SAP Industry Solution Engineering & Construction (IS-EC) Tables

C499Doc. Cat./Cond. Type/Own-Ext./Acty Type/Ctlg Group/Acc. KeyIS-EC
A272Equipment/Standard Dummy Customer/Document TypeIS-EC
A277Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material GroupIS-EC
A278ETM Material / Activity TypeIS-EC
A279ETM Goods Recipient/Material/Activity TypeIS-EC
A495Postal Charges, Inserts in Postal Dist.Items (Insert Type)IS-EC
C496Condition Type/Account KeyIS-EC
C495Document Category/Condition Type/Own-External/Account KeyIS-EC
C497Document Category/Condition Type/Account KeyIS-EC
C498Doc. Category/Condition Type/Own-Ext./Actvty Type/Acc. KeyIS-EC
A271Document CategoryIS-EC
A270Euqipment/Document TypeIS-EC
A269Equipment Type/Document TypeIS-EC
A254Customer or Goods Recipient/Equipment/MaterialIS-EC
A255Customer/Loading Cost RelevanceIS-EC
A256Customer/Catalog Group 2/MaterialIS-EC
A257Movement Type/Recipient TypeIS-EC
A258Movement Type/Sender Type/Recipient TypeIS-EC
A259Movement Type/Sender Type/Recipient Type/CrossIS-EC
A266Standard Dummy Customer/Material Group/Material NumberIS-EC
A267Customer or Goods Recipient/Equipment Type/MaterialIS-EC
A265Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material Grp/MaterialIS-EC
A264Customer or Goods Recipient/Document TypeIS-EC
TBOSBZBill of Services Type NameIS-EC
BOSASNAllocation of Lines from Different SubpackagesIS-EC
KOTJ003Debited Company Code/Debited Business Area/RecipientIS-EC
KOTJ002Debited Company Code/Debited Business AreaIS-EC
KOTJ004Debited Co. Code/Debited Business Area/Recipient/Equi. TypeIS-EC
KOT4012Document Category/Recipient/Material Group/Activity TypeIS-EC
KOTJ005Debited Co. Code/Debited Business Area/Recipient/EquipmentIS-EC
KOTJ006Debited Company Code/Recipient CategoryIS-EC
KOTJ007Debited Co. Code/Debited Business Area/Recipient CategoryIS-EC
KOTJ008Debited Co. Code/Debited Bus. Area/Debited Plant/Recpnt Cat.IS-EC
KOTJ009Document CategoryIS-EC
KOTJ001Debited Company CodeIS-EC
KOT4009Document CategoryIS-EC
KOT4007Condition Table for Price List DeterminationIS-EC
KOT4006Condition Table for Price List DeterminationIS-EC
KOT4002Debited Company Code/Debited Business AreaIS-EC
KOT4005Debited Co. Code/Debited Business Area/Recipient/EquipmentIS-EC
KOT4004Debited Co. Code/Debited Business Area/Recipient/Equi. TypeIS-EC
KOT4003Debited Company Code/Debited Business Area/RecipientIS-EC
KOT4001Debited Company CodeIS-EC
KOTJ012Document Category/Recipient/Material Group/Activity TypeIS-EC
TBOSCPCSubcontracting: Assignment of Conditions (MM, SD)IS-EC
TBOSGRPService Line: Subcontractor GroupIS-EC
TBOSFSHSchema for Surcharges / DiscountsIS-EC
TBOSFACDefine Surcharges and DiscountsIS-EC
KOT4008Condition Table for Price List DeterminationIS-EC
TBOSCPDSubcontracting: Allocation of Document Types (MM, SD)IS-EC
TBOSARTBill of Services TypeIS-EC
J_3GKAL2Function Codes/Performs for CEM CalendarIS-EC
J_3GVBRPCEM Additional Data for VBRPIS-EC
J_3GVBAPAdditional Data CEM SD Document ItemIS-EC
J_3GLASEAllowed Activity Types per Document TypeIS-EC
J_3GTVKOCustomer Internal Settlement per Sales Organization in CEMIS-EC
J_3GTPMKCost Key Figures of the Maintenance OrderIS-EC
