SAP Foreign Trade (SD-FT) Tables

A121Legal Control: Values for Calculating Foreign PercentageSD-FT
A300Statistical Value of Subcontracting ComponentsSD-FT
A301Info Record Type and IncotermsSD-FT
A310Duty Rate Customs Exemption: Importing Ctry/Code/MaterialSD-FT
A315Cust.Duty Anti-dumping: Import/Code/Orig.ctry/Manu./Exp./MatSD-FT
A316Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Anti-d. CodeSD-FT
A317Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Cntry/Code Number/Cntry of Orig.SD-FT
A320Third country Duties: Import ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctrySD-FT
A321Third Country Duty Rate: Import Country/CodeSD-FT
A325Duties Pharma. Products: Import country/Code/CAS/MaterialSD-FT
A326Pharm. Products Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Pharma. CodeSD-FT
A330Preferential Cust.Duties: Imp.ctry/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry/MatlSD-FT
A331Preference Duty Rate: Import Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/PreferenceSD-FT
A335Quota Duty Rate: Imp.ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Proc./Mat/QuotaSD-FT
A336Quota Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Orig.Ctry/Quota NumberSD-FT
A340Foreign Trade: CAP: Restitution ratesSD-FT
A345Ceiling Duty Rate: Import Country/Orig.Country/Ceiling No.SD-FT
AKKBDocumentary Payment Guarantee: Financial Doc. - Bank DataSD-FT
AKKDDocumentary Paym. Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master-Export Doc.DataSD-FT
AKKPDocumentary Payment Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master - Header DataSD-FT
CONUForeign Trade: Duty Rate Numbers and Commodity CodesSD-FT
ECCNLegal Control: Foreign PercentagesSD-FT
EIEIForeign Trade: Export/Import Communication DataSD-FT
EIKPForeign Trade: Export/Import Header DataSD-FT
EIPOForeign Trade: Export/Import: Item DataSD-FT
EIUVForeign Trade: Incompletion Log for Foreign Trade DataSD-FT
EIZOFT: Exp/Imp ident. of goods, pres. of goods for cust.declar.SD-FT
EMBKLegal Control: License Master - Header DataSD-FT
FSLSForeign Trade: Legal Control-Sanctioned Party List-MasterSD-FT
KNEXCustomer Master: Legal Control - Sanctioned Party ListSD-FT
LFEIVendor Master: Preference for Import and ExportSD-FT
MAFUForeign Trade: Additional Information for Material/Code No.SD-FT
MAZOForeign Trade: Customs Law DescriptionSD-FT
T604Foreign Trade: Commodity Code / Import Code NumberSD-FT
T605Foreign Trade: Business Transaction TypeSD-FT
T606Legal Control: License TypesSD-FT
T608Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Type of CheckSD-FT
T615Foreign Trade: Customs OfficesSD-FT
T616Foreign Trade: ProcedureSD-FT
T617Foreign Trade: Proposal for Foreign Trade Header DataSD-FT
T618Foreign Trade: Modes of TransportSD-FT
TVFMForeign Trade: Material Pricing Groups in ExportSD-FT
VBEXSD Document: Export Control: Data at Item LevelSD-FT
VBKKSD Doc.Export Letter of CreditSD-FT
FSLSAForeign Trade: Legal Control-Sanctioned Party List-AddressSD-FT
FSLSIForeign Trade: Legal Control - Sanct. Party List - IndicesSD-FT
FSLSNForeign Trade: Legal Control - Sanctioned Party List - NamesSD-FT
FSLSTForeign Trade: Legal Control - SLS - Audit TrailSD-FT
FSLSWForeign Trade: Legal Control - Sanct. Party List - KeywordSD-FT
FTGKLLegal Control: Log (Up-to-Date)SD-FT
FTULOForeign Trade: Work Table for UPLOAD of Foreign Trade DataSD-FT
FTUSEForeign Trade: Control Table: User-dependent SettingsSD-FT
T604APreference: Tariff alternationSD-FT
T604BPreference: Preference Zone DescriptionSD-FT
T604CPreference: Preference Procedure CodeSD-FT
T604DPreference: Description of Preference Procedure CodeSD-FT
T604FImport Processing: Control CodeSD-FT
T604GPreference: Preference ZoneSD-FT
T604IInput Table for Collective Calculation for Goods OriginSD-FT
T604LForeign Trade: Preference: Single-plant control data VDSD-FT
T604NImport Processing: Control Code DescriptionSD-FT
T604OForeign Trade: Sections With Regard to Customs Law - Descr.SD-FT
