SAP Table - A086

SAP TableA086
DescriptionTaxes: Material, Plant and Origin
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryMaster Data

SAP Master Data Tables

A127Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/IncotermsSD-MD
KOTI003Material groupSD-MD
A039Overhead Type/Business AreaSD-MD
KNMTKCustomer-Material Info Record Header TableSD-MD
A076Master Conditions for Activities in ContractSD-MD
AGR_MEM_INITIALAgreements: Buffer for Intial UploadSD-MD
A743SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR-Countr/POD - City/Shpg Cond./VariantSD-MD
WSD_KEYWORD_ASKeyword AssignmentSD-MD

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