SAP Personnel Management (PA) Tables

T7HRZCParameters for types of employees (Croatia)PA
T7HRL3Rasponi za algoritmePA
T7HRL2Kvote i algoritmiPA
T7HRKPControl codes for payees CroatiaPA
T7HRHFHealth insurance type texts (Croatia)PA
T7HRHEHealth insurance types (Croatia)PA
T7HRDSControl codes for stat. deductions and company codes CroatiaPA
T7HRDQDocuments for proof texts (Croatia)PA
T7HRDPDocuments for proof (Croatia)PA
T7HRDOStatutory deductions CroatiaPA
T7HRDFDependent type texts (Croatia)PA
T7HRDEDependent types (Croatia)PA
T7HRBPControl codes for banks CroatiaPA
T7HRLPLoan percentagesPA
T7HRMSMessages CroatiaPA
T7HRMUMunicipality codes (Croatia)PA
T7HRZBTexts for employee types CroatiaPA
T7HRZATypes of employees CroatiaPA
T7HRVTVocation Descriptions - CroatiaPA
T7HRVOVocation Check Table - CroatiaPA
T7HRTXTax difference calculationPA
T7HRRUBus routes CroatiaPA
T7HRRTBus routes CroatiaPA
T7HRRECustomizing table for HR reports CroatiaPA
T7HRPGControl codes for payees CroatiaPA
T7HRMXSurtax percentage for municipality codes (Croatia)PA
T7HRMWControl numbers - municipalities and company codes (Croatia)PA
T7HRMVMunicipality codes texts (Croatia)PA
T7HRBAPay slip layouts for banks CroatiaPA
T7HR1AInsurance calculationPA
T7HR1ICompany fulfil conditions for employment of invalidsPA
T7HR1CSI insurance - rates for companiesPA
T7HR03Employee Group/Subgroup HRPA
T7HR1BSI insurance - ratesPA
T7HR04Classification of absences for legal purposesPA
T7HR13Jobs With Other/Previous EmployersPA
T7HR10Insurance institutionsPA
T7HR20Tax InstitutionPA
PB0575Applicant data infotype 0575 (model)PA
PA0562HR Master Record: Infotype 0562PA
PA0563HR Master Record: Infotype 0563PA
T7HRA3IP Form - EarningsPA
PA0564HR Master Record: Infotype 0564PA
T7HRDRTexts for statutory deductions CroatiaPA
T7HRA2IP Form - Master dataPA
T7HRA1Bank transfer - interface tablePA
PA0575HR Master Record: Infotype 0575PA
T7HR0WPD Qualification -> Education levelPA
T7HR01PPersonnel Area/Subarea Groupings for CroatiaPA
HRP5032Database Table for Infotype 5032PA
T7HRA3NIP Form - Earnings - New (w. OIB)PA
T7HRBPXConversion IT 9 to T521B proposalPA
T7HRA2OIP Form - Master data - with IDENT in keyPA
T7HRA2NIP Form - Master data - New (w. OIB)PA
T7HR21CCheck Table Company code x PayeesPA
T7HRL2AQuotas and algorithmsPA
T7HRL3ARanges for algorithmsPA
T7HRA3OIP Form - Earnings - with IDENT in keyPA
ODFIN_MAP_KOSTLKey Mapping Cost Center - Cost CenterPA
ODFIN_MAP_BUKRSKey Mapping Company - Company CodePA
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SAP Talent Management Tables

HRT7434Talent Review Meeting Agenda Topics (Table Section)PA-TM
HRT7433Participants (Table Section)PA-TM
HRT7432Assigned Objects (Table Section)PA-TM
HRT7431Basic Data for Talent Review Meeting (Table Section)PA-TM
HRP7438Follow-Up ProcessingPA-TM
HRP7437Person ResponsiblePA-TM
HRP7436Talent Review Meeting DatesPA-TM
HRP7434Agenda Topic of Talent Review MeetingPA-TM

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SAP Recruitment Tables

PAPLApplicant master dataPA-RC
T750GUnsolicited application groupPA-RC
T750FText for applicant rangePA-RC
T750CRecruitment instrumentPA-RC
T751FText for applicant event typePA-RC
T750IText for unsolicited application groupPA-RC
T750EText for applicant groupPA-RC
T750HText for mediumPA-RC

