SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) Tables

TCMC_PEROTransportation Charge Management Period Role CodeSCM
TCMC_TCETCharge Calculation - Charge Element TypeSCM
TCMC_QTROTransportation Charge Management Quantity Role CodeSCM
TCMC_QTTYTransportation Charge Management Quantity Type CodeSCM
TCMC_TCETTCharge Calculation - Charge Element Type (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_TCCATCharge Calculation - Charge Category CodesSCM
TCM_C_TCETCharge Calculation - Charge Element TypeSCM
TCMC_LOCROTransportation Charge Management Location RolesSCM
TCM_C_TCETTCharge Calculation - Charge Element Type (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_TCCATTCharge Calculation - Charge Category Code (Text Tab.)SCM
TCM_C_TCCATMapping Transportation Charges Elements External/InternalSCM
TCMC_PERO_TTCM Period Role Code (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_QTTY_TTransportation Charge Management Qty Type Code (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_QTRO_TTransportation Charge Management Qty Role Code (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_RATE_TYTransportation Charge Management Rate Type CodeSCM
TCMC_RATE_RCTransportation Charge Management Rate RolesSCM
TCM_PERO_MAPTCM Period Role Code external/internalSCM
TCM_C_TCSCATMapping Transportation Charges Elements External/InternalSCM
TCM_C_TCCATTMapping Transportation Charges Elements (Text table)SCM
TCMC_LOCRO_TTransportation Charge Management Location RolesSCM
TCM_QTRO_MAPTCM Quantity Role Code external/internalSCM
TCMC_CURR_RCTransportation Charge Management Currency RolesSCM
TCM_QTTY_MAPTCM Quantity Type Code external/internalSCM
TCM_CFIR_INTTCM CFIR Type -> Inter-/Intra-CompanySCM
TCMC_BTDTYPETCM usiness Transaction Document Type CodeSCM
TCM_TCET_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements external/internalSCM
TCMC_BTDR_TYTCM Business Transaction Document Relationsship Type CodeSCM
TCMC_BTDR_RCTCM Business Transaction Document Relationsship Role CodeSCM
TCM_C_CURR_RCTransportation Charge Management Currency RolesSCM
TCM_C_TCD_MAPMapping TM Sales Org./Send.Org. Units to Internal Order/CostSCM
TCM_C_SLS_MAPMapping TM Organizational Unit to Sales OrganisationSCM
TCM_C_PUR_MAPMapping TM Organizational Unit to Purchasing OrganisationSCM
TCM_C_CRD_MAPMapping between Credit segment and credit control areaSCM
TCM_C_TCSCATTMapping Transportation Charges Elements (Text table)SCM
TCMC_TCSUBCATCharge Calculation - Charge Sub-Category CodeSCM
TCM_LOCRO_MAPMapping Location Role Codes external/internalSCM
TCMC_PARTY_RCTransportation Charge Management Party RolesSCM
TCM_TCCAT_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements external/internalSCM
TCM_TCETY_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements external/internalSCM
TCM_TC_CE_MAPMapping Charge Elements -> Cost ElementsSCM
ERPTM_IV_DATATM 8.0 TCM-ERP Invoice Integration Data TableSCM
TCM_D_IV_INDEXTM 7.0 TCM-ERP Invoice Integration IndextableSCM
TCM_TC_SRV_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements - ServicesSCM
TCM_C_CURR_RCTTransportation Charge Management Currency Roles (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_AMOUNT_RCTransportation Charge Management Amount RolesSCM
TCMC_TCSUBCATTCharge Calculation - Charge Sub-Category Code (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_CURR_RC_TTransportation Charge Management Currency Roles (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_RATE_RC_TTransportation Charge Management Rate Roles (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_RATE_TY_TTransportation Charge Management Rate Type Code (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_BTD_ITMTYTCM Business Transaction Document Item Type CodeSCM
TCMC_BTDTYPE_TTransportation Charge Management for BTD Type (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_BTDR_TY_TTCM BTD Relationship Type Code (Text Tab.)SCM
TCM_C_COND_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements - ConditionsSCM
TCMC_BTDR_RC_TTCM BTD Relationship Role Code (Text Tab.)SCM
TCM_RATE_TY_MAPMapping Rate Type Codes external/internalSCM
TCM_PUR_ORG_MAPMapping TCM Organizational unit to purchasing organisationSCM
TCMC_PARTY_RC_TTransportation Charge Management Party Roles (Text Tab.)SCM
TCM_ORG_SLS_MAPMapping TCM Organizational unit to sales organisationSCM
TCM_ORG_PUR_MAPMapping TCM Organizational unit to purchasing organisationSCM
TCM_ORG_INO_MAPMapping TCM Organizational Units -> Account Assignment objSCM
TCM_C_AMOUNT_RCTransportation Charge Management Amount Role CodeSCM
TCM_RATE_RC_MAPMapping Rate Role Codes external/internalSCM
TCM_D_IV_SELOPTIV: Selection TM Transportation Service ProviderSCM
TCM_TC_COND_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements - ConditionsSCM
TCM_SLS_ORG_MAPMapping TCM Organizational unit to sales organisationSCM
TCM_CURR_RC_MAPMapping Party Role Codes external/internalSCM
TCM_BTDR_RC_MAPMapping BTD Relationship Role Codes external/internalSCM
TCM_BTDR_TY_MAPMapping BTD Relationship Type Codes external/internalSCM
TCM_C_TCCAT_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements External/InternalSCM
TCM_TCSUBCAT_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements external/internalSCM
TCMC_AMOUNT_RC_TTransportation Charge Management Amount Roles (Text Tab.)SCM
TCMC_BTD_ITMTY_TTCM Business Transaction Document Item Type Code (Text Tab.)SCM
TCM_PARTY_RC_MAPMapping Party Role Codes external/internalSCM
TCM_D_TC_SRV_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements - ServicesSCM
TCM_D_SALES_DATATM XML data for ERP Invoice Print PreviewSCM
TCM_C_TCSCAT_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements External/InternalSCM
TCM_AMOUNTRC_MAPMapping Party Role Codes external/internalSCM
TCM_C_TCETYP_MAPMapping Transportation Charges Elements External/InternalSCM
TCM_C_TCD_PURMAPMapping TM Purch.Org./Rec.Org. Units to Internal Order/CostSCM
TCM_BTD_ITTY_MAPMapping BTD Item Role Codes external/internalSCM
TCM_BTD_TYPE_MAPMapping BTD Type Codes external/internalSCM
TCM_C_SLS_RC_MAPMapping TM credit memo reason code to order reason codeSCM
TCM_C_AMOUNT_RCTTransportation Management Amount Roles (Text Tab.)SCM
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SAP SCM Basis Tables

CPV_MPVUsed production version for Multiple PVSCM-BAS
CPVINFRPurchasing info record and production version assignmentSCM-BAS
APODELTAATP: POSGUID Copied to a Second R/3 SystemSCM-BAS
CIF_IMODBasis Table of Integration Model for APO InterfaceSCM-BAS
CIFPOMAPMapping Table NR/POS/ET <-> APO GUID (Purch. Ord. Docs)SCM-BAS
CIFRVMAPMapping Table NR/POS/ET <-> APO GUID (Sales Orders)SCM-BAS
CIF_IMPOIntegration Model Reference Table for OrdersSCM-BAS
CIF_IMAXMaximum Vectors for Target System and Publishing TypeSCM-BAS
CAVEIBDOCCAVE: Inbound Document ProcessingSCM-BAS
CIFBALSELApplication Log: CIF Extension for Log SelectionSCM-BAS

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