SAP Table - TW01

SAP TableTW01
DescriptionClassification of bonds
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryTreasury

SAP Treasury Tables

TZ14BAV asset group stmt 101TR
TZD1Value table for intra-entity loan groupsTR
VWPT_TAB_NAMETab Page Name: Modifiable in CustomizingTR
OICQPQuotation Price Information TableTR
VTBPRODDatafeed: Permitted Mkt Data SourcesTR
VTBDFCXDatafeed: Instrument Classes Text tableTR
TRCOCC_QUOTNAM_TTexts for Quotation NamesTR
TRCUT_FILE_DATATable with data from calendar upload fileTR
TZ17Asset group C11/76 Asset 6 (Annual stock overview)TR
TCRT_CTY_FWDRATEMarket Data for Forward RatesTR

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