SAP Table - B005

SAP TableB005
DescriptionSales Organization/Order Type
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryMaster Data

SAP Master Data Tables

B073Transaction/Print Vers./Print Ind./SHKZGSD-MD
A092Wage Type Surcharge without PlantSD-MD
A998Purchasing organizationSD-MD
A039Overhead Type/Business AreaSD-MD
C005Acct KeySD-MD
B120Condition tables for Output Nota FiscalSD-MD
A744SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POL/POD/Shpg Cond./VariantSD-MD
TPHCNVData for Product Hierarchy ConversionSD-MD
WSDT_T683S_PRELPredefined Price Elements in Pricing ProcdureSD-MD
A181TaxIndPlnt/Tax typeSD-MD

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