SAP Belgium (PY-BE) Tables

T5B0JUsage for SI Category EmployeePY-BE
T5B94HR legal documents variationsPY-BE
T5B95HR legal documentPY-BE
T5B96Form for legal documentPY-BE
T5B9DTexttable legal document variationPY-BE
T5B9ETexttable legal documentPY-BE
T5BALActivation allowances associated with SI deductionsPY-BE
T5BC0Rail Tariff for Commuting Expenses (B)PY-BE
T5BD8DMFA Service CodesPY-BE
T5BD9DMFA Remuneration CodesPY-BE
T5BDAAdditional Social Insurance ContributionsPY-BE
T5BE1Levels of garnishmentPY-BE
T5BFAAssignment pollution categorie to fuel typePY-BE
T5BFBCO2 coefficient per pollution categoryPY-BE
T5BFCAssignment of Car Models to Fiscal HP (Extension of T5C3)PY-BE
T5BFDCO2 percentages and limits per pollution categoryPY-BE
T5BFPValues for Fiscal Horsepower of Company CarPY-BE
T5BFTFiscal Horsepower Rate per KilometerPY-BE
T5BL0HR-BE : Transparent table for Holiday PayPY-BE
T5BO1Mapping Table Event Type - Reason of EventPY-BE
T5BP1Control of Personal Calendar (B)PY-BE
T5BP2Grace period and regulations (B)PY-BE
T5BP3Responses personnel calendarPY-BE
T5BPCPostal CodesPY-BE
T5BR0Sectors of social risk declarationPY-BE
T5BR1Scenarios of social risk declarationPY-BE
T5BR2Risk identifiers for social risk declarationPY-BE
T5BR3Social Risk CommentsPY-BE
T5BR4Text modifier for Social Risk DeclarationPY-BE
T5BR5Text identification for Social Risk DeclarationPY-BE
T5BR6Form typesPY-BE
T5BS3Employee information except reductions ( level 3 )PY-BE
T5BS4Employee remuneration and absence information ( level 4)PY-BE
T5BSDSI Declaration: directory tablePY-BE
T5BSRReductions for an employee reported on level 3PY-BE
T5BT1Exceptional Tax ScalesPY-BE
T5BT2Exemption for dependent childrenPY-BE
T5BT3Reduction for dependent childrenPY-BE
T5BT7Rules for the BELCOTAX filePY-BE
T5BT8Sheet labels for the BELCOTAX fieldsPY-BE
T5BTHTexttable sheet labels for the BELCOTAX fieldsPY-BE
T5BTMMonthly salaries - deduction in advancePY-BE
T5BTSAdvance deductions for non-resident peoplePY-BE
T5BTXReduction for childrenPY-BE
T5BTYRegular salaries pay scalesPY-BE
T5BTZReduction on taxable base (normal)PY-BE
T5BV1SI rate by contribution partPY-BE
T5BV2Percentages SI-part per category employer/employeePY-BE
T5BV3Total SI per employer/employee categoryPY-BE
T5BV4Factory shutdown fundraising (FFE/FSO)PY-BE
T5BV5Rate for existance insurance fundPY-BE
T5BV6Parts in social insurance contributionPY-BE
T5BV7Rates for wage moderationPY-BE
T5BV8Actives for factory shutdown fund (FFE/FSO)PY-BE
T5BV9Contribution for financing groups with risksPY-BE
T5BVATexttable parts in social insurance contributionPY-BE
T5BVCSpecial contributions SIPY-BE
T5BVESI reductions for low wagesPY-BE
T5BVFReduction for minimum wages (CA 50)PY-BE
T5BVGEmployers SI reduction for the hiring of young workersPY-BE
T5BVHSocial Balance DataPY-BE
T5BVISequence of SI-tape structurePY-BE
T5BVJLevels and legal amounts for SI reductionsPY-BE
T5BVKSocial Balance dataPY-BE
T5BVLAdditional reductions on employer's SI contributionsPY-BE
T5BVMSI special contributions 1996PY-BE
T5BVNSocial Balance: Matching RSZWG (reduction) - SBCOD (code)PY-BE
T5BVOQuarterly control ticket SI declarationPY-BE
T5BVPDefinition of SI periodsPY-BE
T5BVQMaribel reductionPY-BE
T5BVRAdditional reductions on employer's SI contributionsPY-BE
T5BVSSocial insurance tape formatPY-BE
T5BVTLogic of the social security paymentsPY-BE
T5BVULogic of the social security reductionsPY-BE
T5BVVLevel/block sequence of the social insurance declarationPY-BE
T5BVWInternal keys for SI contribution partsPY-BE
T5BVZContribution to factory shutdown fundPY-BE
T5BX2Assign Description text to BELCOTAX form, BOW (Obsolete)PY-BE
T5BX3Assign printout form to fiche/ voucher, BOWPY-BE
T5BX4Belgium tax declaration, assign wages to zonePY-BE
T5BX5Define sections to BELCOTAX forms (Obsolete)PY-BE
T5BX6Assign Description texts to BELCOTAX forms, BOWPY-BE
T5BX7Unit for BELCOTAX forms, BOWPY-BE
T5BX8Define sections to BELCOTAX formsPY-BE
T5BX9Belcotax: Fiche 281.25 mapping Belco Zones to QualificationPY-BE
PA0622HR Master Record: Infotype 0622PY-BE
PA0623HR Master Record: Infotype 0623PY-BE
PA0649HR Master Record: Infotype 0649PY-BE
PB0623HR Master Record: Infotype 0623PY-BE
T5BD8TDMFA Service Codes textsPY-BE
T5BD9TDMFA Remuneration Codes TextsPY-BE
T5BDI0HR-BE: Dimona Central TablePY-BE
