SAP Table - B029

SAP TableB029
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryIndustry Solution Automotive

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SAP Industry Solution Automotive Tables

PICHDParts Interchangeability Header Data (Sus+MPN)IS-A
CVLC00VELO : Global VMS parametersIS-A
CJITO_01TText Table to Define the Barcode QualifierIS-A
CVLC34VELO : Acknowledge CategoryIS-A
VLCINQUIRYVELO : Request for QuotationIS-A
VLCVALIDFIELDSVELO : Valid Vehicle Attributes from VLCDIAVEHI StructureIS-A
JITCUDParameter Determination of Planned Delivery TimeIS-A
JITCTYPETText Table for JIT Call TypesIS-A
JITTEJIT : Texts / Additional Data for JIT CallIS-A
PPC_COMATMaximum Bill of Material of Backflushed Materials (for CO)IS-A

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