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SAP Personnel Administration Tables

T501Employee GroupPA-PA
T530Reasons for ActionsPA-PA
T543Challenge GroupsPA-PA
T510Pay Scale GroupsPA-PA
PRELHR Master Data (Old Version, For Conversion Only)PA-PA
T531Deadline TypesPA-PA
T511Wage TypesPA-PA
T503Employee Group/SubgroupPA-PA

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SAP HR Administrative Services Tables

ASRPHF03ASR: Files of Physical Information ObjectsPA-AS
ASRCHKF03Administrative Services: File Name of Last Check OutPA-AS
ASRPHNM03ASR: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsPA-AS
ASRPHHR03ASR: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical ObjectsPA-AS
ASRLORI03Container HR Admin: Outbound Relations Logical Info. ObjectsPA-AS
ASRLORE03Container HR Admin: Attribute Values of Logical Info.ObjectsPA-AS
ASRLOPR03Container HR Admin: Descriptions of Logical Info. ObjectsPA-AS
ASRPHRE03ASR: Outgoing Relations of Physical Information ObjectsPA-AS
ASRCONT03HR - ASR: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)PA-AS
ASRCHKO03ASR: Check-Out Data for Physical Information ObjectPA-AS

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SAP Personnel & Organization Tables

T77PAOMDCFBasic UI Configurations for SAP and Customer InfotypesPA-PAO
T77PAOSCATSearch CategoriesPA-PAO
T77PAOMDCFCCustomer Changes to Basic UI Configurations for InfotypesPA-PAO
T77PAOSSPESSearch CategoryPA-PAO
T77PAOSQUVSValue Suggest Fields for Query CategoryPA-PAO
T77PAOMDCFTSAP and Customer IT Descriptions in Basic UI ConfigurationsPA-PAO
T77PAOMDQVCFSAP Configurations for QuickviewsPA-PAO
T77PAOSDSMPLHR Query Fields for Simple Search (SAP delivery)PA-PAO
T77PAOSQUADVAdvanced Search Criteria for Query CategoryPA-PAO
T77PAOSCAT_TSearch Category DescriptionsPA-PAO

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SAP Benefits Tables

T5UB1Benefit plan typePA-BN
T5UB9Benefit second program groupingPA-BN
T5UB7Benefit standard insurance selectionPA-BN
T5UB5Benefit cost groupingPA-BN
T5UB4Benefit eligibility groupingPA-BN
T5UBCTo be deleted - no longer used!PA-BN
T5UBBBenefit health option/dependent coverage assignmentPA-BN
T5UB6Benefit Standard Health SelectionPA-BN
T5UB3Benefit areaPA-BN
T5UBABenefit planPA-BN

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SAP Pension Schemes Tables

T5CA2PC Value TypesPA-PF
T5CA9PC Method Variant DeterminationPA-PF
T5CA8PC Method DeterminationPA-PF
T5CA6PC Method TypesPA-PF
T5CA5Processing Schedule NamesPA-PF
T72TFHR-PF: TS Characteristics of Processing ReasonPA-PF
T5CABParameter Area NamePA-PF
T5CA7PC Method Type NamesPA-PF
T5CA4Processing SchedulesPA-PF
T5CAAParameter AreasPA-PF

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SAP HR Information Systems Tables

T770RTable Accesses for HR QueryPA-IS
T770SModule Calls for HR QueryPA-IS
T770UText field information on table fieldsPA-IS
T770TFunction modules providing texts for special fieldsPA-IS
T770QAdditional Fields and Table Fields HR QueryPA-IS
T770PInfotypes with Repeat Field Groups for RP QueryPA-IS
T770AFHR Query: Function Modules for Customer's Additional FieldsPA-IS
T72B0_BWHR-PF-BW: Permitted PC Activities for BW ExtractionPA-IS
T72B1_BWHR-PF-BW: Permitted Value Type per PC Activities for BWPA-IS

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SAP Personnel Development Tables