T5BFCNFusion Code BelgiumPY-BE
T5BFPTValues for fiscal power of a carPY-BE
T5BPCTPostal Code NamePY-BE
T5BR0TTexts for sector of the social risk declarationPY-BE
T5BR1TTexts for scenario of the social risk declarationPY-BE
T5BR2TTexts for risk identifier of the social risk declarationPY-BE
T5BR4TText modifier for Social Risk DeclarationPY-BE
T5BR5TTexts for Social Risk CommentsPY-BE
T5BRCDSRD - Conditions to assign Nature Day CodePY-BE
T5BSB0HR-BE: Social Balance Historical and External DataPY-BE
T5BSB1HR-Belgium: Social Balance SAP Code AttributesPY-BE
T5BX10HR-Belgium: Belcotax Qualification AttributesPY-BE
T5BX11HR-Belgium: Belcotax Fiche Code ListPY-BE
T5BX12HR-Belgium: Belcotax Qualification Code ListPY-BE
T5BX13HR-Belgium: Belcotax Fields DefinitionPY-BE
T5BX14HR-Belgium: Dismissal Exemption parametersPY-BE
T5BX8TDescription of BELCOTAX form sectionPY-BE
T5BCI10Complementary Indemnity: Debtor Type Code ListPY-BE
T5BCI11Complementary Indemnity: Agreement Type Code ListPY-BE
T5BCI12Complementary Indemnity: CI amount adjustmentPY-BE
T5BCI13Complementary Indemnity: Reason for Incomplete monthPY-BE
T5BCI14Complementary Indemnity: Capitalization code listPY-BE
T5BCI15Complementary Indemnity: Allowance Subgroup Code ListPY-BE
T5BFCNTFusion Code Text TablePY-BE
T5BSB10HR-Belgium: Social Balance SAP Code ListPY-BE
T5BSB11HR-Belgium: Social Balance LEGAL Code ListPY-BE
T5BSB12HR-Belgium: Social Balance Employer Modifier Code ListPY-BE
T5BSB13HR-Belgium: Social Balance Employee Groupoing Code ListPY-BE
T5BX12THR-Belgium: Belcotax Qualification Code List TEXTPY-BE
T5BX13THR-Belgium: Belcotax Fields Definition TEXTPY-BE
T5BCI10TComplementary Indemnity: Debtor Type Code List Text.PY-BE
T5BCI11TComplementary Indemnity: Agreement Type Code List Text.PY-BE
T5BCI12TComplementary Indemnity: Payment adjustment type code list tPY-BE
T5BCI13TComplementary Indemnity: Justification for Incomplete monthPY-BE
T5BCI14TComplementary Indemnity: Payment Type code list text.PY-BE
T5BCI15TComplementary Indemnity: Allowance Subgroup Code List Text.PY-BE
T5BCISICComplementary Indemnity: Social Insurance ContributionsPY-BE
T5BPBS01Description of pay scale rulesPY-BE
T5BPBS02Description of payscale rule JumpsPY-BE
T5BPBS03Check-table for Domain P12P_RANKPY-BE
T5BPBS07Employee's function status (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 197)PY-BE
T5BPBS08Code Article 29 - AR 25/11/91 (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 271)PY-BE
T5BPBS09Grade of EE : security contract (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 320)PY-BE
T5BPBS10Check table for domain P12P_CA_ARTYPEPY-BE
T5BPBS13Link Job <-> Employee function code (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 073)PY-BE
T5BPBS9PInstitutions for Belgian Public SectorPY-BE
T5BSB10THR-Belgium: Social Balance SAP Code TextsPY-BE
T5BSB11THR-Belgium: Social Balance LEGAL Code TextsPY-BE
T5BSB12THR-Belgium: Social Balance Employer Modifier Code List TextsPY-BE
T5BSB13THR-Belgium: Social Balance Employee Modifier Code List TextsPY-BE
T5BX5TXTDescription of BELCOTAX form section (Obsolete)PY-BE
T5BPBS03TText-table associated with T5BPBS03PY-BE
T5BPBS07TEmployee's function status (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 197):textPY-BE
T5BPBS08TCode Article 29 - AR 25/11/91 (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 271):textPY-BE
T5BPBS09TGrade of EE:security contract (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 320):textPY-BE
T5BPBS10TText table for domain P12P_CA_ARTYPEPY-BE
T5BPBS13CEmployee function code (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 073)PY-BE
T5BPBS13TEmployee function code (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 073):textPY-BE
T5BPBS27XOrganisational units and Employee's activity Code (NACE)PY-BE
T5BPBS13GTGrade TextsPY-BE
T5BPBS27XCEmployee's activity Code (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 076)PY-BE
T5BPBS27XDEmployee's activity Code (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 076)PY-BE
T5BPBS27XTEmployee's activity Code (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 076):textPY-BE
T5BPBS27XDTEmployee's activity Code (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 076) DescriptionPY-BE
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