKAsset Origin by Cost ElementIM-FA
TAI13TTexts for allowed values of user-defined org. unitsIM-FA
IMAVAppropriation request variantIM-FA
TAI12Type of organizational unitIM-FA
TAIF11Default Settings for the Selection ToolIM-FA
IMAKPSApprop. request - distribution by requesting divisionIM-FA

Full List of SAP Capital Investments Tables