SAP Service (SV) Tables

DVS1PHFKW: Physical Information Object FilesSV
DVS1CHKFKW: File Name of Last Check-outSV
DVS1PHREKW: Outgoing Links of Physical Information ObjectsSV
DVS1PHPRKW: Physical Information Object AttributesSV
DVS1PHNMKW: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsSV
DVS1PHIOKW: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsSV
DVS1PHHRKW: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsSV
DVS1PHRIKW: Incoming Links of Physical Information ObjectsSV
DVS1NODENode Table for General Structure StorageSV
DVS1LORIKW: Incoming Links of Physical Information ObjectsSV
DVS1LOREKEN: Outgoing Links of Logical Information ObjectsSV
DVS1LOPRKEN: Attributes of Logical Information ObjectsSV
DVS1LOIOKEN: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsSV
DVS1CHKOKW: Physical Information Object Check-out DataSV
DVS1NODETGeneral Structure Storage Node NamesSV
DVS1LOIOTKEN: Description of Logical Information ObjectsSV
DVS1NODERGeneral Structure Storage ReferencesSV
DVS1IDXSTASDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB1SV
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SAP ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Tables

SMAPBP0Solution Map: Best PracticeSV-ASA
SIAROLRASAP Role for SAP Review ProgramSV-ASA
SMAPPI0Solution Map: Performance Indicator (Header)SV-ASA
SMAPPD0Solution Map: Product informationSV-ASA
SMAPPR0Solution Map: Process category, main process, processSV-ASA
SIAROLEIA: Role for RoadmapSV-ASA
SMAPPA0Solution Map: Partner productSV-ASA
SQACITFCI template project to filter assignmentSV-ASA

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SAP Solution Manager Tables

SDTSHDDTS: Downtime Schedule HeaderSV-SMG
SMDPHFPhysical Info Object file tableSV-SMG
IDEFIXCluster Table for Automatic Notes SearchSV-SMG
BDLIBUSDefinition of IBU namesSV-SMG
BDLHEADNachbau: DSVAS: Session data (header)SV-SMG
BDLCUSTCustomizing information for service data downloadSV-SMG
BDLDESTList of RFC destinations to which data should be sentSV-SMG
BDLSESSService session schedule for the system the table is inSV-SMG
BDLCOESDefinition of COE names for authority checkSV-SMG
CMOJOBSBDL: Planned Jobs to be analyzedSV-SMG

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