SAP Public Sector Management (PSM) Tables

REP_EAPS_DCOCG_CData Connector: Group of Calculation TypesPSM
REP_EAPS_DCOTY_TData Connector: Source Data Type TextPSM
REP_EAPS_DCOTY_CData Connector: Source Data TypePSM
REP_EAPS_DCOST_EData Connector: Source Type Check TablePSM
REP_EAPS_DCORT_TData Connector: Result Type TextPSM
REP_EAPS_DCORT_EData Connector: Result TypePSM
REP_EAPS_DCONO_CData Connector: Nodes of Line DefinitionPSM
REP_EAPS_DCOLN_TData Connector: Layout customizing/Line Definition TextPSM
REP_EAPS_DCOLN_CData Connector: Layout customizing/Line DefinitionPSM
REP_EAPS_DCOID_TData Connector: Report Customizing TextPSM
REP_EAPS_DCOID_CData Connector: Report CustomizingPSM
REP_EAPS_DCOCT_TData Connector: Calculation Type TextPSM
REP_EAPS_DCOCT_CData Connector: Calculation TypePSM
REP_EAPS_DCOCP_CData Connector: Group of Calculation ParametersPSM
REP_EAPS_DCOCG_TData Connector: Group of Calculation Types TextPSM
REP_EAPS_HU_STORPS-HU Reports: Data Storage - Section Field MapPSM
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SAP Funds Management Tables

TBKSSuper regionPSM-FM
FMACAssign Cashier AccountPSM-FM
FMPYIS-PS: Payment TransactionsPSM-FM
T017is being deletedPSM-FM
KNEAAssign Bank Details and Payment Methods to Revenue TypePSM-FM
FMLALayout VariantPSM-FM
FMBHFunds management budget header (entry documents)PSM-FM
FMCJIS-PS: Documents in Cash Desk Subsidiary LedgerPSM-FM
FMBLFunds management budget document lines (entry documents)PSM-FM
TTRCDIntermediate accts and min. balances for cash concentrationPSM-FM

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SAP Functions for U.S. Federal Government Tables

T023NMaximum amountPSM-FG
T023BMinimum &maximum amount of interest penaltiesPSM-FG
T023RPenalty interest rates & validity periodsPSM-FG
T023PMapping of material groups to terms of payment keysPSM-FG
T023GActivate company code dependent U.S. Federal functionalityPSM-FG
T043UNegative grace periodPSM-FG
T023QFast/Accelerated Pay Payment TermPSM-FG
T023CNew document types for Prompt Payment ActPSM-FG
T023UReason codes for interest penaltiesPSM-FG
T023EInvoice line item handling rulesPSM-FG

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SAP Fund Accounting Tables

FMPPFUNDItems for Partial Payment by Fund ProcessPSM-FA
FMCCAVCOObject table 1PSM-FA
FMCCAVCPPlan line items tablePSM-FA
T001B_PSAccount Assignment Objects in General LedgerPSM-FA
FMCCAVCCObject table 2PSM-FA
FMCCAVCAActual line item tablePSM-FA
FMADB_DOCADB: Document GenerationPSM-FA
FMGLFLEXAGeneral Ledger: Actual Line ItemsPSM-FA
FMGLFLEXPGeneral Ledger: Plan Line ItemsPSM-FA

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SAP Expenditure Certification Tables

FMEUFFNSFinancing SourcePSM-EC
FMEUFLNKFinancing Source and Operation LinkPSM-EC
FMEUFINTIntervention in Expenditure CertificationPSM-EC
FMEUFOPHDefine Operation HeaderPSM-EC
FMEUFCERCertification ProcedurePSM-EC
FMEUFCATCertifiable Document TypesPSM-EC
FMEUFAUDAuditing (Operation)PSM-EC
FMEUFOPTDefine Operation Header - Text TablePSM-EC

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