SAP Table - PSLI

DescriptionReference: Delivery from project
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryProject System
Sub CategoryMaterial

SAP Material Tables

TCNMMPR_QUANSQuantity Overview ExceptionsPS-MAT
TCNMMPR_EKBEPO History Overview ExceptionsPS-MAT
RSDBSIndex of purchasing documents for individual customer stockPS-MAT
TCNMMPRT_EKBELanguage-Dependent Exception DescriptionPS-MAT
TCNMFTLanguage dependent text table for TCNMFPS-MAT
RSPSPIndex: Reservations for WBS elements/Sales order itemsPS-MAT
TCNMMPRT_DATESLanguage-Dependent Exception DescriptionPS-MAT
LFINFDelivery information Project SystemPS-MAT
TCNMMPRTLanguage-Dependent Profile DescriptionPS-MAT
TCNMMPRT_EKESLanguage-Dependent Exception DescriptionPS-MAT

Full List of SAP Material Tables