SAP Table - A254

SAP TableA254
DescriptionCustomer or Goods Recipient/Equipment/Material
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryIndustry Solution Engineering & Construction

SAP Industry Solution Engineering & Construction Tables

J_3GLABETActivity Types/Limits per Document CategoryIS-EC
KOT4001Debited Company CodeIS-EC
J_3GDEMPERSDefault Recipient for Personnel Performance per Org. Struct.IS-EC
J_3GZUABGRReason for Acquisition/WithdrawalIS-EC
J_3GTPMKTTexts for Cost Key Figures of the Maintenance OrderIS-EC
J_3GEMPFBFARTAssign Inventory Mgmt Type to Rcpnt Type/Actvty TypeIS-EC
J_3GZUEIGNLeasing TableIS-EC
ADBOS_ECP_CKISBOS: Enhancement to Detailed StatementIS-EC
J_3GKNDMOConditions Modification on ScreenIS-EC
TBOSFSHTTexts for Overhead (Surcharges/Discounts) StructureIS-EC

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