SAP Table - ADAA

DescriptionSAP DB: Directory of Valid DBA Actions
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryDatabase Interface, Database Platforms

SAP Database Interface, Database Platforms Tables

DB2LOGSRFC - Active Log ShortageBC-DB
DBA_DBH_COLL_JOBDBA-DBH: Collector Controller JobsBC-DB
SDBSYSTEMSOverview of Integrated SAP DB and liveCache SystemsBC-DB
DBA_DBH_COLL_CFGDBA-DBH: Collector ConfigurationBC-DB
DBA_DBH_TPL_TEXTDBA-DBH: Collector Template TextsBC-DB
DB2UTILS_OUTHistory of output table for DB13 jobs executed via DSNUTILSBC-DB
DB2DB02TBSIZETransaction DB02: List of tables and tablespace (Details)BC-DB
DBSTAIHDB2DB2/390 Statistics for IndexesBC-DB
ORAPARTADMDATControl Data for Oracle PartitionBC-DB
SDBUSRSETUser Settings for Transactions LC10 and DB50BC-DB

Full List of SAP Database Interface, Database Platforms Tables