SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Tables

SCEKBRuntime Version of SCE Knowledge BaseSD
SCECNTControl Knowledge (Tasks and Events)SD
SCEDEPDependencies (Basic Data)SD
TVROPTSD - Report OptimizationSD
SCENUMNumeric CharacteristicsSD
SCECUCOInterface Design - Sequence of Characteristics in a GroupSD
IDFITYPTax Type: Possible EntriesSD
SCECUHDInterface Design - Header DataSD
IPCDESTmeters for Destinations"SD
SCEKBTXLanguage-Dependent Description for SCE Knowledge BaseSD
SCECUSDInterface Design - Grouping StructureSD
SCEPROFProfile of Knowledge Base (Starting Point of Configuration)SD
SCECLVTXLang.-Dependent Descs of Vals of Alphanum. Chars of ClassesSD
SCEKBOBJKnowledge-Base Object (SCE)SD
SCECLVALValues Assigned to Characteristics of a ClassSD
SCECHATXLanguage-Dependent Description of CharacteristicSD
SCECNTTXLanguage-Dependent Descriptions of Control KnowledgeSD
SCEOCLTXLanguage-Dependent Descriptions of OO ClassesSD
SCEDESCRLanguage-Dependent Descriptions of KB Object/Task/EventSD
SCEDEPTXLanguage-Dependent Descriptions for DependenciesSD
SCEVALTXLanguage-Dependent Descriptions of Values of Alphanum. CharsSD
SCECUSDTInterface Design - Description of GroupingsSD
SCESUPERClass Hierarchy of Knowledge BaseSD
IDFITYPTTax Type: Texts for Possible EntriesSD
SCEVALSYMSymbol Table for Characteristic ValuesSD
SCEDEPVARVariables of DependenciesSD
SCEDOCKEYStorage Location of Document KeySD
SCEDEPSRCSource Code of DependencySD
SCEDOCOBJLink Between Documents and ObjectsSD
SCEHASCHACharacteristics of OO ClassSD
SCEHASDECAssignment of Decomposition to OO ClassSD
ZZDEA_MSTDrug Enforcement Administration (DEA)SD
ZIFPORDERPurchase Order HeaderSD
SCEVARVALValues in Variant TablesSD
SCEVACONDAssignment of Variant Condition to Char. Value in SCE KBSD
SCETABFUNValue Assignment Alternatives for Variant Table and FunctsSD
SCESTRINGAlphanumeric CharacteristicsSD
SCESTRDOMAllowed Values for Alphanumeric CharacteristicsSD
SCEPRTDEPAssignment of Dependencies to Components (of BOM)SD
SCEPROFTXLanguage-Dependent Description of Knowledge-Base ProfileSD
SCEOCLASSOO Classes of SCE Knowledge BaseSD
SCENUMDOMAllowed Values of Numeric CharacteristicSD
SCELNGTXTStorage Location for Long TextsSD
SCEKMTDEPAssignment: Dependencies for Configurable MaterialsSD
SCEINVIEWAllocation of Characteristic of Class to Org. AreaSD
SCEHASPRTComponents of Decomposition (BOM and so on)SD
ZZDEA_QTYDEA quantity limits per customer and materialSD
SCEDEPPATPattern of DependencySD
SCEDEPDOCDocumentation for DependenciesSD
SCECHAPOSPosition of Characteristic in ClassSD
SCECHAINPNo User Entry for Characteristic of ClassSD
SCECHADEPAssignment: Classic Dependencies to Chars of ClassesSD
IDCN_BOMABooks for Prenumbered DocumentsSD
IDCN_DOTYCountry-Specific Document ClassesSD
IDCN_EXCPErrors for Prenumbered DocumentsSD
IDCN_LOMALots for Prenumbered DocumentsSD
SCEVALDEPAssignment of Dependencies to Char. Values of ClassesSD
SCECHAREFReference of Reference CharacteristicSD
SCECHAVISCharacteristic of Class Hidden/ShownSD
SCEDEPCOMCompilation of Dependency NetsSD
SCEDECOMPDecomposition (BOM and so on)SD
SCECONFPRConfiguration ProfilesSD
SCECNTDEPAssignment of Dependencies to Control KnowledgeSD
SCECLSDOMAllowed Values of Alphanumeric Characteristic of ClassSD
SCECLACOMCompilation for Classic DependenciesSD
SCECLNDOMAllowed Values for Numeric Characteristic of ClassSD
SCECLPRECPrecedence List for OO ClassesSD
SCEPROFILEKnowledge-Base Profiles (SCE)SD
IDCN_DOTYTCountry-Specific Document Classes - TextsSD
IPM_RAWRECDue Pre-List for Product SalesSD
IDCN_VOIDTVoid Reasons - TextsSD
IDCN_BOMATBooks for Prenumbered Documents - TextsSD
IDCN_LOMATLots for Prenumbered Documents - TextsSD
IDCN_ODN_TRPrenumbered ODN for multiple print pagesSD
IPM_VAL_MAPAssignment Table for Generic Value MappingSD
ZIFPORDERPOSPurchase Order ItemsSD
IDCNTRY_CHECKCountry specific checksSD
IPM_ATTR_MAP1Assignment Table for Generic Attribute MappingSD
IDVKBUR_BUPLAAssignment of Business Place to Sales OfficeSD
IPM_ATTR_MAP2Assignment Table for Generic Attribute MappingSD
ZZDEA_MAT_SCHDDEA Schedule of MaterialSD
ZZDEA_BUS_TYPEDEA Business Activity CodesSD
IDCNTRY_CHECK_VCountry-specific check valuesSD
IPM_TRANSFER_STAKeeps track of the transfer status of billing itemsSD
CMSC_RFC_DES_QUECMS Table for storing RFC destination & que no rangeSD
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SAP Master Data Tables

