SAP Financial Services (FS) Tables

VDBIW_DATAExtractor Flow Data - Data of Last ExtractionFS
PSJ_D_STEPPSJ: Journal EntriesFS
BWFS_SETTINGSTime Stamp Delta ExtractionFS
BWFS_DATASRC_DDataSources for Delta PositionFS
BWFS_DATASRC_IDataSources for Position InitializationFS
BWFS_CFM_SELECSelection Table for TR-TM Position ManagementFS
BWFS_CML_SELECSelection Table for FS-CMLFS
PSJ_C_LANDSCAPESystem Landscape for Evaluations in the Global JournalFS
BWFS_SETTINGS_ITime Stamp Init ExtractionFS
BWFS_SETTINGS_0IInfoSources for Position InitializationFS
BWFS_SETTINGS_0DInfoSources for Delta BestandFS
BWFS_SELECTION_VName of Selection Views (BW Extraction for FS)FS
BWFS_SELECTION_TName of Selection Tables (BW Extraction for FS)FS
BWFS_CFM_DEALSELSelection Table for TR-TM Transaction Master DataFS
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SAP Loans Management Tables

TD07Purpose of loanFS-CML
TD11Home statementFS-CML
TD09Loan MaturityFS-CML
TD04Reason for NoticeFS-CML
TD06Document typeFS-CML
TD12Storage location indicator for file original documentsFS-CML
TD02Table of Loan ClassesFS-CML
TD10Indicator for special treatment of loanFS-CML
TD01Table for collateral keysFS-CML
TD03Assign Loan Type -> Product TypeFS-CML

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SAP Collateral Management System Tables

CMS_ACGApproved Coverage Gap DetailsFS-CMS
CMS_RELRelationship detailsFS-CMS
CMS_CHGAsset - Collateral Agreement RelationshipFS-CMS
CMS_LIQLiquidation DetailsFS-CMS
CMS_SHPDescription of a Ship - Master TableFS-CMS
CMS_FOBFinanced object detailsFS-CMS
CMS_RBLReceivable DetailsFS-CMS
CMS_RIGCMS: Rights table. Includes claims, patents, other rights.FS-CMS
CMS_ASTAsset DetailsFS-CMS
CMS_CAGCollateral Agreement DetailsFS-CMS

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SAP Regulatory reporting for insurance companies Tables

TZ43Relationship Table for Fund Categories - Pure Bond FundsFS-SR
TZBRRelationship table for contracting party classificationFS-SR
TZ41Customizing reg. report. fld. ctrl. for prem. res. fundFS-SR
TZBSAName of grouping table R11/76 app.4 - Coll.sec.typeFS-SR
TZR96Circular R5/97 Control Table for Report Program RFVZBR00FS-SR
TISR1Asset Type According to Regulatory Accounting RequirementsFS-SR
TZBAGOutput control for BAV reportsFS-SR
TZA11Output control acc. to circular R96 appendix 11FS-SR
TZA11RValues for classifying appendices acc. to R96/11FS-SR

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SAP Claims Management Tables

ICLUSClaim HandlerFS-CM
ICLPAYClaim PaymentFS-CM
ICSPOLPolicy SnapshotFS-CM
ICLNOLNotice of LossFS-CM
ICLIOBInsurable ObjectFS-CM
ICLREFCoverage Referral in ClaimFS-CM
ICLDOCDocument to be Sent in ClaimFS-CM
ICLPOLPolicy SnapshotFS-CM
ICSREFCoverage Referral in ClaimFS-CM

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