SAP Table - B033

SAP TableB033
DescriptionMRP Controller
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryMaster Data

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TSABTContact Person Departments: TextsSD-MD
A068Outline Agreement Item: Plant-DependentSD-MD
CRMD_MKTTG_TG_ITG Exchange: Target Group Item (BP Info)SD-MD
K002Condition(s) for CustomerSD-MD
A079Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material GroupSD-MD
T681COMPCond.: Fig. (KVEWE, KAPPL) --> DF14L (Component Hierarchy)SD-MD
A174CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_NSD-MD
KOTG003Plant/Material/Unit of MeasureSD-MD
A058Controlling Area/Cost Center TypeSD-MD
A086Taxes: Material, Plant and OriginSD-MD

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