SAP Table - BPID002_T

SAP TableBPID002_T
DescriptionDescription of Identification Number Category
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryFinancial Services

SAP Financial Services Tables

TP41Assignment of Selection Variant / Relationship CategoryFS-BP
TP38TDescription for ApplicationFS-BP
TPR10Partner Object Rel. Assign. BDT Application to Appl. Cat.FS-BP
TP017Value Table for Liability RisksFS-BP
FSBP_CC_BPCABusiness Process Assignmnent for Data Cleansing CasesFS-BP
TP018Customizing Rel. Between Legal Form and Leg. Form of CompanyFS-BP
TPZ24BP Role AssignmentFS-BP
BP1070Do Not Use! Liability Risks for Business PartnerFS-BP

Full List of SAP Financial Services Tables