A011Country/Country of Dest./Customer Classif./Material Classif.SD-MD
A010Additional Selling Plant/MaterialSD-MD
A009Additional Selling Plant/EANSD-MD
A008Plant/Additional selling plantSD-MD
A006Price List Type/Currency/MaterialSD-MD
A003Tax ClassificationSD-MD
A002Country/Customer Classification/Material ClassificationSD-MD

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SAP Basic Functions Tables

NACHDetailed output dataSD-BF
KNVHCustomer HierarchiesSD-BF
QTVBProduct Allocation: Allocation used by Customer OrderSD-BF
QTCHProduct Allocation: Feature DirectorySD-BF
B200Overall Status - Credit CheckSD-BF
B024Shipping pointSD-BF
KNMTCustomer-Material Info Record Data TableSD-BF
FPLTBilling Plan: DatesSD-BF
T190Product Allocation: ControllingSD-BF
T180Screen Sequence Control: Transaction Default ValuesSD-BF

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SAP Sales Tables

B090SEPA Mandate - Payment MethodSD-SLS
TPVHProduct Proposal: Definition of Source IndicatorSD-SLS
TPVDProduct Proposal: Definition of Customer ProcedureSD-SLS
T184Sales Documents: Item Category DeterminationSD-SLS
TCSPCross-Selling Profile: DefinitionSD-SLS
T476Parameterization of the Configuration EditorSD-SLS
T176Sales Documents: Customer Order TypesSD-SLS
S467Indirect Order UpdateSD-SLS
T663Delivery interval:Sched.agreements for component suppliersSD-SLS
TPRGDate display formatSD-SLS