T604PPreference: Preference Zone/RuleSD-FT
T604RPreference: Preference Rule / PercentagesSD-FT
T604SPreference: Determine Preference Zone in ExportSD-FT
T604TForeign Trade: Commodity Code/Import Code No. DescriptionSD-FT
T604UForeign Trade: Convert Commodity Code/Import Code No.SD-FT
T604VPreference: Preference Determination / ProcedureSD-FT
T604WForeign Trade: Sections With Regard to Customs LawSD-FT
T604XPreference: Procedure - DescriptionSD-FT
T604YForeign Trade: Sections/Chapters With Regard to Customs LawSD-FT
T604ZForeign Trade: Chapter - DescriptionsSD-FT
T605KForeign Trade: Bus. Transaction Type - Procedure CombinationSD-FT
T605TForeign Trade: Business Transaction Type - DescriptionsSD-FT
T605UForeign Trade: Convert Export/Import Bus. Trans. TypeSD-FT
T605ZForeign Trade: Proposal for Bus. Transaction Type in ExportSD-FT
T606ALegal Control: Departure Country / Legal RegulationsSD-FT
T606BLegal Control: Grouping MaterialsSD-FT
T606CLegal Control: Import code numbers for licenseSD-FT
T606DLegal Control: Special Characteristic Code for GoodsSD-FT
T606ELegal Control: Grouping Destination CountriesSD-FT
T606GLegal Control: Legal RegulationsSD-FT
T606HLegal Control: Export Control ClassesSD-FT
T606ILegal Control: Export Control Class / GroupingSD-FT
T606KLegal Control: Control Situation of Dest.Ctry.SD-FT
T606LLegal Control: Country Classification by Destination CtrySD-FT
T606MLegal Control: Product Classification by Destinat. CtrySD-FT
T606NLegal Control: Product Classification by Country GroupingSD-FT
T606OLegal Control: Embargo - Dependent on Departure CountrySD-FT
T606PLegal Control: Grouping PartnersSD-FT
T606RLegal Control: Legal Regulation DescriptionsSD-FT
T606SLegal Control: Grouping of Dest. Countries - DescriptionsSD-FT
T606TLegal Control: License Type DescriptionsSD-FT
T606ULegal Control: Grouping DescriptionsSD-FT
T606VLegal Control: Export Control Class DescriptionsSD-FT
T606WLegal Control: Materials for licenseSD-FT
T606XLegal Control: Destination Countries for LicenseSD-FT
T606YLegal Control: Export Control Classes for LicenseSD-FT
T606ZLegal Control: Partners - Customers for LicenseSD-FT
T607ADocumentary Payments: Financial Document TypeSD-FT
T607BDocumentary Payments: Bank FunctionsSD-FT
T607DDocumentary Payments: Documents to be PresentedSD-FT
T607EDocumentary Payments: Control Documents per IndicatorSD-FT
T607FDocumentary Payments: Indicators - Field Ctrl/Doc.CheckSD-FT
T607GDocumentary Payments: Reasons for ChangeSD-FT
T607IDocumentary Payments: Financial Document ControlSD-FT
T607KDocumentary Payments: Bank IndicatorsSD-FT
T607SDocumentary Payments: Fld Ctrl for Banks in Financial Doc.SD-FT
T608ALegal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - AliasesSD-FT
T608DLegal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists: DelimiterSD-FT
T608ELegal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Exclusion TextsSD-FT
T608LLegal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - List TypeSD-FT
T608NLegal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists: NormalizationsSD-FT
T608PLegal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists: Phonetic SearchSD-FT
T608RLegal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Reference TypeSD-FT
T608TLegal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Type of CheckSD-FT
T609AForeign Trade: Declarations to Authorities - Exclusion Ind.SD-FT
T609BFT: Incompleteness: Doc.Pric.Procedure - Header and ItemSD-FT
T609FForeign Trade: Incompletion Procedure - Document FieldsSD-FT
T609GForeign Trade: PRODCOM/GP Number (Production Statistics)SD-FT
T609IForeign Trade: Declarations to Auth.: Control/IncompletenessSD-FT
T609LForeign Trade: Incompleteness: Country procedureSD-FT
T609PForeign Trade: Communication: Control Printing of FT DocsSD-FT
T609RForeign Trade: Export/Import Conversion - Reference CountrySD-FT
