SAP Material (PS-MAT) Tables

PSLIReference: Delivery from projectPS-MAT
GRPGVValidity of grouping WBS elements for plant/MRP groupPS-MAT
GRPGAAssignment of WBS elements to MRP WBS elementsPS-MAT
TCNMFMaterial flow in the networkPS-MAT
TCNIPReference field for PDM-PS allocationPS-MAT
TCNIFAssembly item/WBS element assignment BOM transferPS-MAT
RSPSPIndex: Reservations for WBS elements/Sales order itemsPS-MAT
RSDBSIndex of purchasing documents for individual customer stockPS-MAT
RSADDAdditional fields for reservationPS-MAT
PGWILWork item list for static peggingPS-MAT
PEGOBPeg (master data of the CO object)PS-MAT
LFINFDelivery information Project SystemPS-MAT
PEGQTYAssigned quantity of pegging objectsPS-MAT
TCNIFPProfile for BOM transferPS-MAT
TPGPRFProfile for static pegging and data distributionPS-MAT
LFINFXAssignment delivery information to Project System objectsPS-MAT
TCNIPTLanguage-dependent texts for reference fieldPS-MAT
TCNMFTLanguage dependent text table for TCNMFPS-MAT
TCNRFPReference Point for BOM transferPS-MAT
TPGPRFTText table for pegging profilePS-MAT
TCNRFPTLanguage Dependent Description of Reference PointPS-MAT
TCNMMPRProfile for ProMan ExceptionsPS-MAT
RCNIP03Specification of data fields for reference fieldPS-MAT
TCNIFPTLanguage Dependent Text for BOM Transfer ProfilePS-MAT
TCNIP01Control stock/account assignment for interface EBOM/PSPS-MAT
TCNMMPRTLanguage-Dependent Profile DescriptionPS-MAT
TPROMANPRTTexts for ProMan ProfilePS-MAT
TCNMMPR_EKESConfirmation OverviewPS-MAT
TCNMMPR_EKETSchedule Line Overview ExceptionsPS-MAT
TCNMMPR_EKBEPO History Overview ExceptionsPS-MAT
TCNMMPR_DOCSDocument Overview ExceptionsPS-MAT
TCNMMPR_QUANSQuantity Overview ExceptionsPS-MAT
TCNMMPR_DATESScheduling Overview ExceptionsPS-MAT
TCNMMPRT_EKETLanguage-Dependent Exception DescriptionPS-MAT
TCNMMPRT_EKESLanguage-Dependent Exception DescriptionPS-MAT
TCNMMPRT_EKBELanguage-Dependent Exception DescriptionPS-MAT
TCNMMPRT_DOCSLanguage-Dependent Exception DescriptionPS-MAT
TCNMMPRT_DATESLanguage-Dependent Exception DescriptionPS-MAT
TCNMMPRT_QUANSLanguage-Dependent Exception DescriptionPS-MAT
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