T77QAQualifications Catalog StructurePA-PD
T77BWDevelopment Plans: State KeysPA-PD
T77BXFurther Processing of Development PlansPA-PD
T77BZDevelopment Plan StatesPA-PD
T77QBQualifications Catalog TextsPA-PD
T77BYTexts for Development Plan StatesPA-PD
T77BWTDevelopment Plans: State Key TextsPA-PD
HRP1070DB table for infotype 1070PA-PD
HRP5029DB Table for Infotype 5029PA-PD
HRPAD77Additional data for PAD77PA-PD

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SAP Organizational Structure Tables

T777XReasons TextsPA-OS
T777NName FormatPA-OS
T777LConversion FactorsPA-OS
T77WTEmployee Group/Subgroup Assignment to Work Schedule GroupsPA-OS
T777WAuthorities/Resources TextsPA-OS
T777GHealth ExaminationsPA-OS
T778GHealth ExaminationsPA-OS

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SAP Compensation Management Tables

PCL5HR/RP Cluster 5; HR Planning UsagePA-CM
T710Pay Grade LevelsPA-CM
T504UTo be deleted - no longer used!PA-CM
T504ZTo be deleted - no longer used!PA-CM
T77KTPlan Scenario Texts for Personnel Cost PlanningPA-CM
T504WTo be deleted - no longer used!PA-CM
T504VTo be deleted - no longer used!PA-CM
T504STo be deleted - no longer used!PA-CM
T50X1Type of ExpatriatePA-CM
T504XTo be deleted - no longer used!PA-CM

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SAP Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation Tables

PA0666HR Master Record Infotype 0666PA-CP
HRP5010Database Table for Infotype 5010PA-CP
HRHCP_PLANPersonnel Cost Planning Master RecordsPA-CP
HRHCP_PLRURelationship Between Planning Runs and Personnel Cost PlansPA-CP
T77HCP_IFPAAssignment of Parameters to Method ImplementationsPA-CP
T77HCP_IFATMethod Implementation AttributesPA-CP
T77HCP_CITMCost Items Personnel Cost PlanningPA-CP
T77HCP_CISAAssignment of Symbolic Accounts to Cost ItemsPA-CP
T77HCP_CIKFDetermination of Statistical Key FigurePA-CP
T77HCP_ADCIAdditional Cost ItemsPA-CP

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SAP Enterprise Compensation Management Tables

PA0762HR Master Record: Infotype 0762 (LTI Exercising)PA-EC
PA0763HR Master Record: Infotype 0763 (LTI Participant Data)PA-EC
PA0758HR Master Record: Infotype 0758 (Compensation Program)PA-EC
PA0759HR Master Record: Infotype 0759 (Compensation Process)PA-EC
PA0760HR Master Record: Infotype 0760 (Comp. Eligibility Override)PA-EC
PA0761HR Master Record: Infotype 0761 (LTI Grant)PA-EC
HRP1271DB Table for Infotype 1271PA-EC
HRP5050DB Table for Infotype 5050PA-EC
T71ADM01Compensation AreaPA-EC
T71ADM03Compensation Plan AttributesPA-EC

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SAP Management of Global Employees Tables

PA0702HR Master Record: Infotype 0702PA-GE
PA0715HR Master Record: Infotype 0715PA-GE
PA0710HR Master Record: Infotype 0710PA-GE
PA0708HR Master Record: Infotype 0708PA-GE
PA0707HR Master Record: Infotype 0707PA-GE
PA0706HR Master Record: Infotype 0706PA-GE
PA0705HR Master Record: Infotype 0705PA-GE
PA0704HR Master Record: Infotype 0704PA-GE
PA0703HR Master Record: Infotype 0703PA-GE
T76MGE_ADMInternational HR AdministratorPA-GE

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SAP Concurrent Employment Tables

T7CCE_GPASGAssignment of Grouping Rule to Grouping ReasonPA-CE
T7CCE_GPASGCTo be deleted !!!PA-CE
T7CCE_GPRULEGrouping Rules for Personnel AssignmentsPA-CE
T7CCE_GPASGMAssignment of Grouping Rule to Grouping ReasonPA-CE
T7CCE_GPASGSTo be deleted !!!PA-CE
T7CCE_GPASGSMTo be deleted !!!PA-CE
T7CCE_GPASGCMTo be deleted !!!PA-CE
T7CCE_GPRULETGrouping Rule: TextPA-CE
T7CCE_GPREASONGrouping Reasons for Personnel AssignmentsPA-CE
T7CCE_GPREASONTGrouping Reason: TextPA-CE