T609SForeign Trade: Control Export/Import Data in SD/MM DocumentSD-FT
T609VForeign Trade: Incompletion Procedures for Document DataSD-FT
T610AImport Processing: Anti-dumping CodeSD-FT
T610BForeign Trade: Customs Approval NumbersSD-FT
T610CImport Processing: CAS Number for Pharmaceutical ProductsSD-FT
T610DImport Processing: Pharmaceutical Products CodeSD-FT
T610KImport Processing: Customs Quota CodesSD-FT
T610OForeign Trade: AuthoritiesSD-FT
T610RImport Processing: Reference CountriesSD-FT
T610UForeign Trade: Upload: Duty Rate Types, Legal RegulationsSD-FT
T610WForeign Trade: Customs Approval Numbers per PlantSD-FT
T610ZForeign Trade: Customs Identification Nos - Vendor/CustomerSD-FT
T612AForeign Trade/Customs: Electronic Procedure: Duty TypesSD-FT
T612BFT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Type of means of transportSD-FT
T612GForeign Trade/Customs: Electr. procedures: Duty type group.SD-FT
T612KFT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Duty Type - Condition typeSD-FT
T612NFT/Customs: Electr. procedures: Type of identity of goodsSD-FT
T612PFT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Type of Shipping UnitSD-FT
T612SForeign Trade/Customs: Electr. Procedure: StatusSD-FT
T612VForeign Trade/Customs: Electr. ProcedureSD-FT
T615TForeign Trade: Customs Offices - DescriptionsSD-FT
T615UForeign Trade: Import/Export Customs Office ConversionSD-FT
T616TForeign Trade: Procedures - DescriptionsSD-FT
T616UForeign Trade: Import/Export Procedure ConversionSD-FT
T616ZForeign Trade: Proposal for Procedure in ExportSD-FT
T618GEU Market: EU Market Products GroupSD-FT
T618KForeign Trade: Valid Comb. f. Mode of Transp./Customs OfficeSD-FT
T618MCAP: Number of CAP products listSD-FT
T618OEU Market: Market organizationsSD-FT
T618TForeign Trade: Mode of Transport DescriptionsSD-FT
T618UForeign Trade: Conversion of Import/Export Mode of TransportSD-FT
T618WEU Market: Market Organization NumberSD-FT
TVFMTForeign Trade: Mat. Pricing Groups in Export - DescriptionsSD-FT
FSLSTAForeign Trade: Legal Control - SLS - Audit TrailSD-FT
FSLSWCFT: Legal Control: Sanct. Party List - Collected Key WordsSD-FT
FTCOMTForeign Trade: Communication: Audit table for FT documentsSD-FT
FTGKLALegal Control: Log (Prestep for Archiving)SD-FT
FTUSESForeign Trade: Control table: User settingsSD-FT
MAPEWGMaterial master: Preference determination: Cross-plantSD-FT
T604WGPreference determination: Cross-plant groupingSD-FT
T606ASLegal Control: Export Control Class - Commodity CodeSD-FT
T606DTLegal Control: Special Char. Code for Goods - DescriptionSD-FT
T606PGLegal Control: Partner Functions for Grouping PartnersSD-FT
T606PTLegal Control: Grouping Partners - DescriptionsSD-FT
T606ZKLegal Control: Partners - Vendors LicenseSD-FT
T607ATDocumentary Payments: Financial Document Type DescriptionsSD-FT
T607BTDocumentary Payments: Bank Function DescriptionsSD-FT
T607DTDocumentary Payments: Descr. for Documents to be PresentedSD-FT
T607FTDoc. Payments: Indicators: Field Ctrl/Doc.Check-DescriptionsSD-FT
T607GTDocumentary Payments: Reasons for Change - DescriptionsSD-FT
T607KTDocumentary Payments: Bank Function ID DescriptionsSD-FT
T608LTLegal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - List Type Descript.SD-FT
T608RTLegal Control: Sanct. Party Lists - Reference Type - Descr.SD-FT
T609ATForeign Trade: Decl. to Auth.: Exclusion Ind. - DescriptionsSD-FT
T609BTFT: Incompl.: Doc.Pric.Proced. - Header and Item - Descript.SD-FT
T609GPForeign Trade: PRODCOM/GP Number (Prod.Stat.) - DescriptionsSD-FT
T609IIFT: Declara. to auth.: Special rules country/regionSD-FT
T609ISForeign Trade: Declarations to Auth.: Data Selection ControlSD-FT
T609LTForeign Trade: Incompleteness: Country proced. - Descript.SD-FT
T609POFT: Communication: Assignment form fields - CharacteristicsSD-FT
T609PPFT: Communication: Control Change of FT documentsSD-FT
T609UKForeign Trade: Incompleteness: Combination WR - L - L - BSD-FT