J_3GMCIDMatchcode ID Choice for Selecting PSP Elem. for Proj. Def.IS-EC
J_3GJ000Condition Table for Price List DeterminationIS-EC
J_3GKAL0Definitions for CEM Calendar VisualizationsIS-EC
J_3GPAKKPackage Header DataIS-EC
J_3GPAKPPackage Item DataIS-EC
J_3GKAL1Selection Parameters for CEM Calendar VisualizationIS-EC
TBOSSC02Subcontracting: Assignment of Conditions (MM, SD)IS-EC
J_3GBELPDocument Data - Item DataIS-EC
TBOS165AConditions Determination Procedure for SD ServicesIS-EC
TBOSECP2Cost Elements for Condition TypesIS-EC
TBOSFACTTexts for Surcharges / DiscountsIS-EC
TBOSFSHSProcedure: Assign Surcharges/DiscountsIS-EC
J_3GBELKDocument File - Header DataIS-EC
TBOSFSHTTexts for Overhead (Surcharges/Discounts) StructureIS-EC
TBOSGRPTService Line: Subcontractor Group: TextIS-EC
TBOSKLSHAssignment of Costing Variant to Overhead (Sur/Disc) StrctreIS-EC
TBOSECP1Cost Component Structure for Sales DocumentIS-EC
TADBOS01Valid Reports for BOS Reporting in SDIS-EC
TBOSSC01Subcontracting: Assignment of Conditions (MM, SD)IS-EC
TBOS165BVariable Condition Procedure for Service of Billing Doc.IS-EC
J_3GPLKATAssignment Price List - Condition Types - CatalogsIS-EC
J_3GPAKKTPackage DescriptionIS-EC
J_3GMTARTCEM/MM Inventory Mgmt per Material Type and Recipient TypeIS-EC
J_3GMEMPFDominance Indicator per Document Type/Recipient TypeIS-EC
J_3GLKOSTDefault Loading Costs Indicator/Provision FeeIS-EC
J_3GZVBAPBackup Table for CEM Data in Rel. 3.0IS-EC
J_3GPMCO2Cost Structure: Job Key Figures (PMIS)IS-EC
J_3GWFCEMCEM: Default Values for WorkflowIS-EC
J_3GVERSITax/Insurance DataIS-EC
J_3GTPMKTTexts for Cost Key Figures of the Maintenance OrderIS-EC
J_3GTCHLPAuxiliary Table for Joint Venture Trans. Calls (SAPMJ3GO)IS-EC
J_3GTBESTTemporary StockIS-EC
J_3GT370SStructure Indicator for CatalogIS-EC
J_3GSTEUMInternal Settlement/Writing Invoices (Tax Matrix)IS-EC
J_3GPRLHDCEM Price Lists Condition HeaderIS-EC
J_3GLABETActivity Types/Limits per Document CategoryIS-EC
J_3GKALSMPricing Procedure DeterminationIS-EC
J_3GFEQUIExternal Equipment TypeIS-EC
J_3GEMPFTRecipient Type TextsIS-EC
J_3GABESTCurrent StocksIS-EC
J_3GINBELCustomer Numbers Used in DocumentsIS-EC
J_3GABGRFRemoval Sequence - Activity TypesIS-EC
J_3GEQUMPAssignment of Measuring Point to EquipmentIS-EC
J_3GHBESTHistorical StockIS-EC
J_3GFAKSPBilling Doc. Blocking Indicator Document Item CEMIS-EC
J_3GDRUCKCEM: Processing Programs for Print ControlIS-EC
J_3GBELKORecipient Type per Document TypeIS-EC
J_3GKATZUDefault Catalog Code per Resource TypeIS-EC
J_3GBERGR(Recipient) Authorization GroupsIS-EC
J_3GKNDMOConditions Modification on ScreenIS-EC
J_3GCOFIXAccount Determination Using Fixed CO ObjectIS-EC
J_3GAUSARTSettlement CalendarIS-EC
J_3GBESARTInventory Management TypeIS-EC
J_3GZUABGRReason for Acquisition/WithdrawalIS-EC
J_3GARCHIVCEM Archiving ListsIS-EC
J_3GBERGRTAuthorization Group TextsIS-EC
J_3GZUABGTReason for Acquisition/Withdrawal - TextsIS-EC
J_3GVBRP_ZFrozen Data from VBRP ConversionIS-EC
J_3GFAKSPTBilling Doc. Blocking Indicator Texts CEMIS-EC
J_3GBELAMAAssign Sale/Repurchase for Material DeliveriesIS-EC
J_3GZUETYPRecipient Type AssignmentIS-EC
J_3GDYNPROScreens to be ProcessedIS-EC