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SAP Foreign Trade Tables

A330Preferential Cust.Duties: Imp.ctry/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry/MatlSD-FT
A326Pharm. Products Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Pharma. CodeSD-FT
A325Duties Pharma. Products: Import country/Code/CAS/MaterialSD-FT
A321Third Country Duty Rate: Import Country/CodeSD-FT
A320Third country Duties: Import ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctrySD-FT
A317Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Cntry/Code Number/Cntry of Orig.SD-FT
A316Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Anti-d. CodeSD-FT
A315Cust.Duty Anti-dumping: Import/Code/Orig.ctry/Manu./Exp./MatSD-FT
A310Duty Rate Customs Exemption: Importing Ctry/Code/MaterialSD-FT
A301Info Record Type and IncotermsSD-FT

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SAP Billing Tables

A144Sales Deal Basic DataSD-BIL
S473Pendulum List - RequisitionerSD-BIL
S071Condition UpdateSD-BIL
KNVICustomer Master Tax IndicatorSD-BIL
A399Withholding tax code - country-specificSD-BIL
A149Customer-dependent data determinationSD-BIL
A148Product HierarchySD-BIL
A147Customer Hierarchy (Sales Deal)SD-BIL
A146Customer HierarchySD-BIL
A145Sales Deal - Customer/MaterialSD-BIL

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SAP Sales Support Tables

TVC4Sales Activity Outcome AnalysisSD-CAS
TKSFValue Table: Statistics Grp for Sls Activ. Procg in HeaderSD-CAS
TVCBSales Activity Description 02SD-CAS
TVC5Sales Activities: Allowed Statuses by Status GroupSD-CAS
TVC2Reasons for Sales ActivitiesSD-CAS
TVCASales Activity Description 01SD-CAS
TVC3Sales Activity StatusSD-CAS
TVC6Sales Activity Status GroupsSD-CAS
TVC7Sales Activities: Assigning Outcome Analysis to Act.ReasonSD-CAS
TVC1Sales Activity OutcomeSD-CAS

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SAP Information System Tables

S135Value contract, target/release order valueSD-IS
TVSGSales Statistics GroupsSD-IS
S020SIS: Customer Potential AnalysisSD-IS
S131Doc. Payment Guarantee: Update Letter of Credit Values (LIS)SD-IS
S264SD- OfferSD-IS
TKSFKUpdate Sequence: Sales Activity Processing Statistics: HeadrSD-IS
TVSFPUpdate Group: Statistics (Item)SD-IS
TVSFKUpdate Group: Statistics (Header)SD-IS
S020ES020 - Structure InformationSD-IS
TMCW2Administrative Data for SIS Re-SetupSD-IS

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SAP Electronic Data Interchange Tables

EDPARConvert External < > Internal Partner NumberSD-EDI
EDPSTTranslation table EDI Int. Doc. <--> SD item categoriesSD-EDI
EDPVWPartner Functions Allowed for EDISD-EDI
EDSDCAssignment of EDI Partner by Sales Org., Distrib.Ch.,Div.SD-EDI
PRICAT_007PRICAT: Template for Non-ERP Fields to Unit of MeasureSD-EDI
PRICAT_006PRICAT: Template for Non-ERP Fields to Catalog ItemSD-EDI
PRICAT_005PRICAT: ID for Supply of Data to Catalog per MaterialSD-EDI
PRICAT_004PRICAT: ID for Supply of Data to Catalog per Material GroupSD-EDI
PRICAT_003PRICAT inbound: Assignment of SAP mat. group - purch. groupSD-EDI
PRICAT_002PRICAT inbound: Assignment of ILN mat. group - SAP mat. grpSD-EDI

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SAP POS Interface Tables

WVFBDRS Interface, Intermediate Buffer, Order Item FMSD-POS
TWPIBTransaction-type-based control of sales as per receipts POSSD-POS
TWPFIPOS outbound profileSD-POS
TWPEKPOS outbound: Condition typesSD-POS
TWPDZAssignment of credit card institute to customerSD-POS
WVFB2SRS: received external requirement numbers/phys. inv. nosSD-POS
TWPBRDefinition of the Check Rules for POS UploadSD-POS
TWPIFTransaction type-dependent control of POS financial trans.SD-POS

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