SAP Treasury (TR) Tables

TZAFProduct categoriesTR
TZ21Control of cost elements for BAV statementsTR
TZ19Asset type in acc. with BAV PRF3 and PRF8, sub-section 7TR
TZ18Appendix group R11/76, appendix 1-5 and R2/87, append. 1-2TR
TZ17Asset group C11/76 Asset 6 (Annual stock overview)TR
TZ16BAV asset group stmt 201TR
TZ15BAV asset group stmt 102TR
TZ14BAV asset group stmt 101TR
TZ13Tax office stock indicatorTR
TZ12Changes in net assetsTR
TZ11Stock indicatorTR
TZ10Customer application typeTR
TZ02Legal entityTR
TZ24Relationship key contracting party classificationTR
TZ25Regulatory reporting list controlTR
TZ45Headings for BAV ListsTR
TZ40Customizing regulatory reporting field control for contractTR
TZ39Indicator for circular R5/97 appendix 10TR
TZ38Indicator for circular R5/97 appendix 8TR
TZ37Indicator for circular R5/97 appendix 5TR
TZ36Check table for R5/97 appendix 3/4TR
TZ32BAV asset group stmt 102TR
TZ30Premium reserve fund listTR
TZ29BAV asset group stmt 600TR
TZ28Asset Type According to Regulatory Accounting RequirementsTR
TZ27Allocation: Valuation area for internal stock indicatorTR
TZ01Table for maintenance of ratingsTR
TD05Target group tableTR
TD21Reasons for generating incoming payments immediatelyTR
TW14Table for storing offer reasonsTR
TW12BAV asset group 501TR
TW01Classification of bondsTR
TW11Balance sheet indicatorTR
TW02Type of shareholdingTR
TW03Details about structure of shareholdingTR
TW04Legal form (Plc, Corp, Ltd...)TR
TW05Insurance branchTR
TW06BAV group 4/77 appendix 8TR
TW07SCB groupTR
TW09Premium reserve fund listTR
TW15Reference between product type and repayment typeTR
TW18Customizing table for SCB indicatorTR
TDB1Flow types for incoming payment rejectionsTR
TWX2Sec.-index class dataTR
TWX1Class data sec. index numbersTR
TDO9Heritable Building Right Indicator for Collateral ObjectsTR
TDZWIS-IS: Payment terms with adjustment daysTR
TW56Security price typeTR
TW55Price markdownsTR
TW54Price notationsTR
TW53Listing keyTR
TW21Funds categoryTR
TZ22Asset classes relationship table -- BAV- Sub-sectionTR
TW20Security categoryTR
TW08Fin.acctng groupTR
TZD1Value table for intra-entity loan groupsTR
AT15Treasury: Foreign exchange swap ratesTR
TW16References between product type and security classificationTR
TW50Table for possible deposit typesTR
TZBZCompany code: Additional dataTR
TZRIInternal role of partnerTR
TZKVCorrespondence activitiesTR
TZRGGrouping of external roles (in application)TR
TZPAFinancial Assets Management Product TypesTR
TZFBCalculation base value tableTR
AT32Control indicators for financial mathematic calculationsTR
TZR3Application area / external role allocationTR
TZREExternal roleTR
TW55TPrice markdowns - Text tableTR
TZUNICurrency unitsTR
TW54TPrice notations - Text tableTR
TZUSAPrice notationsTR
TW53TListing key - Text tableTR
TZV01Form-of-Address KeyTR
TZPZZPartner and address management installation parametersTR
TW50TTable for possible deposit types TEXTTR
TXV11Translation table for partner-partner relationshipTR
TW56TSecurity price type - Text tableTR
TWBBBAllocation of program-internal flow typesTR
TZZKDIS-IS: Business trans./Role alloc. --> Doc.categoryTR
TXV01Forms of address key translationsTR
TZRETExternal roles (Texts)TR
TXV03Translation table for virt. object categoriesTR
TWX1TClass data sec. index namesTR
TZRGTGrouping of external roles (Texts)TR
TXV10Translation table for address categoryTR
TWH01Stock exchange tableTR
TZRITPartner internal role (Texts)TR
TXV02Translation for saluation keyTR
MDUWRMarket Data: Assign New Key for Securities/Key 1TR
