SAP Table - T5B9E

SAP TableT5B9E
DescriptionTexttable legal document
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryBelgium

SAP Belgium Tables

T5BSB1HR-Belgium: Social Balance SAP Code AttributesPY-BE
T5BSB0HR-BE: Social Balance Historical and External DataPY-BE
T5BR5Text identification for Social Risk DeclarationPY-BE
T5BCI10TComplementary Indemnity: Debtor Type Code List Text.PY-BE
T5BL0HR-BE : Transparent table for Holiday PayPY-BE
T5BR1Scenarios of social risk declarationPY-BE
T5BFPValues for Fiscal Horsepower of Company CarPY-BE
T5BV7Rates for wage moderationPY-BE
T5B95HR legal documentPY-BE
T5BX7Unit for BELCOTAX forms, BOWPY-BE

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