J_3GEIVERPOwner/Administrator Leasing TypesIS-EC
J_3GEIVERSOwner/Administrator Master RecordIS-EC
J_3GEIVERTOwner/Administrator DescriptionIS-EC
J_3GBELARTDocument TypesIS-EC
J_3GEMTLADAssignment Recipient Types-Activity Types DefaultIS-EC
J_3GEQBSTPInventory Management Check per Equipment TypeIS-EC
J_3GBLARTTDocument Type TextsIS-EC
J_3GEQUIVODefault Values for CEM Equipment DataIS-EC
J_3GAUSATXSettlement Calendar, Acty Type Times, Language-DependentIS-EC
J_3GUMLENKRedirection of Account DeterminationIS-EC
J_3GFEQUITExternal Equipment Type TextsIS-EC
J_3GSTATUSSingle Display-Relevant Status of ObjectIS-EC
J_3GPACHTVLease SettlementIS-EC
J_3GNUMKAUAssignment of Number Ranges to Order Types for CEMIS-EC
J_3GKATMERCatalog CharacteristicsIS-EC
J_3GLVARTTActivity Type TextsIS-EC
J_3GKONDMOConditions Modification on ScreenIS-EC
J_3GLEIARTActivity TypesIS-EC
J_3GKONZABGroup MappingIS-EC
J_3GLADEKTTexts for Loading Costs IndicatorIS-EC
J_3GLADEKELoading Costs IndicatorIS-EC
J_3GKALENDSettlement CalendarIS-EC
J_3GPLKOPFPrice List HeaderIS-EC
J_3GINTNA1Formula Parameters for Costing (Interpolation)IS-EC
J_3GANZVARDisplay Variants - Link to INDXIS-EC
J_3GZUEIGNLeasing TableIS-EC
J_3GGBBKVBSales Area per Company Code/Business Area/PlantIS-EC
J_3GT370STStructure Indicator for Catalog TextsIS-EC
J_3GIENUMVInternal/External Owner/Administrator Number AssignmentIS-EC
J_3GSTLPOSItem Data for Equipment BOMsIS-EC
J_3GSTLAKTActivation File/Buffer for BOMsIS-EC
J_3GSTERNVStandard Allocation TableIS-EC
J_3GSTDANZUsers Allowed to Create Standard Display VariantsIS-EC
J_3GINTFORFormula Definition for Costing (Interpolation)IS-EC
TBOSSUPPLEBOS Line: Subsequent StatusIS-EC
J_3GBAMTARTAllowed Material Types per Document TypeIS-EC
BOSPS_BATCHProfile for Batch Cost Transfer to ProjectIS-EC
J_3GSTLKOPFHeader Data for Equipment BOMsIS-EC
J_3GLAMTARTActivity Types per Material TypeIS-EC
J_3GDEMEQUIDefault Recipient for Equipment per Organizational StructureIS-EC
J_3GDEMPERSDefault Recipient for Personnel Performance per Org. Struct.IS-EC
TBOSSUPPLETService Line: Texts for Subsequent StatusIS-EC
J_3GKSCHLUMBAssign Condition Types for Transfer PostingsIS-EC
J_3GBESTFARTInventory Management TypeIS-EC
J_3GABRMTARTSettlement Indicator in CEM/MM per Material TypeIS-EC
J_3GABGRFMATRemoval Sequence for MaterialsIS-EC
J_3GERLMTARTAllowed Material TypesIS-EC
ADBOS_ECP_RELObject Relationship Service: Generic Binary LinksIS-EC
BOSPS_ATTRBOSBOS PS Object link attribute referencesIS-EC
J_3GBESTFARTTTexts for Inventory Management TypeIS-EC
BOSPS_CLUSTERBOSPS Data Cluster for variants etcIS-EC
J_3GEMPFBFARTAssign Inventory Mgmt Type to Rcpnt Type/Actvty TypeIS-EC
J_3GFRISTLAZUAssign Activity Types to Deadline SurchargesIS-EC
J_3GFRISTBTLADeadline Logic per Document Type, Trans. Type and Acty TypeIS-EC
ADBOS_ECP_CKISBOS: Enhancement to Detailed StatementIS-EC
J_3GKSCHLFRISTDeadline Logic per Condition TypeIS-EC
COSTING_VARIANTDefault Costing Variant for Easy cost planningIS-EC
J_3GDRUCK_PARAMPrint Parameters per UserIS-EC
BOSPS_ASSIGNMENTBOSPS: PS object links to the specified sales documentIS-EC
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