TZV11Relationship category of partner-partner relationshipTR
TZV13Search and replace strings for phonetic partner searchTR
TW10TSubsection textsTR
TZV15Key for information in acc. with §18 German banking actTR
TW10BRelationship table TW10 - RANTYPTR
TZV37Activities and their internal status areaTR
TZW01Resubmission periods (Deadline reminder)TR
TW09TPremium reserve fund (Text)TR
TW09BRelationship table TW09 - RANTYPTR
VZGPOPartner/role object relationshipTR
TZV0FInternal position/employee group text tableTR
TW11TBalance sheet indicator (Text)TR
TZV0DTexts for keys of partner share typesTR
TZV02Salutation keyTR
TZV03Object categ.for objects which addresses can be assigned toTR
TW20TSecurity category (text)TR
TZV04Key for partner share types in objectsTR
TW18TText table for TW18 SCB indicatorsTR
TZV06Internal position/employee groupTR
TZT15Info. in acc.with §18 German banking act (Texts)TR
TZV07Alloc.of application/role category/dunning parametersTR
TW14TTable for storing offer reasons (text)TR
TZV09Relationship - Reference relationship linkTR
TW12TBAV group 501 (Text)TR
TW21TFund category (text)TR
TZ01TTable for the maintenance of ratings (Text)TR
TZB0GTexts for relationship indicatorsTR
TZ37TText table provision of security according to app. 5 R5/97TR
TZBRAName of grouping table R11/76 app.4 - Contract.partyTR
TZ36TText table for indicator appendix 3/4 circular R5/97TR
TZ32TBAV asset group stmt 102 / TextTR
TZC37Financial Assets Management status definitionTR
TZ31TSubsection / TextTR
TZ30TPremium reserve fund list number / TextTR
TZD0BDarwin: Customer default values per for KNB1TR
TZ29TBAV asset group stmt 600 / TextTR
TZ29PCheck table for indicator SNW600TR
TZB0HTexts for posting control indicatorTR
TZBPVControl table for CH regulatory reporting (BPV)TR
TZ38TText table for indicator reason for message appendix 8 R5/97TR
TZBBBAllocation of program-internal flow typesTR
TZB0ADefinition of flow typesTR
TZB09Posting control tableTR
TZB07Flow types relationship keyTR
TZB06Table of relationships between flow types (ref. flow types)TR
TZB03Flow categoriesTR
TZAFTProduct categories textTR
TZB0IFlow type groups text tableTR
TZB0TFlow types text tableTR
TZB10Flow type groups check tableTR
TZ39TText table indicator appendix 10 R5/97 mix typeTR
TZ39BRelationship table indicator R5/97 append. 10 for prod. cat.TR
TZ28TAsset Type in acc. with Reg.Acctng Requirements / TextTR
TZD1TText table for table TZD1TR
TZD37Texts for TZC37TR
TZK0GTexts for condition type-dependent detailed descriptionTR
TZ14TBAV asset group stmt 101 (Text)TR
TZ13TTax office indicator (Text)TR
TZKVTCorrespondence activities (texts)TR
TZ12TChanges in net assets (Text)TR
TZM37Transition matrix of internal statusTR
TZ11TStock indicator (Text)TR
TZ10TCustomer application type (text)TR
TZPABFinancial Assets Management product typesTR
TZ02TLegal Entity (Text)TR
TZ02BRelationship table for contracting party classificationTR
TZ15TBAV asset group stmt 102 (Text)TR
TZK0DCondition groups: Texts (language-dependent)TR
TZ16TBAV asset group stmt 201 (Text)TR
TZ25TIndicator for list selectionTR
TZ24TRelationship key contracting party classification (Text)TR
TZFBTText table for TZFB Calculation baseTR
TTMRBAdministration of Risk Management areas (indep. of client)TR
TZK04Condition GroupsTR
TZ19TAsset type in acc.with BAV PRF3 and PRF8, sub-sect. 7 (Text)TR
TZK05Allocation: Calculation type - KOPO fieldsTR
TZ18TAsset group R11/76, append.1-2 and R2/87 append.1-2 (text)TR
TZK07Condition type-dependent detailed description skopoTR
