SAP Table - A744

SAP TableA744
DescriptionSD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POL/POD/Shpg Cond./Variant
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryMaster Data

SAP Master Data Tables

T681YConditions: List VariantsSD-MD
TVKVPricing Procedures: TransactionSD-MD
B034Planner GroupSD-MD
T680MTCondition: Tree Control: Features: Texts?SD-MD
A079Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material GroupSD-MD
B055C Status, LaboratorySD-MD
T682Conditions: Access SequencesSD-MD
B026Purchasing Output Determination: Document TypeSD-MD
T681HConditions: Usage/Application with ClientSD-MD
A755Sales Org. D.C. Price GroupSD-MD

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