T609VTForeign Trade: Incompletion Procedures in Docs - Descript.SD-FT
T610ATImport Processing: Anti-dumping Code DescriptionsSD-FT
T610BTForeign Trade: Customs Approval Number DescriptionsSD-FT
T610CTImport Processing: CAS No. for Pharmaceut.Products - Descr.SD-FT
T610DTImport Processing: Pharmaceutical Products Code DescriptionsSD-FT
T610FAImport Processing: Anti-dumping Code DeterminationSD-FT
T610FDImport Processing: Pharmaceut. Products Code DeterminationSD-FT
T610FEImport Processing: Import Verification Doc. DeterminationSD-FT
T610FKImport Processing: Customs Quota Code DeterminationSD-FT
T610FLImport Processing: Third-country Duty Rate DeterminationSD-FT
T610FPImport Processing: Preferential Duty Rate DeterminationSD-FT
T610FSImport Processing: Customs Exemption DeterminationSD-FT
T610KPForeign Trade: Import Processing: Quota or Ceiling NumberSD-FT
T610KTImport Processing: Customs Quota Code DescriptionsSD-FT
T610LGForeign Trade: Country Groups for Import ProcessingSD-FT
T610NAImport Processing: Verification DocumentsSD-FT
T610OTForeign Trade: Authorities - DescriptionsSD-FT
T610PAForeign Trade: Preference TypeSD-FT
T610VAForeign Trade: Preliminary Import Docs / Export DocsSD-FT
T612ATFT/Customs: Elect. Procedure: Duty Type - Means of TransportSD-FT
T612BTFT/Customs: Elect. Procedure: Type of Means of Transport - DSD-FT
T612GTForeign Trade/Customs: Electr. procedures: Duty type group.SD-FT
T612NTFT/Customs: Electr. Proced.: Type of ident. of goods - descrSD-FT
T612PTFT/Customs: Electr. procedure: Shp. unit type - DescriptionSD-FT
T612STFT/Customs: Electr. procedure: Status - DescriptionSD-FT
T612VTFT/Customs: Electr. procedure - DescriptionSD-FT
T618EMBOM of CAP material componentsSD-FT
T618GTEU Market: EU Market Products Group - DescriptionsSD-FT
T618MECAP-relevant material componentsSD-FT
T618MSComponents of EU Market ProductsSD-FT
T618MTEU Market: EU Market Products List No. - DescriptionsSD-FT
T618OTEU Market: Market Organization DescriptionsSD-FT
T618WTEU Market: Market Organization Number - DescriptionsSD-FT
FSLSDKWForeign Trade: Legal Control: SLS: Keywords from AddressesSD-FT
FTGOVPAForeign Trade: Periodic DeclarationsSD-FT
T604STWForeign Trade: Keywords for commodity codesSD-FT
T604WGGPreference determination: Assignment of plantsSD-FT
T604WGTPreference determination: Cross-plant grouping - DescriptionSD-FT
T609PPTForeign Trade: Communication: Characteristics textsSD-FT
T610KPTForeign Trade: Import Processing: Quota or Ceiling NumberSD-FT
T610LGTForeign Trade: Country Groups for Import Processing - Descr.SD-FT
T610LGZForeign Trade: Assignment of Countries to Country GroupsSD-FT
T610NATImport Processing: Verification Document DescriptionsSD-FT
T610PATForeign Trade: Preference Type - DescriptionSD-FT
T610VATForeign Trade: Preliminary Imp. Docs/Exp.Docs - DescriptionsSD-FT
T618METMaterial Component Texts (EU Market Products)SD-FT
MMPREF_PRO_01Logging table for archiving object MMPREFSD-FT
MMPREF_PRO_02Log table - Main component - InformationSD-FT
MMPREF_PRO_03Log table - Component - InformationSD-FT
MMPREK_PRO_01Log table for archiving object MMPREKSD-FT
MMPREK_PRO_02Log table - Main component - InformationSD-FT
MMPREK_PRO_03Log table - Component - InformationSD-FT
MMPREW_PRO_01Log table for archiving object MMPREWSD-FT
MMPREW_PRO_02Preference CPG: Log main component - InformationSD-FT
MMPREW_PRO_03Preference CPG: Log components - InformationSD-FT
MMPREF_PRO_IDXArchiving object MM_PREF customs logs - Index tableSD-FT
MMPREW_PRO_IDXArchiving object MM_PREW customs logs - Index tableSD-FT
MMPREF_PRO_01_BLog table - Preference - Information from rulesSD-FT
MMPREK_PRO_01_BLog table - Preference - Info from ruleSD-FT
MMPREW_PRO_01_BPreference CPG: Log - Information from ruleSD-FT
T604_PREF_MTARTPreference: Material Exemption ParametersSD-FT
T604_PREF_PARAMPreference: Preference determination parametersSD-FT
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