TZ17TAsset group R11/76, appendix 6 (Text)TR
TZK08Allocation: Calculation type - KOPO fieldsTR
TZPATFinancial Assets Management product type textsTR
TW08TFin. acctng group (Text)TR
JBD1TYield Curve Types (Texts)TR
SANO1Address-object relationshipTR
SANS1Address tableTR
ATVO2Descriptions of Volatility TypesTR
SPBB1Partner-Bank relationshipTR
SPKR1Partner-Vendor relationshipTR
T037RTexts for T037STR
T037SAccount Assignment References acc. to Transaction TypeTR
T068AExchange rate indicatorsTR
T068BText table for T068ATR
AT56RSupplements to Analysis System for Table T056RTR
ATCVOExchange Rate VolatilitiesTR
ATIVOReference interest rate volatilitiesTR
TCURBExchange Rate Calculation IndicatorTR
TD05TTexts for table TD05 target groupsTR
ATKO1Correlation TypeTR
FLQQRLiquidity Calculation - QueriesTR
OICQTQuotation TypeTR
JBD15Yield Curve Types (Values)TR
MDUBSMarket Data: Conversion: Basis Spread: Quotation TypeTR
JBD14Yield Curve Types (Header Information)TR
JBD11IS-B: Extended interest rate tableTR
MDUCRMkt Data: Assign New Key for Curr. SymbolsTR
MDUCVMkt Data: Assign New Key for Curr.TypeTR
MDUHRMarket Data: Assign New Keys for Stock ExchangesTR
MDUIVMkt Data:Ass.New Key for Index TypeTR
MDURRMkt Data: Assign New Key for Ref. Interest Rate NameTR
MDUVVMkt Data: Assign New Key for Volatil. TypeTR
MDUWVMkt Data: Assign New Key for Sec. Price TypeTR
OICQCQuotation Check TableTR
OICQPQuotation Price Information TableTR
OICQSQuotation SourceTR
MDUIRMarket Data: Assign New Key for Index NameTR
TD21TReasons for generating incom.pmnts immed. (texts)TR
TDBBBAllocation of program-internal flow typesTR
ATPRATreasury: Clearing Account for Payment RequestsTR
ATXKOCorrelations from Abstract InstrumentsTR
ATWVOSecurity price volatilitiesTR
ATVO5Volatilities - Flow DataTR
TTCPOPrint parameters for each sub-applicationTR
ATVO4Volatilities - Master DataTR
TW02TText table for TW02 (Type of investment)TR
TTMRSBasis field catalog Risk Management (fixed fields)TR
ATVO3Statistics Type for Parameterizing Estimation FunctionsTR
TW01TText table for TW01 (Classification of bonds)TR
TTXADUser data fields per documentTR
TTXBFCorrespondence Interface: Definition of Letter CategoriesTR
TVZ05Inc. Pmnts: Editing per Activity Type (Loans, Real Estate)TR
TTXBSCorresp.interface: Letter-module relationshipTR
TTXSADARWIN text interface: Document groupsTR
TTXSTISIS: Document groups (descriptive text)TR
TTMRFField catalog for Risk ManagementTR
ATXVOSecurity Index VolatilitiesTR
ATRASTreasury Rates TableTR
TDO9TType of Heritable Building Right (Descriptions)TR
TDZWTIS-IS: Payment terms with adjustment daysTR
THERKPrice sourceTR
TPRZ1Partner-Object RelationshipTR
ATSYCDefault Settings for Risk EvaluationsTR
TW07TSCB group (Text)TR
TW06TBAV group (Text)TR
TW05TInsurance branch (Text)TR
TW04TText table for TW04 (Legal form)TR
ATVO0Volatilities - Definition of Volatility NameTR
ATVO1Volatility Types 1TR
ATZVOReference Int. Rate Volatilities with Curve Info.TR
TW03TText table for TW03 (Investment structure)TR
INDEXWIndex Values (Secur. Index)TR
FLQQRTLiquidity Invoices - Query TextsTR
TZBABGCustomizing: Accrual/Deferral Flow TypesTR
INDEXDIndex definition (security index)TR
VTBDFCDatafeed: Permitted Instrument ClassesTR
FLQGRPLiquidity Calculation - Query SequencesTR
VTBDFFDatafeed: Permitted Market Data SourcesTR
VZZUSPPayment splittingTR
VTBDFMDatafeed: Table of Operating ModesTR
TZUNITCurrency Units - TextsTR
ATVO3TText Table Statistics TypeTR
FLQSUMLiquidity Calculation - Totals RecordsTR
