SAP Quality Management (QM) Tables

TQ39Dynamic modification criteriaQM
TQSSQM configuration: Client levelQM
TQ29Defaults for target value and tolerances for characteristicsQM
TQ27Table of default values for charac. control indicatorsQM
TQ01QM basis table for transaction-screen controlQM
TQ11Inspector qualificationQM
TQ01BMaterial authorization groups in quality managementQM
TQ29TRM-QSS: Text table for TQ29QM
TQ27TRM-QSS: Text table for TQ27QM
TQ17ULanguage-dependent texts for table TQ17AQM
TQ17ACharacteristic weightingsQM
TQ16TLanguage-dependent short texts for the valuationQM
TQ11TInspector qualification textsQM
TQ01GControl of BAdI Implementation (SAP, Customer)QM
TQ01CTexts for material authorization group in QMQM
TQ01ACUA status and CUA title for QMQM
TQ39ADefinition of dynamic modification levelQM
TQ39LText table for TQ39AQM
TQ39TText table for dynamic modification criteriaQM
TQSS1QM configuration: Plant levelQM
TQSSWWindow coordinates (apart from T185V)QM
TQ80_DSDigital Signature for NotificationsQM
QOD_MAIN_CMain Applications ConfigurationQM
QOD_CONFIGCommon ConfigurationQM
QMDS_REMARKRemark for Digital SignatureQM
QOD_STATUS_CQM Statuses CustomizingQM
ZPH_QMELCONFIBU Pharma - Configuration for notif. digital signatureQM
QOD_STATUS_CTQM Statuses CustomizingQM
QMDS_REMARK_TText Table for Remark for Digital SignatureQM
QOD_ATT_CONFIGAttachment ConfigurationQM
QNOTIF_TASK_DSDigital Signature for Notifications - Task LevelQM
ZPH_ATTR_CASE1Pharman: Medical Engineering Case AttributesQM
ZPH_ENH_SRMT01Change Request PropertiesQM
ZQMEL_EVT_SIGNPH: Event log table for digital signature extensionsQM
MC05QV0UDNSETUPStore BW Reconstruction for MC05QV0UDN (Usage Decision)QM
QNOTIF_HEADER_DSDigital Signature for Notifications - Header LevelQM
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SAP Quality Planning Tables

PLMKInspection plan characteristicsQM-PT
PLMWMAPL-Dependent Charac. Specifications (Inspection Plan)QM-PT
QDFMFunction modules for valuation modeQM-PT
QDFBFunction modules for the individual procedure categoriesQM-PT
QASHQuality control chartQM-PT
QASTControl chart trackQM-PT
QDBMValuation modeQM-PT
QDPSInspection stages for a dynamic modification ruleQM-PT
QDDRDynamic modification rule (header)QM-PT
QDSASampling typeQM-PT

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SAP Quality Inspection Tables

QAESSample unit tableQM-IM
QAKLResults table for value classesQM-IM
QALSInspection lot recordQM-IM
QALTPartial lotQM-IM
QAMBQM: Link Between Inspection Lot and Material DocumentQM-IM
QAMRCharacteristic results during inspection processingQM-IM
QAMVCharacteristic specifications for inspection processingQM-IM
QASVSample specifications for inspection processingQM-IM
QASRSample results for inspection characteristicsQM-IM
QAPPInspection pointQM-IM

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SAP Quality Control Tables

QDPKSampling scheme headerQM-QC
S295BW: Messages HeaderQM-QC
QDQLQuality levelQM-QC
S292BW: Indiv. Recs f. Notif. ItemQM-QC
S290BW: Inspection Lot/Usage Dec.QM-QC
QDPASampling scheme-instructionsQM-QC
S068Vendor statisticsQM-QC
QDPPSampling scheme itemQM-QC
S291BW: Messages HeaderQM-QC
S296BW: Indiv. Recs f. Notif. ItemQM-QC

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SAP Quality Certificates Tables

I000Conditions for certificate profileQM-CA
QCEMMapping of Inspection Characteristic IdentifiersQM-CA
QCEPPartner-Related Settings for Characteristic MappingQM-CA
QCPRQM quality certificates in procurementQM-CA
QCVKCertificate profile headerQM-CA
QCVMCertificate profile characteristic levelQM-CA
TQ64Origin of characteristic short text for certificatesQM-CA
QCVVCertificate Profile: List of Preliminary ProductsQM-CA
TQ61Result value origin for certificatesQM-CA
TQ63Origin of insp. specs for certificates (function modules)QM-CA

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SAP Quality Notifications Tables

TQ81Notification ScenarioQM-QN
TQ82Change of Notification TypeQM-QN
TQ83Partner Functions for CodesQM-QN
TQ85Function table for follow-up functionsQM-QN
TQ8COAssignment of reference orders to notification typeQM-QN
T352CCatalog types for each catalog profileQM-QN
TQ81VUsage of partsQM-QN
TQ85RRules for Follow-Up FunctionsQM-QN
TQ81_TTexts for Notification ScenariosQM-QN
TQ85_TAction box text tableQM-QN

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