SAP Table - BSIW

DescriptionIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryAccounts Receivable

SAP Accounts Receivable Tables

T045BExpense/Bank Accounts and Tax Codes for Bill PresentationFI-AR
LWM_CFS_CRLOCALFinFactSheet - Local usage of SAP Credit ManagementFI-AR
T000CMClient-specific FI-AR-CR settingsFI-AR
T056SInterest scale interest terms (acct
T056XText table for interest indicatorsFI-AR
T047CDunning chargesFI-AR
T047IStandard texts for dunning noticesFI-AR
T047SName of grouping rulesFI-AR
T056DForm names for interest for days overdueFI-AR
SEPA_NR_CUSTSEPA Mandate Reference ID: Number Range CustomizingFI-AR

Full List of SAP Accounts Receivable Tables