ATKO1TText Table Correlation TypeTR
TTMRSDBasis field catalog Risk Management, character. dependenciesTR
VZKNB1Collector for batch input KNB1 from RF-VVTR
OICQCTQuotation description tableTR
VZKNA1Collector for batch input KNA1 from RF-VVTR
VZBAVVVariable BAV Master DataTR
OICQSTQuotation Source DescriptionTR
OICQTTQuotation Type DescriptionTR
VZBAVFBAV Master Data Without History ManagementTR
ATCOVOCommodity Price VolatilitiesTR
SMESGTMessage collector with time stampTR
MDUCMVMarket Data: Code Conversion for Index TypeTR
INDEXAIndex typesTR
TTMRFEField catalog, allocation to Risk Management areasTR
TTMRFDField catalog for Risk Management, chracter. dependenciesTR
VZSORTSort values for objectTR
VZPARUSUser data central partner and address managementTR
FLQGRPTLiquidity Calculation - Texts for Query SequencesTR
VTBDFFTDatafeed: Datafeed Name Text TableTR
VTBDFKUDatafeed: Market Data MonitoringTR
VWPZUSASecurities additional informationTR
FLQLPOSLiquidity ItemsTR
VZZPAROPartner / Role / Object relationshipTR
VTBDFCXDatafeed: Instrument Classes Text tableTR
VZZKOPOTable condition itemsTR
TDINTEBInternal Level of Financial Assets ManagementTR
TD05_ATIS-IS: ÖNB-Target groupsTR
VZROLLEPartner / role listTR
VZPARZAPartner addit. data (general part)TR
VTBDFMTDatafeed: Text Table Operating ModesTR
VZZKOPAAlternative condition item - conditionsTR
FLQCLNTLiquidity Calculation - Global SettingsTR
VTBDFLGDatafeed: Log fileTR
VWPBONOSecurities listingTR
VTBDFWFDatafeed: Workflow activationTR
INDEXATSecurity price type - Text tableTR
VTIDERIMaster Data Listed Options and FuturesTR
FLQQRRGLiquidity Calculation - Ranges for QueriesTR
VWPANLAAsset master for securitiesTR
INDEXDTSecurity price type - Text tableTR
VTVSZYCScenario Database: Yield Curve TypesTR
VWPAKTIStock, subscription rights, investment certificatesTR
VTVSZKOScenario Header TableTR
VTBPRODDatafeed: Permitted Mkt Data SourcesTR
JBDT56PReference interest rate table dependent on exact timeTR
JBRBETABeta factorsTR
JBREVALRisk Management evaluation type - definitionTR
JBRBFARTBeta factor typeTR
TDINTEBTName for Internal Level of Financial Assets ManagementTR
MDUCMDCSMarket Data: Price Type Conversion: Commodities / DCSTR
MDUCMCPEMarket Data: Code Conversion Quotation Type Commodities/CPETR
TD05T_ATIS-IS: Texts for TD05_ATTR
FLQASSETLiquidity Calculation - Settings for FI MechanismsTR
VTBPRODTDatafeed: Datafeed Names Text TableTR
VTVAUTGRRM: Authorization GroupTR
VTB_DFCUDatafeed: Translation TableTR
TZBABGZBFlow Types: Interest Basis for Accrual/DeferralTR
FLQLPOSTLiquidity Items - TextsTR
FLQSUM_TPLiquidity Calculation: Totals Records at Top LevelTR
JBD16CURRReplacement of currencies for yield curve typesTR
FLQITEMFILiquidity Calculation - Line Items for Other FI DocumentsTR
FLQITEMBSLiquidity Calculation - Line Items for Bank Statement DocsTR
FLQHEADMALiquidity Calculation - Header for Manual Transfer PostingsTR
FLQITEMMALiquidity Calculation - Line Items for Manual TransfersTR
FLQGRP_QRLiquidity Calculation - Queries for SequenceTR
VTB_DFPRTDatafeed: Printer/Login Information for Asynchronous UsersTR
VTVAUTGRTRM: Authorization Group (Text)TR
FLQSUM_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Totals RecordsTR
VTB_DFDESTDatafeed: EnvironmentTR
VTB_MARKETDatafeed: Market dataTR
FLQQR_MORELiquidity Calculation - Other Fields for ConditionsTR
JBDRATEBARDeviation range of ref. int. rates depend. on exact timeTR
FRWRDDATESStart and End of Term of a Forward TransactionTR
FLQINVEXITLiquidity Calculation - Settings for Invoice ExitTR