SAP Budget Management Tables

T7PMAAllowance CatalogPA-PM
T7PM6Expenditure TypesPA-PM
T7PM1Names of sections of budgetPA-PM
T7PM7Names of Expenditure TypesPA-PM
T7PM3Budget Structure Element TypesPA-PM
T7PM2Section of Budget: CurrencyPA-PM
T7PM9Financial YearPA-PM
T7PM8Names of Budget Structure Element TypesPA-PM
T7PM0Budget AreaPA-PM
T7PM5Budget Unit NamesPA-PM

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SAP Employee Self-Service Tables

T77ESS_FEEDCustomizing Table for Subscription Feeds in ESSPA-ESS
T7XSSCE_GRPGroup definition settings for ESS CE applicationsPA-ESS
T7XSSSERINFTYInfotype for ESS PersInfo ServicesPA-ESS
T7XSSPERSTRUCTInfotype record Structure assignment by countryPA-ESS
T7XSSPERBIZFLDAvailable fields on bizcards on PersInfo Overview screenPA-ESS
T77ESS_FEEDINFSubscription InfoPA-ESS
T7XSSREUSEUISNReuse of Screen Structure Name for New Country VersionPA-ESS
T7XSSCESTATFLTRStatus validity filtering for an assignmentPA-ESS
T7XSSPERBIZFLDCCustomize fields for bizcards on PersInfo Overview screenPA-ESS

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SAP HR Manager's Desktop Tables

HRP1019DB Table for Infotype 1019 Required PositionsPA-MA
HRT1019Table Section Infotype 1019 Required PositionsPA-MA
T77POSBUDBasic Data for Quota PlanningPA-MA
T77SCENQYQueries per scenario and object type (customer)PA-MA
T77AW_SCENAssignment of Eval. Paths (MDT)->OrgPub Scenario (Customer)PA-MA
T77SCEN_AWDefault scenario for Org. chart data retrieval (customer)PA-MA
T77SCENQY_SYSTQueries per Scenario and Object Type (SAP)PA-MA
T77AW_SCEN_SYSTAssignment of Eval. Paths (from MDT)->OrgPub Scenario (SAP)PA-MA
T77SCEN_AW_SYSTDefault Scenarios for Org. Chart Data Retrieval (SAP)PA-MA

SAP Employee Interaction Center Tables

PA0816HR Master Record Infotype 0816PA-EIC
HRP1291Database Table for Infotype 1291PA-EIC
THREICPHFKnowledge Search: Incoming Relations of Phys. Info. ObjectsPA-EIC
THREICCHKOKnowledge Search: Files of Physical Information ObjectsPA-EIC
THREICPHHRKnowledge Search: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectPA-EIC
THREICPHIOKnowledge Search: Instances of Physical Info. ObjectsPA-EIC
THREICCHKFKnowledge Search: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsPA-EIC
THREICLOPRKnowledge Search: Descriptions of Logical Info. ObjectsPA-EIC
THREICLOREKnowledge Search: Attribute Values of Logical Info. ObjectsPA-EIC
THREICLORIKnowledge Search: Outgoing Relations of Log. Info. ObjectsPA-EIC

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SAP E-Recruiting Tables

HRP5115Database Table for Infotype 5115PA-ER
HRP5113Database Table for Infotype 5113PA-ER
HRP5112DB Table for Infotype 5112PA-ER
HRP5111DB Table for Infotype 5111PA-ER
HRP5110DB Table for Infotype 5110PA-ER
HRP5108DB Table for Infotype 5108PA-ER
HRP5107DB Table for Infotype 5107PA-ER
HRP5106DB Table for Infotype 5106PA-ER
HRP5105DB Table for Infotype 5105PA-ER
HRP5104DB Table for Infotype 5104PA-ER

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