FLQFC_LOCKLiquidity Calculation - Lock for ForecastTR
FLQCOMPANYLiquidity Calculation - Company CodesTR
FLQACC_ACTLiquidity Calculation - Other Actual AccountsTR
FLQACC_INFOLiquidity Calculation - Accounts with Assignment InformationTR
FLQQR_FIELDLiquidity Calculation - Proposal Fields for ConditionsTR
FLQQR_TABLELiquidity Calculation - Tables for Query FieldsTR
FLQBANK_GRPLiquidity Calculation - Assignemnt of Acct to Query SequenceTR
VWPT_ATTR_LAttribute Values for Long AttributesTR
VWPT_ATTR_SAttribute Values for Short AttributesTR
VWPT_TABNAMETab Page Name: Modifiable in CustomizingTR
VTB_MDTABKALIndividual Settings: SpreadsheetTR
VTB_MARKET_TDatafeed: Temporary market data copy for workflowTR
FLQITEMFI_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Line Items for FI DocumentsTR
FLQITEMT1_FCLiquidity Calculation: Forecast Line Items from TR Trans.TR
FLQITEMSO_FCLiquidity Calculation-Forecast Line Items from Sales OrdersTR
FLQITEMPR_FCLiquidity Calc. Forecast - Line Items, Purchase RequisitionsTR
FLQITEMPO_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Line Items for MM POsTR
TYC_BSPRD_MDBasis Spreads: Market DataTR
FLQITEMD1_FCLiquidity Calculation: Forecast Line Items from LoansTR
VWPT_ATTRSUFSuffix to Security AttributeTR
FLQITEMFI_TPLiquidity Calculation: Actual Line Items at Top LevelTR
VWPT_ATTR_L_TTexts for Attribute Values for Long AttributesTR
TYC_BSPRD_DEFBasis Spread DefinitionTR
VWPT_ATTR_S_TTexts for Attribute Values for Long AttributesTR
VWPT_TAB_NAMETab Page Name: Modifiable in CustomizingTR
FLQQR_MORETABLiquidity Calculation - Further Tables for ConditionsTR
FLQLPOS_FIPOSRelationship: Liquidity Items - Commitment ItemsTR
FCLM_LQH_HIERLiquidity Item Hierarchy RelationshipTR
FCLM_LQH_TEXTLiquidity Item Hierarchy TextTR
FLQACC_BURNEDLiquidity Calculation - Other AccountsTR
FCLM_LQH_ATTRLiquidity Item Hierarchy Attributes (Header)TR
UAP_FAVORITESUser-Specific SettingsTR
FLQFIPOS_LPOSRelationship: Commitment Items - Liquidity ItemsTR
VWPT_ATTRSUF_TTexts for Suffixes of Free Security AttributesTR
FLQITEMPARK_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Line Items for FI DocumentsTR
CML_MIG_BUFFERTable DDIC buffering (migration)TR
VWPT_FREE_ATTRFree Security AttributesTR
TRCOCC_QUOTNAMCommodities: Quotation NamesTR
TRCOCC_QUOTSRCCommodities: quotation sourcesTR
FLQGSBER_SUBSTLiquidity Calculation: Replacement of Business AreaTR
VWPT_ATTR_DESCDescription of Free Security AttributeTR
TCRC_CSPR_TYPECredit Spread TypeTR
TRCOCC_QUOTTYPECommodities: quotation typesTR
TRCUT_FILE_DATATable with data from calendar upload fileTR
UAP_PREFERENCESUser-Specific SettingsTR
JBC_CCURVE_TYPECommodity Curve TypeTR
FLQACC_INFO_APPLiquidity Calculation - Accounts with Assignment InformationTR
TCRT_CTY_PROVIDTMarket Data Provider for Commodity Forward Rates (Texts)TR
JBC_CCURVE_TYPETCommodity Curve Type Text TableTR
TRCUT_CAL_ID_MAPCalendar Definitions/Mapping for Financial CentersTR
TRCUT_CAL_ID_DEFCalendar Definitions for Financial CentersTR
TRCOCC_QUOTTYP_TCommodities: quotation typesTR
FLQITEMMMPARK_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Line Items for MM DocumentsTR
TRCOCC_QUOTSRC_TTexttable for commodity quotation sourcesTR
TCRC_CSPR_TYPE_TCredit Spread Type - TextsTR
TRCOCC_QUOTNAM_TTexts for Quotation NamesTR
TCRC_CTY_PROVIDRMarket Data Provider for Commodity Forward RatesTR
TCRT_CTY_FWDRATEMarket Data for Forward RatesTR
TBACT_MIC_HANDPLAssignment of Exchange to Market Identifier CodeTR
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